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Are you looking for alternatives to ProxyScrape that offer you good proxies you can use for your tasks? Then you are on the right page, as the article below provides you with some of the best ProxyScrape alternatives.

Overview of Best ProxyScrape Alternatives

  • Bright DataOverall Best Free Proxyscrape Alternative
  • ScrapingBeeBest Scraping API as ProxyScrape
  • ScraperAPIBest at Avoiding Blocks
  • ApifyBest ProxyScrape Alternative for Developers
  • ZenRowsBest for Handling Anti-Bot Bypass

The demand for anonymous web browsing and secure web scraping has increased dramatically as society grows more dependent on technology and online resources. Among many other proxy services available on the market, ProxyScrape is a popular choice for many web scraping enthusiasts. It is a well-known proxy service that provides residential and data center proxies, making it an ideal choice for a lot of users.

However, ProxyScrape might not be the best option for everyone, as some users may have encountered challenges with pricing, efficiency, or reliability. Hence, the reason we are considering some of the free alternatives to ProxyScrape. To help you choose a free proxy service for your next web scraping project, here are some of the best free ProxyScrape alternatives on the market.

Bright Data — Overall Best Free Proxyscrape Alternative

Bright Data Homepage Overview

BrightData is certainly the more appropriate choice over ProxyScrape when it comes to web scraping and proxy services. As the most efficient web scraping service available, it is an award-winning proxy network. BrightData provides an amazing user experience thanks to its outstanding features and outstanding reliability. Bright Data, like ProxyScrape, can help you get through the most difficult website blocks you can imagine.

BrightData proves to be the best option for online scraping needs, whether for large-scale data extraction or focused scraping jobs. However, Bright Data only grants registered businesses access to a 7-day free trial. All proxy networks, including SERP API, Web Scraper IDE, and Web Unlocker, are compatible with the free trial. To get assistance with the trial setup, you must speak with your account manager.

ScrapingBee — Best Scraping API as ProxyScrape

ScrapingBee for TikTok Scrapers

Perhaps blocks have been happening to you when using ProxyScrape to scrape. Your problems can all be resolved with ScrapingBee. One of the best web scraping APIs is provided by ScrapingBee, which can handle headless browsers and rotate proxies for you simultaneously. Meanwhile, additional services like CAPTCHA solving and automated browser rendering are offered by ScrapingBee. Users are able to scrape information from dynamic websites that use JavaScript rendering or anti-scraping protections thanks to these features. This way, you can overcome common obstacles encountered during scraping.

ScrapingBee proved to be a reliable and effective option for both small-scale and large-scale web scraping tasks. Similar to Bright Data, ScrapingBee provides a free trial version with access to 1000 free API credits. To begin, you don't even require a credit card. After entering your email address and choosing a password, completing the reCaptcha, and clicking “Start Trial,” you are ready to start.

Apify — Best ProxyScrape Alternative for Developers

Apify for OnlyFans Scrapers

One of the most popular alternatives to ProxyScrape is Apify. Through its proxy API, it is a platform that gives you access to a pool of residential and datacenter proxies. Hence, Apify is essentially a powerful tool you can count on to do everything ProxyScrape can do and more. With Apify's automated proxy rotation feature, a different proxy from their pool will be used to send each request made over their proxy API.

This makes IP blocking less likely and makes scraping more productive. This is really significant because it allows you to eliminate having to manually rotate the proxies while using ProxyScrape. Apify provides a more complete web scraping and proxy management solution than ProxyScrape, despite being free. Although many of their site scraping and automation products are free, some are premium, and many provide free trials that can last as little as four days.

ScraperAPI — Best at Avoiding Blocks

ScraperAPI for TikTok Scrapers

This is a dedicated proxy service designed particularly for web scraping. ScraperAPI is one of the best ProxyScrape options for avoiding bans and blocks while scraping, in contrast to the other alternatives we've reviewed. As a result, you wouldn't have to be concerned about your requests being denied thanks to the anti-bot detection and bypassing tools that are incorporated into the API. Additionally, this is a fantastic substitute for ProxyScrape that aids in managing proxy rotation and CAPTCHA resolution, making it simpler to scrape websites at scale.

ScraperAPI is a recommended option if you need a scraping solution that is more dependable and effective than ProxyScrape and has stronger infrastructure and support. It does, however, provide a trial edition where you can get started with 5000 free API credits without having to use a payment card. The free trial for ScraperAPI is interesting in that you can end it at any moment.

Spys.One — Best with robust Free Proxy Database


Another alternative to ProxyScrape is Spys.One, which has a database of proxy lists with IP addresses from more than 178 different nations. The proxies are routinely checked and updated to give you access to the most recent set of useful options. These free proxies are searchable by region, city, port, and ASN/ORG. If your target is a SOCKS proxy, Spys.One has a separate list of proxy servers that use the SOCKS internet protocol.

Each address is classified according to latency, speed, and uptime. It is not unexpected that the majority of proxies have high latency, low rates, and an average uptime of roughly 70%. You have the option to view all the information about your IP address and any other IP address you desire. You should be mindful of the fact that the website for this proxy provider defaults to Russian; however, English users can change this by clicking the EN option in the top-right corner of the screen. is an alternative service that offers free proxy lists for anyone wishing to browse the internet anonymously or get around particular restrictions. It is regarded as one of the best alternatives to ProxyScrape when searching for unrestricted free proxies for web scraping. The ability to filter proxies by internet protocol (HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS 4/5) and desired level of anonymity is provided by this free proxy list.

It's vital to understand that publishes proxies rather than owns them. These free proxies are also collected from many websites online for web scraping. Although the proxies are free, the website makes sure to display advertisements in order to make money. It does not, however, guarantee that the proxies will function properly because they are free.

Geonode Proxy

Geonode Proxy

Geonode Proxy is another great alternative to ProxyScrape that offers unlimited residential proxy service. For dependable and effective web scraping, this tool can provide an endless supply of data. You can manage a network of proxy servers with Geonode Proxy. If necessary, you can add, remove, and update proxy servers. Just like and Spys.One that affords you the opportunity to filter proxies, Geonode Proxy, offers you the ability to filter proxies based on their geographical location.

If you need proxies from a particular nation or region, this feature can be helpful. Their website has a good list of free proxy lists that are published for web scraping. Hence, you can try out their free, unlimited proxy service for 7 days for as little as $1. You get to enjoy 500MB of residential proxies and scraper API credits, respectively.



As a ProxyScrape alternative, PubProxy does not require registration or authentication before using the public proxy service. This solution gives you access to different proxies for each request. You can use the given API or the website's URL to access the proxies. Calling the necessary API will provide you access to the proxy API. There were 33 HTTPS proxies, 63 anonymous proxies, 82 HTTP and SOCKS5 proxies, and 82 alive proxies at the time this article was written. Public usage of all the proxy servers is free.

However, you need to exercise some caution while using these free proxies on popular websites to prevent getting blocked, even though they might be appropriate for sites that are less good at detecting proxies. This is due to the possibility of numerous users deploying the same proxy, which could lead the proxy to become overloaded and crash. Hence, there is really no guarantee the proxies will be alive by the time you use them. – Best Free ProxyScrape Alternative with High Anonymity

This is a VPN service that allows users to browse the internet freely, anonymously, and securely on any device. A considerable variety of tools are included in the service provided by the website, including a port scanner, a speed test tool, an email checker, a proxy checker, and a database of free proxies. Even the performance of the proxy can be checked with the free proxy checker.

They offer assistance for high, average, and low levels of anonymity. You would need to filter their proxies and only use those with a high anonymity due to the nature of free proxies. Because of this, using a proxy without doing so would risk revealing your IP address. is regarded as one of the top ProxyScrape alternatives because of these and several other features.  While has some premium offers, it also offers a 24-hour free trial.

ZenRows – Best for Handling Anti-Bot Bypass


Last on the list of ZenRows. Interestingly, ZenRows is a web scraping API. Some of the things you will enjoy when you substitute ZenRows for ProxyScrape are that ZenRows helps to handle all anti-bot bypasses, offers rotating proxies, and uses headless browsers to solve CAPTCHAs. You can send up to 10 million requests with ZenRows without anyone noticing that you are a scraper.

You would be able to get past the Access Denied screens using their web scraping API. It includes instructions for web scraping on its own. For analysis purposes, such as e-commerce pricing monitoring, machine learning, social media research, and many more use cases, ZenRows allows you to gather large volumes of data. A 1,000 API credit free trial is available. You only need to enter your corporate email address and password.


Q. What can be the downside of using a free ProxyScrape alternative?

One of the major downsides to using free proxies is that they are no guarantee for your security and privacy. Since many of the free proxies are for public use, they can be easily detected. Also, you may not want to use them on more complex websites. If you do, you may face a block or a ban.

Q. Are ProxyScrape proxy alternatives legal?

Yes, they are all totally legal for use. However, the intent of the use may be one challenge that may disqualify any of these ProxyScrape alternatives. Also, it is important to know what the terms of use of some websites are. While some permit web scraping with proxies, others don’t. Hence, many web scrapers experience blocks and bans when the IP address is detected.

Q. Are Free Proxies Reliable?

Honestly, you cannot be guaranteed 100% security with free proxies. Although they work, they are not really reliable. They can be discovered at any minute. Also, no provider would just give you access to free proxies without getting access to your data. It is a give-and-take situation. Aside from the obvious security and privacy concern, you will also have to deal with performance issues as they are generally slow and their active status is highly unpredictable.


Going through some of these ProxyScrape alternatives doesn’t mean it's a bad tool. The aim is to help you know the different options available to help you meet your desired needs when web scraping.

We believe you should be able to make a well-informed decision and enjoy a more reliable, secure, and efficient web scraping experience after seeing the different alternatives. However, it would be good to note that you should be very careful while using free proxies for web scraping on the internet. There is really no absolute security with them.


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