4 Best Keyloggers For Android in 2022

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Have you ever felt the need for a mobile spy keylogger that could check what your kids, colleagues, and competitors do with their mobile phones?

If yes, here is a mobile spy keylogger that can do all these and more.

Why Is mobile spy keylogger Popular?

Mobile Spy Keylogger is a free android phone tracker from Snoopza. It gives you the power to track anyone’s cell phone activity including their internet search history.

With this tracker installed on your phone, you can check out your kids’ or workers’ social media activity.

You can also track anything from an email to a PIN keyed into its keypad. You can take pictures or screenshots of the target’s content that you have tracked.

Snoop's phone tracker app offers free monitoring and recording of calls, phone locations, text messages, cameras, internet activity, screenshots, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Viber, Skype, and Telegram.

Is It Legal To use mobile spy app?

In many cases, the installation of a mobile spy app can be illegal. However, keeping a phone tracker for your own phone is not illegal.

Keeping a tab on how kids are using their smartphones and if they are safe from dangerous and improper content is again parents’ rights for which they can keep spying on their kids’ phones.

What is illegal in keeping Android phone tracker software on one’s phone is random targeting of other’s phones and stealing data from other’s phones.

Why Snoopza is a top hidden keylogger for Android?

Because of its bleeding-edge technology, Snoopza is great when it comes to its spy keylogger for android phones. It offers a range of special features in its phone tracker app that makes it second to none.


It can record text messages, secure the target gadget, record and monitor call history, track locations, record audio, and video files, click images by the camera of the targeted phone.

What’s more, it can also check and record internet search history, make a copy of important information. This software can run on Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems.

Functionality Snoopza keylogger for Android

Snoopza keylogger is a robust software that packs in some of the best features of an online GPS phone tracker. This android spy software is more than a phone tracker; it is one of your best friends.

Snoopza keylogger

When you select this software for your phone, you are choosing a whole host of services. It allows you to be in control of the situation involving your staff, kids, and other family members.

There are hundreds and thousands of satisfied customers. It’s very easy to install, start, and start tracking the phones.


The installation of the Snoopza keylogger app is very easy and it’s like any other app. You can find them on the Official website https://snoopza.com.

Downloading the app will take just a few minutes, and your registration process will also similarly take very little time.

Within 15 minutes, your Snoopza phone tracker will be ready to do its job. So installation, getting started, and setting out on your own spy mission is no more a difficult thing.

If you look at the kind of information you are going to receive through this app day in and day out, you will feel amazed to see how you always missed out on such vital information while it was always within your reach.


Yes, it can stay invisible on your smartphone and other devices. You can use it on Windows, Mac, and Android systems where too it can be invisible.

This feature makes you a real spy. It’s equipped with GPS that helps determine both your phone when it is lost or stolen, and the phone you are targeting to spy on.

To use the GPS features, you need to download a secret tracker that comes with the software.

This feature will allow you to track down your target mobile phone. The connectivity is facilitated by WiFi \and cell phone towers.

Free Functionality

The Basic model of mobile spy keylogger from Snoopza comes for free. Through this free plan, you can track calls, manage SMS, monitor internet search histories, and enjoy geo-location features.

Products Call Record Require Online Support Price Rating  
interception surroundings Root Demo rating
Snoopza Corecct Corecct Corecct 100% $15.95 Five stars
Mspy Corecct Corecct Corecct Corecct 21% $29.99 Four stars
Hoverwatch Corecct Corecct 85% $24.95 Three stars
FlexiSpy Corecct 56% $68 Three stars

If your phone tracking needs are small, this plan is good for you. You get basic call and message tracking solutions. You also get internet searched data and GPS features.

What you get extra in the paid plan is the spying opportunity of your targets’ social media accounts and some more features. All in all, this is a great offer, no one should miss out on.

Paid functions

Plan Basic Plan Standard
1 month Free $14.95
1 year Free $99.95

The standard plan from Snoopza’s mobile spy keylogger comes for $14.95 for 1 month and $99.95 for 12 months.

It has all the Basic features plus some added ones such as call recording, tracking of social media activities on WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, and Facebook. Screenshots, Track Todo List, Check Contacts, Stealth Mode, Track Camera, Detect SIM card replacement are also part of this package.

Pros Cons Snoopza is a mobile spy keylogger Snoopza

Pros: Free & paid versions, hidden spying app, GPS-enabled spying of other phones, wide-ranging tracking options, spying of social media activities.

Cons: Invades others’ privacy, too much spying & targeting without letting the target know, a little expensive.

How legal is the use of tracking your child

Tracking kids and adolescents are not considered illegal because it’s the parents’ responsibility to make sure that they don’t end up consuming harmful and inappropriate content.

Not only this, with the kind of exposure that social media gives today, kids can get into trouble by posting inappropriate messages or by sharing them.

As far as kids are concerned, tracking their calls, and social media activities are quite necessary and very important.

Pricing Policy

Snoopza phone tracking software has a very simple pricing plan. It offers the basic plan for free.

That option allows the members to track call records, messages, internet search history, and GPS features.

The other one is a paid plan. It costs about $10 a month or $100 for a year.

The paid plan has more elaborate tracking and spying features that include, among other things, the target’s activities on social media.

Conclusions and results

Mobile Spy Keylogger from Snoopza is an amazing tracking app that packs in so much that you almost find yourself doing what is normally considered a domain of professional detectives.

  • It gives you a wide range of information about the people you care for.
  • It could be your own children or your colleague at the workplace or a business competitor
  • It always helps to know what they do and how they do.

In this context, the mobile spy keylogger from Snoopza is a great product that you cannot miss out on.

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