10+ Best File Managers for Android in 2023

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Are you finding it difficult to organize and work on files on your smartphone and other Android devices? You need a reliable file manager for Android.

Do you know what a file manager for Android is? This is a file management app for Android that helps you organize and work on your files just as you do on a computer. You can use the app to perform various tasks such as creating files, creating folders, copying files, and pasting files, among others.

A file manager also helps users transfer files between their Android smartphone storage and a computer. Here are some of the best file managers for Android that you should try.

1. Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid Explorer File Manager from Google Play store

This is a great file manager app for Android smartphones. Other than managing files, you can also use the app to protect files, backup files, and organize report files.

Solid Explorer file manager comes with easy to use user interface, thus suitable for beginners.

  • Price: Free (Paid for plugins)
Features of Solid Explorer File Manager:

  • Strong encryption file protection
  • Manage cloud storage and NAS (support Google drive, one drive, Dropbox, etc.)
  • Comes with rich customization options.

2. X-plore File Manager

X-plore File Manager from Google Play store

You can see the inside and outside of your android device when using X-plore to manage your files. This manager comes with a dual-pane explorer and has two folders. You can also use the app to access the internals of your device and make necessary changes.

Some of the basic operations that you can do with the X-plore file manager include copying, running, sharing, and managing installed applications.

  • Price: Free with in-app purchases
Features of X-plore File Manager:

  • Offers dual-pane tree view
  • Vault for encrypting sensitive files
  • Supports cloud storage access
  • Support Wi-Fi file sharing

3. Total Commander

Total Commander from Google Play store

Are you looking for a simple-to-use app to manage files in your Android devices by performing a simple click? Then it would be best if you got a Total Commander File Manager. You can use the app to copy, drag, move files, delete, zip, and unzip files.

The good thing about this app is that it supports various languages, and you can choose the one that matches your needs.

  • Price: Free
Features of Total Commander:

  • A simple and easy to use app
  • Has properties dialog to change permissions
  • Comes with a built-in editor

4. Files by Google

Files by Google from Google Play store

You can never go wrong using the Files by Google app to manage files on your Android device because it’s a reliable tool. Other operations that you can efficiently perform using this tool include sharing files offline, freeing up space, and backing up files to the cloud.

Files by Google give you full control of your phone, and you can even use the app to boost its performance.

  • Price: Free
Features of Files by Google:

  • Support cloud file backup
  • Boost phone performance
  • Three-in-one tool app

5. Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager from Google Play store

This app comes with amazing features for managing files on your Android smartphone and tablets. Amaze File Manager is an open-source app that is easy to use.

Some of the basic tasks you can perform with this app include deleting, cutting, copying, extracting and compressing files.  Amaze also supports cloud file backup, and it has no ads.

  • Price: Free with in-app-purchase
Features of Amaze File Manager:

  • Multiple themes with cool icons
  • Inbuilt database reader
  • Cloud services support
  • It has Root explorer for advanced users

6. Astro File Manager

Astro File Manager from Google Play store

Are you looking for an all-in-one app that doubles as a file manager and cleaner? Then it would help if you went for Astro. You can use this app to move files, organize files, back up files and even clean up the memory of your Android device. Astro File manager is a reputable app with over 150 million users globally.

  • Price: Free
Features Astro File Manager:

  • Doubles as file manager and cleaner
  • Supports management of internal, external, and cloud storages
  • Can control all digital files
  • Used to manage downloads

7. FX File Manager

FX File Manager from Google Play store

This is the best file manager to use if you enjoy absolute privacy. FX file manager has no advertisements, and it doesn’t track user activities.

Additionally, FX doesn’t collect or share user data with any third party.  Some of the tasks you can perform using this tool include cleaning phone storage and finding files in your phone easily.

  • Price: Free with in-app-purchase
Features of FX File Manager:

  • Offers absolute privacy
  • Has no advertisements
  • You can upgrade to access superior services

8. MiXplorer Silver

MiXplorer Silver from Google Play store

You can easily manage and sort files on your smartphone using MiXplorer silver. The paid app comes with great features that you can use to explore your Android device. The app is easy to customize and choose themes, supports unlimited tabbed browsing, and comes with advanced search options.

MiXplorer Silver also comes with a powerful text editor, code editor, and image viewer.

  • Price: About $ 6.5
Features of MiXplorer Silver:

  • Easy to customize and choose themes
  • Comes with a powerful text and code editor
  • Advanced search functions

9. MK Explorer

MK Explorer from Google Play store

Managing and sorting data is easy with MK explorer. This file manager is simple and easy to use, thus suitable for beginners. Its great features include two window panels to view files, keyboard shortcuts, a built-in- music player, and a built-in text editor.

You can easily delete, paste, move files using this app. MK Explorer has root access and supports 20 languages.

  • Price: Free with in-app- purchases
Features of MK Explorer:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Inbuilt text editor and music player
  • Ability to extract ZIP and RAR archives

10. ASUS File Manager

ASUS File Manager Download from Uptodown

Although Google plays removed this app from its platform, it’s a reliable file manager for Android devices.  Asus File Manager is a powerful tool that you can use to manage files stored in the cloud, SD card, and the internal memory of your smartphone.

The good thing about this app is that it's compatible with Onedrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

  • Price: Free
Features of ASUS File Manager:

  • supports back up on the cloud
  • Has attractive and intuitive interface
  • Compress and decompress files in ZIP or RAR format

11. Root Explorer

Root Explorer from Google Play store

Are you a root user, and you are looking for the best app to manage your files stress-free? Then you should try Root Explorer.

The good thing about this app is that you can use it to access the whole of Android's file system under one roof. Root Explorer is affordable, and users enjoy top-notch customer support.

  • Price: about $4.5
Features Root Explorer:

  • Multiple tabs
  • Comes with an inbuilt text editor
  • Fast and friendly customer support

12. RS File Manager

RS File Manager from Google Play store

This Android file manager is simple, free, safe, and easy to use. RS File manager comes with powerful tools that enable you to manage files as fast and safely as you do on a computer.

Some of the basic operations that you do with this RS File manager include copying, cutting, deleting, rename, zipping, and unzipping files, among others.

  • Price: Free with in-app-purchases
Features of RS File Manager:

  • Efficient file search
  • Can manage network storages
  • Has root explorer
  • Easy to work with Zip
  • Support file encryption

13. Cx file explorer

Cx file explorer from Google Play store

The last one on the list is CX file explorer. This app comes with powerful features that make file management easy. You can also use the app to conduct storage analysis on the internal storage, external storage, and cloud storage of your device.

The good thing about Cx file explorer is that it has a clean and intuitive interface.

  • Price: Free
Features of Cx file explorer:

  • Supports cloud file storage
  • Clean and intuitive interface
  • Good for managing apps


It can be difficult to manage files on your Android smartphone, especially if many files. However, that shouldn’t be the case because you can make your work easy by using a reliable app to manage your files. Just choose one of the apps listed above and install it on your android device.

I recommend starting with free file managers and those with many recent positive reviews. That way, you can enjoy the desired services and still save some money.

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