The 7 Best Sites to Buy Spotify Plays

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Spotify is a digital streaming service for music, podcasts and videos. Musicians, songwriters, podcasters and other creative minds worldwide upload songs and other content to the platform.

Currently, Spotify users have access to approximately 70 million tracks. For this reason, entry into the music world is challenging. Especially as a new artist without any reach, it is tough to become known through Spotify. So it's logical that in this situation, you want a little boost in the form of Spotify clicks to buy.

Through more so-called Spotify Plays, your song or podcast episode will automatically rise in the Spotify ranking. So more people become aware of you and can push your career as an artist. For success on the platform, the goal is quickly gain reach and attention and get people to share your work more widely.

A stream is only counted on Spotify when a song has been played for at least 30 seconds. In the case of downloaded music, the song played is only counted if listeners go online at least once every 30 days.

The 7 Best Sites to buy Spotify Plays

▶️ Why should I buy Plays on Spotify?

When you buy Spotify plays, your songs often look more attractive to other users. Once you have a solid base of Spotify plays, your profile is much more interesting to other users, and it's easier to reach new listeners.

Additionally, your songs automatically rise in the Spotify ranking. The total number of plays and the current frequency of plays rank Spotify songs. To improve these crucial statistics, it is a great idea to buy Spotify Plays.

Not only will you attract additional real and genuine users, but you will also have your song go viral and boost your profiles on other social media platforms in just a few hours. Spotify followers may become regular monthly listeners and start following you on social networking sites.

More plays will move more attention toward your Spotify profile. According to Economic Times Daily Newspaper and other well known news outlets, Spotify is the most critical platform for new or aspiring artists to boost their career in the music industry.

It can be a hassle to compare all the various social media services that offer Spotify plays. This is why we evaluated the best place to buy Spotify plays for you. So before you go off and buy 1 million Spotify play from some sketchy provider, let us help you decide who is trustworthy.

Why should I buy Plays on Spotify

What is the best site to buy Spotify plays?

  1. ✔️FollowersOn 
  2. ✔️ SocialBoss
  3. ⭐️
  4. ⭐️
  5. ⭐️
  6. ⭐️ Igetviral
  7. ⭐️ Bcubeagency

1. Buy real Spotify Plays at FollowersOn

Our favourite to buy plays on Spotify is WebService FollowersOn, and for a good reason: this social media agency will boost your popularity on social media at the speed of light.

On this platform, you can not only buy high quality plays, streams, and followers, but also social media users for many social networking sites. So, if you are running other platforms besides your Spotify account, you can also find followers, likes, and views here.

For buying plays, customers do not need to create a user profile. The name from your Instagram account is enough. Add the desired product or packages to the shopping cart, and elevate your music career in a few clicks.

Payment can be made conveniently with various options, including Apple Pay, several cryptocurrencies, and most major credit cards. FollowersOn only requires your email for the delivery of proof of purchase. There are no risks because FollowersOn guarantees a play refill should some of your purchased plays disappear from your account again.

Buy real Spotify Plays at FollowersOn

2. SocialBoss

SocialBoss is also on the list of websites to consider if you want to buy Spotify plays cheap for your songs and other creative audio projects. This is because SocialBoss offers some of the most competitive prices for packages when buying Spotify promotion products, making them a great solution for bargain hunters. They make the experience of buying promotion services super easy and user-friendly.

Moreover, all its services focus on discretion: If users buy Spotify plays, they cannot be differentiated from organic real Spotify streams. This way, you can reach millions worldwide with little effort or money spent on your end.

The ordering process is simple thanks to the simple website's user interface and comes at a reasonable price. You will not find fake followers and bots here. The cost of this service provider is adequate for its high quality services, and the company is one of those providers known for protecting their customers and providing excellent customer service.

3. has established itself over the years as a delivery service for high quality social media products. Apart from Instagram follower buying, you can also get support for other platforms like Facebook and TikTok.

There is easily accessible customer support here if you need help at a particular time. is a reliable partner that offers you both Spotify plays and great Instagram services at good rates and is recommended by social media experts.

The site offers a worldwide audience so that you can choose from several options. Moreover, with this provider, you don't have to worry about fake accounts.

4. is a customer favourite to buy Spotify followers and plays. Additionally, the site offers a range of affordable products for most social media networks, including TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. The products range from likes to video views to followers.

Here, you are assured of getting plays on the Spotify platform, which is an active and real addition to your existing listener audience. Regardless of which package you buy, your Spotify plays start to grow as soon as you pay through one of the secure payment methods offered by


To get buy targeted Spotify plays, is also a good address: fast, effective and excellent services, in general, are available here. It is one of the most famous websites for fast follower shopping for many platforms and is often used by influencers. With real and active Instagram fans added to your account, you will likely see an increase in your account growth momentum very soon. promises that the high-quality followers purchased here will increase engagement around your username. For the ordering process, this provider uses a secure, risk-free portal where orders can be placed with just one click. Here you can choose one of many payment alternatives and have access to wide variety of offers for multiple platforms.

This provider offers services to add plays from a targeted audience to your Spotify account.'s products are proven to be good. However, the services of this company are also expensive.

6. Igetviral is an Internet service provider with competitive packages for most social networks. The website says that they offer the best price performance ratio. Here you can buy not only Spotify plays but also social media marketing services for all kinds of other popular social media platforms. Additionally, they are known to provide excellent customer service.

Buzzwords like “social media growth on a budget” are sure to make the hearts of many influencers beat faster. The processing of orders is also supposed to be particularly easy: as soon as your payment has been received, the delivery of the ordered Spotify plays is supposed to start.

If you look at the packages, it quickly becomes clear: the products offered provide a respectable and international feel. However, to buy Spotify premium plays, you will have to spend quite a lot of money here.


7. Bcubeagency

Another safe and risk-free service is Buying Spotify plays is a breeze as the packages from this provider clearly state what is offered. Buy a package that can bring more reach and engagement to your Spotify profile and any other social media platform.

For example, you can not only buy cheap Spotify plays here but also purchase real Instagram followers, as well as services for TikTok and other social sites.

The site recognizes that different payment options require additional throughput and speed, and the delivery time for packages takes that into account. The payment gateway is user friendly and secure.

With a good reputation for delivering fans, views, and likes and a good customer support system, this company is worth considering if you're scouring the market for options.

Additional tips on how to get more Spotify Plays

Additional tips on how to get more Spotify Plays

✔️ Verify your Spotify account

A verified and maintained profile on Spotify, makes a better impression on listeners. You know how it goes: First impressions count – whether it's a job interview or a date. This is where you introduce yourself and your music. That's why you should to set up your bio and use professional visuals for your account and make the most out of the available Spotify services for artists. You can complete the verification, which you can recognize by the blue checkmark on the artist pages.

▶️ Pitch your song to Spotify's editorial playlists

Once you have access to Spotify for artists, you can pitch your songs to Spotify's editorial playlists. You should usually do this 2 to 3 weeks before release. Even if your chances as a small act are lower, you should not give up. It is free to submit your material. Describe your song briefly and concisely. To buy Spotify streams may help to make your previous work look more attractive to the editors.

Promote your songs

We know that especially small artists invest a lot of time and money in their music. It starts with studio time and ends with mastering, cover design or even video production. Nevertheless, we think it's worth investing in Spotify ads to generate more streams, expand your group of monthly listeners and, as a bonus, get into Spotify's algorithm-based playlists if applicable.

Spotify Streams through continuity and quality.

As with all things, it's about staying tuned. Make sure to deliver quality continuously. Be it the song, the cover, the mix or the master. You are selling your product and brand. Continuous output is an initial and important indicator of future success.

Maintain your social media channels

Maintain the social media channels that are most relevant to you and continually supply them with content that fits your brand. For example, if you have precious lyrics, you could create images for Instagram with quotes from your lyrics.

You could decorate your story with snapshots from the studio's everyday life and use them for TikTok or Instagram. For all posts, make sure the content is appropriate for your artist character.

If you keep all this in mind and additionally start to purchase Spotify plays, you will certainly see a rise in engagement on the world's biggest music streaming platform.

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