Putlocker: The Best Website to Watch Movies Online in 2022

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Why suffer from slow load times, low resolution, and malicious ads when you can avoid them all at Putlocker.ps?

Movies and TV shows have become indispensable in modern life. Watching movies and TV shows can add spice to your beautiful life or help you relieve stress in case you are having a bad day. Movies can expand your horizons, letting you experience things you could never do otherwise.

Therefore, watching movies is the best form of entertainment. And it requires the best movie site for the best streaming experience of your life. Every site claims to be the best site but only a site that is free, safe, offers high-quality content and features can win that title. And we have found that site for you, check it out at https://putlocker.ps/.


What is Putlocker.ps?

Putlocker is one of the most popular sites that allow users to watch tens of thousands of movies and TV shows online in HD quality for free. Founded in 2011 in the UK, Putlocker quickly rose in popularity after the shutdown of Megaupload.

Currently, the site receives millions of daily visitors thanks to its extensive content library and superb streaming capabilities. Putlocker might have not been a safe choice in the past due to its ads and popups, but with the new ad-free domain Putlocker.ps, its one and only drawback is now gone for good.

Is Putlocker.ps Safe?

As stated above, Putlocker.ps is a safe site as it is now free from ads, pop ups, and commercials. Most ads are safe but many of them carry viruses and malware, which might cause serious headaches to users such as data loss, identity theft, and corrupted networks.

They are the risks users have to constantly face for free movies streaming. But ads and popups are nonexistent on Putlocker, meaning that you are completely safe from malicious computer programs.

Putlocker does not require any registration or signup; therefore, your private information such as name, email address, credit card number, etc are also kept safe. It is not exaggerating to say Putlocker provides us with the safest user experience ever, compared to other free sites, of course.

Is Using Putlocker Illegal?

No one wants to be subject to criminal or civil charges for a couple of free movies; therefore, a site’s legality is one of the biggest concerns. Putlocker is banned in some countries and it is not technically illegal. If the site is not accessible in your country, you can turn on a VPN and proceed at your own risk.

But in other countries, watching movies online on Putlocker is not considered illegal. You will only get into troubles when you download or share pirated content.

Is Putlocker the Best Website to Watch Movies Online?

When the question was asked a few months ago, we had to raise our eyebrows and think long and hard. But with the newly-added features, we now can quickly nod our heads with confidence.

Putlocker boasts a huge collection of movies, high resolution, fast loading speed, excellent customer service, and no risk at all. To sum it up, Putlocker provides us with premium features at the cost of nothing. Don’t believe us yet? Check out the site’s list of features below!

Best Website to Watch Movies Online

  • Extensive content library: The site hosts a huge collection with tens of thousands of movies and TV shows from all genres and subgenres. Each title comes with multiple subtitles for your convenience.
  • HD quality: Your video will be automatically played in HD quality for an enhanced watching experience. However, if buffering and lagging happens due to weak Internet connection, you can adjust the video quality that can go as low as 360p.
  • Optimized UI and UX: The site is created in an attempt to make sure users can navigate and browse through the site at ease. No matter whether you come to the site with a specific title in mind or are simply looking for something interesting to watch, you can easily find them with our search bar and filter system.
  • Superb streaming capabilities: Your streaming experience will be as smooth as butter thanks to the site’s fast loading speed and seamless streaming features.
  • Fast updates: New titles come to the site on a daily basis, including the latest releases, requested titles, and random hidden gems.

Fast updates

  • No ads: The site is completely free from ads, pop ups, and commercials. You can enjoy your favorite movies without any fears or interruptions.
  • No registration or account needed: The site is commitment-free. You can come and go as you please without revealing any private information.
  • Best customer service: This is what we love the most about Putlocker. They listen to their users and they improve for the better. They are on active mode 24/7 so if you have any inquiries or queries, simply shoot them a message. Should you have any problem with the site, feel free to let them know too. Normally broken links are fixed within hours, requested titles are added within a day, and our messages are responded to within minutes.

A lot of movie enthusiasts hesitate to use free movie sites due to their bad reputation for security. The new Putlocker comes on the scene as a game changer. Why spend money on paid services when you can enjoy a worry-free and premium watching experience at no cost on Putlocker.ps?

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