9 Best Sites to Buy SoundCloud Plays and Followers (2022)

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Many producers and creators have been able to introduce their music and establish themselves in the industry thanks to the platform known as SoundCloud. You will benefit greatly from its 175 million monthly viewers and 300 million listeners. These statistics also indicate that it may be difficult to stand out, particularly given the large number of well-known artists currently active.

Now that you understand how to gain SoundCloud plays and followers safely and successfully, allow us to introduce you to five of our most dependable social media marketing agencies. These companies can assist you in purchasing SoundCloud page promotions.

1. Starzland.com


There’s absolutely no doubt in our minds that one of the best sites to help you buy SoundCloud plays is Starzland.

This company is undeniably skilled at what it does, and it has a solid reputation in the SoundCloud marketing sector, so you can have complete trust in them.

One of the primary advantages of using this company to buy plays is the amount of experience they have working with clients.

Another thing we like about this company is their low pricing, which allows you to buy 1000 plays for only $1.99.

They also have extremely fast delivery, arriving in one to two days, and they take pride in providing their clients with dependability and safety.

2. Wenzom.com


Wenzom is another company where you can buy SoundCloud plays, followers, comments, likes, and reposts without jeopardizing the security of your personal and financial information. It is made up of a team of highly qualified experts. With their social media marketing services, they also provide customer service and a money-back guarantee.

Wenzom also offers SoundCloud plays, followers and likes for free, which does make them stand out since not a lot of SoundCloud promotion websites offer that for free.

This platform is also known for its wide array of packages, highly competitive pricing, and great customer support.

3. Redsocial.net


Redsocial, like the previous two websites, provides services for multiple platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud, that are delivered within 24 to 48 hours of payment. They're also well-known for the special discounts and offers they provide to their loyal customers.

Each non-drop follower and play will come from genuine accounts, and they offer five different SoundCloud follower and play packages. You can buy reposts, and likes in addition to SoundCloud plays and followers.

4. GetRealBoost.com


If you are a musician, singer, or songwriter looking to get your music heard, you may have a SoundCloud account. If not, you should get one because you'll need it.

If you want to be heard on SoundCloud, you must have a social media account in addition to growing your account. Companies such as GetRealBoost can be beneficial in this situation.

They boost SoundCloud users' reposts, followers, and plays—the three things you need to get your music heard.

This promotional platform provides dependable services that have been tested by seasoned musicians, email support 24 hours a day, a money-back guarantee if something goes wrong with your order, and their team of marketers are also music industry veterans, with some having worked for major record labels.

5. Tweetangels.com


Because Tweetangels is a company that frequently updates its features, you will always be using the most recent technology when it comes to being able to buy SoundCloud promotion.

They can help you promote your SoundCloud songs via email and other social media channels. We are confident that if you sign up for a business like this, your music profile will improve.

They also make sure to comply with SoundCloud’s guidelines when it comes to using a third party, so that you can always be in their favor, and not worry about whether you’re going to get in trouble or not.

6. Playmycloud.com


Users can purchase SoundCloud Followers and Plays on the website PlaymyCloud.com. On the website, users can select from a variety of packages and specify how many plays and followers they want to purchase. If a user is dissatisfied with the service, the website also offers a money-back guarantee.

This means that they help you with social media marketing, as well as digital marketing, content development, and more.

7. FastLikes

FastLikes was founded in 2019 and is known for providing high-quality services in a timely manner. They are a team of experts who are knowledgeable about social media marketing and music trends.

Each non-drop follower and play will come from genuine accounts, and they have seven different SoundCloud follower and play packages to choose from. In addition to SoundCloud plays and followers, you can also buy reposts, likes, and comments.

The best part? The process is 100% safe and secure, so you don’t have to worry about your account being suspended or hacked.

8. Music Growth

Because Music Growth has been in business for longer than most of their competitors, they are the epitome of dependability when it comes to social media growth services. As a result, you can rely on them to provide dependable services.

They offer excellent packages for a variety of other social media platforms in addition to SoundCloud plays, followers, and likes.

This website has a wide range of categories, reasonable prices, and excellent customer service. They provide a special guarantee as well as long-term, high-quality improvement.

9. Followersup

Many SoundCloud users prefer this website because of the numerous customization options it offers. Followersup tailors its services to the preferences of its customers, who are dedicated to having their needs met. This is why this website does not offer multiple packages because you can choose exactly what you need and when you need it.

Followersup provides four different grading scales for SoundCloud social media marketing. These are reposts, likes, plays, and followers. Therefore, this allows you to target that specific area where your SoundCloud profile lacks numbers.

Final Thoughts

Uploading your tracks to SoundCloud so that others can find them is simple. If you want to buy SoundCloud plays, followers, or likes for your profile, you must first establish a budget and then select a plan from one of the top sites.

With any of these services, you can be certain of receiving high-quality followers & plays who will help increase the visibility of your profile. So, what are you holding out for? Begin building your SoundCloud presence right away!

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