The Best Instagram Proxy of 2022

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Choose the best Instagram agent to configure your Instagram bot to help you quickly grow followers or increase your online marketing. This will greatly boost your business.

Proxies were mainly used for anonymity and privacy. However, today with the internet growth, brands and agencies have started to use proxies for their marketing and research projects.

Reliable proxies allow the marketer to automate multiple social media accounts at once. This is quite efficient especially for those who use Instagram as their major marketing platform.

When you use a proxy for Instagram, you get a unique IP address that you can use. It maintains at most anonymity.


You Proxy Homepage

It offers some of the best individual proxies. It is affordable and the quality is very good. It can help you quickly build your social platform. It features a large selection of regions, scattered IP addresses, and is hard to block.

YouProxy also has efficient customer service who are always ready to solve your problems. They have an online chat room that is available round the clock allowing you to get immediate feedback for all your questions and concerns.

It is also easy to buy a proxy by just registering using your name and email address. You then need to state the country, quantity, and validity period of the proxy and then pay.

They accept various forms of payment e.g. PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Bitcoin, and PerfectMoney.

However, they only offer refunds before 24hours elapse from the time you purchased the proxy.

YouProxy Instagram Price

Pricing of You proxy InstagramPricing of You proxy Instagram Location

2. Bright Data

Bright Data Residential Proxies Homepage

This is considered the best proxy for anyone who wants to setup up numerous social media accounts especially when it comes to Instagram. They highly prioritize the safety of your engagement on Instagram offering quality and reliable services for their customers.

Some of the features include a data center that allows customers to collect reliable data which helps them level the playing field in their respective industries to boost their marketing on social media platforms.

They also have mobile phone options which can allow you to view a site as an actual mobile user, collect carrier-specific price promotions, check latency, and ensure website performance on 3G and 4G connections.

You can also monitor security risks by checking real users, avoid phishing attempts, captcha and other firewalls commonly found on desktop counterparts. This makes it easier for account management especially on social media networks normally accessed by mobile phones.

Big Data Price

Bright Data Residential Proxies Price

3. Smartproxy

Smart Proxy Instagram Homepage

It is one of the best proxies. Moreover, it provides high-quality and effective services. It supports Instagram and will provide the best protection on social media.

It is the only decentralized data access platform among all major residential proxy networks that offers a suite of free tools. This is what helps clients to access data in any location around the world.

Additionally, it helps them access public data be it for data gathering, retail price comparison, or market intelligence.

Unlike other proxies, Smartproxy gives clients access to any number of exit nodes, thus the users are extremely unlikely to lose access to the data they need. Finally, it allows you to bypass country restrictions and website blocks.

Instagram Smartproxy Price

Smart Proxy Instagram Plan and Pricing

4. SSL Private Proxy

SSL Private Proxy Homepage

If you live in America this should be your go-to proxy. It is the third-best proxy and offers protection from all internet risks including phishing, hacking, and spam which are the most common especially when it comes to social media platforms like Instagram.

Additionally, it is fast and has the best shared and private proxies. SSL Private Proxy also comes with a virtual private network similar to High Proxies. With all these, it is quite affordable thus favors most clients.

It has numerous customizable packages and boasts up to 100,000 different IP addresses. Surprisingly, it still maintains the anonymity of clients at a good price.

Instagram Proxies Price

Instagram Proxies Price of SSL Private Proxy

5. High Proxies

High Proxies Homepage

If you are a social media influencer on Instagram, this is the best proxy for you! High Proxies offers enough protection for personal accounts and the best budget if you want to buy Instagram proxies in bulk.

They even have premium services on offer and this is something that cannot be found on any other proxy agents. In addition, they have a virtual private network function, offer a choice of multiple cities, and subnets to help with your social media accounts.

Instagram Proxies Price

Instagram Proxies Price of High Proxies

6. Blazing SEO Proxy

Blazing Seo Homepage

This proxy agent is a bit pricey but in return, offers the best online safety and trust. When you purchase any of their proxy packages, you get unlimited bandwidth, API support, residential, and data center IPs.

They cover a variety of proxy needs thus reducing overhead, create a closer mutual relationship, and drives down costs allowing you to buy in greater bulk.

They provide you with the infrastructure you need for web scraping and data aggregation which is essential when it comes to social media marketing on platforms such as Instagram.

They have an available 24-hour customer service to help you with anything you want. Another added advantage is that they are always working on updates for their services and have been adding new locations to their list. The most recent location inclusion was in Canada.

Social Media proxy prices

Blazing Seo Pricing

7. Proxy Seller

Proxy seller Homepage

Proxy seller is a triple threat offering secure, reliable, and affordable services for their clients. They offer support with servers like HTTPS and SOCKS5 at an affordable price.

They have a large list of IP addresses that are essential for Instagram users. If you encounter any problem from set up or when working with it, the customer care service is available 24/7. They are very prompt, efficient and will resolve all the issues fast.

The proxy seller has a flexible payment system and gives out discounts if you sign up for longer periods. This comes in handy if you are a social media manager for numerous accounts.

Instagram Proxy Price

Proxy Seller of Instagram Pricing


Their proxies will connect you to Instagram accounts permanently through a dedicated IP address. Ultimately, this will help you continue work as usual and bypass all Instagram restrictions around the limit of only 5 accounts per single IP address. It also allows multiple people to access and manage one Instagram account from varying locations in the world.

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