Best Antidetect Browsers for Multi-accounting (2024)

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Understand the power of Antidetect Browsers in preserving your online privacy and facilitating multi-accounting. Explore our top picks like Multilogin, GoLogin, and AdsPower, and their key features that thwart browser fingerprinting and unblock IP.

 It might interest you to know that the websites you visit know you more than you think. This is because of the effectiveness of browser fingerprinting, which uses your browser parameters and behaviors to track you. If you are a marketer, this would mean you can’t manage multiple accounts only by using proxies. You also won’t be able to unblock sites that block your IP even after getting an IP change.  Your browser will leak you out, and that is why you an anti-detect browser.

Antidetect browsers resist web tracking via browser fingerprinting. In this article, I will be recommending the best antidetect browsers for multi-accounting. Using any of these browsers, you can manage multiple accounts using virtual browser profiles. Each of the profiles will be a new browser environment with separate cookies, local storage, and cache. Using an antidetect browser would be replacing multiple computers with virtual browser profiles.

Feature Price Platforms Features Stability Resource intensity Best for
Multilogin Starts at €99/month Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS Mobile fingerprinting, API integration, more advanced features More mature and stable platform More resource-intensive Overall best antidetect browser
GoLogin Starts at $50/month Windows, macOS, Linux, Android Mobile fingerprinting, API integration, less advanced features Less mature platform Less resource-intensive Affordable and less resource-intensive alternative to Multilogin
AdsPower Starts at €59/month Windows, Android Mobile fingerprinting, API integration, less advanced features Less mature platform Less resource-intensive Unlimited browser profiles & mobile fingerprint
Kameleo Free plan with limited features; paid plans start at €49/month Windows, Android Mobile fingerprinting, cookie management, data synchronization, web automation, team collaboration, profile sharing Less mature platform Less resource-intensive Free antidetect browser
Incogniton Free plan with limited features; paid plans start at $29/month Windows, macOS, Linux Single browser with multi-tab, cookie jar, support for proxies Less mature platform Less resource-intensive Multi-session browser

Multilogin — Overall Best Antidetect Browser App


The Multilogin app is the best antidetect browser for multi-accounting. It is the leader and the most popular among Internet marketers. Multilogin replaces the need to own multiple computers for account management by simply providing you with virtual browser profiles. Aside from managing multiple browser profiles, this anti-detect browser has got support for controlling and preventing browser fingerprinting and is built for team collaboration. To make it a true privacy browser, Multilogin does not use the popular browsers around.

This is because they do have browser fingerprinting elements. Instead, the team at Multilogin developed two browsers (Mimic and Stealthfox browser) based on the chromium and Firefox engine, respectively. While the browsers look exactly like the browsers they are based on, the fingerprinting capabilities have been removed. The app also has support for web automation and is used actively for web scraping.

While the Multilogin software is the most mature and stable, it does have a few downsides. One works only on desktops (Windows, Mac, and Linux). However, the major downside to Multilogin has to do with pricing. The starting price for Multilogin is €99, and this only gives you access to 100 profiles. This is considered expensive, does not have a free trial option, and the refund policy is sketchy. The failure of Multilogin to accommodate small marketers is what is increasing the demand for Multilogin alternatives in the market.

Pros & Cons of Multilogin


  • Most mature and stable platform
  • Supports a wider range of platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS)
  • Offers more advanced features (e.g., mobile fingerprinting, API integration)
  • Easy to use
  • Good customer support


  • More expensive
  • Can be more resource-intensive

GoLogin — Best Multilogin Alternative


The GoLogin antidetect browser is seen as the best alternative to the Multilogin app. This is because of two reasons — it is more pocket friendly and still has support for the core features of Multilogin features. GoLogin can be used for multiple account management because of its support for creating multiple virtual browser profiles. Browser profiles are stored in a safe and secure manner on the cloud, making it possible for team collaboration.

The GoLogin app also has support for web automation. When used for web automation with high-quality proxies, it becomes difficult for websites to detect you because of its anti-fingerprinting support. As with the Multilogin app, GoLogin also does use its own custom browser known as Orbita browser. The Orbita browser is based on the Chromium browser engine with anti-fingerprinting capabilities. However, this could lead to the occurrence of CAPTCHA for some sites.

Pricing is one of the aspects one can truly say GoLogin is better than Multilogin as an antidetect browser software. You can virtually get the GoLogin app at half the price of what you will buy Multilogin for. For starters, the smallest plan for GoLogin is the professional plan — sold for $49. And if you pay for their annual plan, you get a 50% discount, bringing the monthly cost down to $24 — which is a great deal. Do you want a free trial? You can use the GoLogin anti-detect browser free for 7 days.

Aside from the Operating Systems (OSs) supported by Multilogin, it also has support for Android apps available on Google Play. One other feature of this you will like is its support for free proxies. While you can’t use the free proxies on websites with effective proxy detection systems, you can use them for general surfing of the web.

Pros & Cons of GoLogin


  • Affordable premium alternative to AdsPower
  • Less resource-intensive
  • Good customer support


  • Supports a narrower range of platforms (Windows, Android)
  • Does not offer as many advanced features as Multilogin

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AdsPower — Marketing Focused App with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


The AdsPower anti-detect browser is another antidetect browser for multi-accounting. AdsPower is built for marketing, and most of its features are tailored toward that. As with the other antidetect browsers, at its core, AdsPower creates a new browser profile and environment for each of the accounts you want to manage. However, unlike the others, at the point of creating the browser profile, you need to bind an account to be managed alongside. One of the multi-account aspects AdsPower is good at is Facebook Ads account management.

AdsPower started first as software for managing multiple Facebook ads accounts. While it is now a general multiple account management software, Facebook Ads account management remains one of its core features. It has got support for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) which is just a technical word for code-free automation. Facebook automation is one of its core goals. The AdsPower app is also good for creating multiple accounts for platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Gmail, PayPal, Etsy, and Payoneer, among others.

AdsPower is one of the easiest to use and makes the setup process fluid. It has got support for bulk profile upload, which supports upload via username/password or cookies. In terms of pricing, the AdsPower app can be said to be one of the cheapest antidetect browsers in the market right now. Its pricing is not only cheap, but it is also flexible. With the flexibility, you only pay for the feature you need at a time.

Pros & Cons of AdsPower


  • Unlimited browser profiles & mobile fingerprint
  • Supports a wider range of platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android)
  • Offers more advanced features (e.g., mobile fingerprinting, API integration, RPA)
  • Good customer support


  • More expensive
  • Can be more resource-intensive

Kameleo — Best Android Antidetect Browser


Managing multiple accounts with avoiding a ban is a thing left for the desktop. However, the likes of Kameleo are challenging that with its Android mobile app. Kameleo is not the only anti-detect browser software; GoLogin also does have support for Android. However, the Kameleo app is much more mobile-focused. While it does not have an iOS app yet, it does have support for iOS fingerprints. With Kameleo, managing multiple accounts becomes easy using your smartphone. The browsers supported by Kameleo include Chrome, Firefox, Chromium, and Microsoft Edge.

The Kameleo antidetect browser is also available for Windows. One interesting thing about Kameleo is that regardless of the package you subscribe to, you can create unlimited profiles. Other interesting features include support for proxies, mobile device browser fingerprinting, cookie import/export, and easy profile management.

Looking at the pricing page, you will say Kameleo is competitive price-wise. However, I will beg to differ. The starting price for Kameleo is €59. With this, you do not get access to web automation cookie import/export and mobile fingerprinting, among other advanced features. If you need these advanced features but can’t afford the price, GoLogin is a good option for you. GoLogin also does have support for Android and comes with pretty much all of the features in Kameleo.

Pros & Cons of Kameleo


  • Free antidetect browser
  • Supports a wider range of platforms (Windows, Android)
  • Offers a good range of features (e.g., mobile fingerprinting, cookie management, data synchronization)
  • Easy to use


  • Free plan is limited to 5 browser profiles
  • Does not offer as many advanced features as Multilogin

Incogniton — Paid Anti-detect with Free Plan for Features


The Incogniton anti-detection browser is also one of the best options here. While it might not be as popular as the other ones mentioned above, it can’t be overlooked. The Incogniton app is used for managing multiple browser profiles, and for each, you get a completely different browser environment. One feature you will come to like about the Incogniton app is its bulk profile creator. This allows you to create multiple browser profiles in a go. But this is not all. Incogniton does have support for other features, which include human typing emulation, data synchronization, and selenium integration.

For this anti-detect browser app, you do not need to worry about fingerprint creation and settings. It does this for you to save time. However, you can tweak it if you like. With this app, you can create and manage multiple accounts on all social and ecommerce platforms without getting banned. The Incogniton app is available only for windows and Mac.

In terms of pricing, Incogniton shines for the same markers. The Incogniton app is one of the free anti-detect browser apps. As a free user, you can create and manage up to 10 profiles and even get access to regular support. However, the true power of Incogniton is with the paid users. With a paid subscription, you can create more browser profiles, access the tool via API access, automate your actions using Selenium integration, and even collaborate with up to 10 team members depending on the plan you subscribe to.

Pros & Cons of Incogniton


  • Multi-session browser
  • Free antidetect browser
  • Supports a wider range of platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux)
  • Offers a basic set of features (e.g., mobile fingerprinting and cookie jar)
  • Easy to use


  • Does not offer as many advanced features as Multilogin

FAQs about Antidetect browsers 

Q. What is an Antidetect browser?

Antidetect browsers are browser software developed with features that intentionally resist browser fingerprinting. Usually. It turns out that regular browsers are laced with fingerprinting capabilities.

This makes the use of proxies, VPN, and even clearing of cookies useless. This is because websites do not depend solely on cookies and IP addresses for tracking anymore. They have moved on to using browser and device parameters that are difficult to spoof or fake. But with antidetect browsers, you can create multiple browser profiles and each will be intentionally made generic.  This makes it difficult to identify and track you.

Q. Why Use Antidetect Browsers?

The best antidetect browsers are paid, and as such, regular Internet users might not want to bare the cost. However, if you are a marketer or developer and your tasks entail creating and managing multiple accounts on platforms, then the use of antidetect browsers becomes a must. Without using an anti-detect browser nowadays, you risk getting your accounts banned for multi-accounting violations. Antidetect browsers are used for ad account management, e-commerce management, affiliate marketing, drop shipping verification, web automation, and advanced web scraping for strict websites.

Q. Can I Install Antidetect Browser on an Android?

Yes, you can install an antidetect browser on Android. However, not all of the antidetect browsers have support for Android. GoLogin and Kameleo are some of the options with support for the Android operating system. For the others, such as Multilogin, AdsPower, Incogniton, Sessionbox, VMlogin, and Ghost Browser, you can only use them on desktop operating systems such as Windows and macOS. Some of them support Linux too.

Q. Can you Add PayPal Cookies to Antidetect Browser?

Yes, you can add PayPal cookies to an anti-detect browser. And with this, you d not need a username and password to log into your PayPal account. The specific guide to doing so depends on the browser in question. Most of the anti-detect browsers do have support for importing and exporting cookies. If I am to make a recommendation, I will recommend the AdsPower app as it integrates well with PayPal. To import cookies, create a new profile in the AdsPower app and use the import cookie option instead of username and password.

Q. Do I Need Proxies for Antidetect Browsers?

Proxies are a major requirement for using anti-detect browsers. This is because the apps only take care of your browser fingerprint and cookies. Without proxies, your IP address will be associated with all of your accounts, and as such, the anti-detect software becomes useless. For proxy recommendation, I will advise you to buy high-quality proxies from Smartproxy, TheSocialProxy, or Stormproxies.

Q. What is the Best Antidetect browser for me?

There are over 20 anti-detect browsers in the market right now. The ones discussed in the article above are just 5. Overall, Multilogin is our number one in terms of resisting fingerprinting. However, because of its pricing, GoLogin shines as the recommended one if you can’t afford Multilogin. GoLogin also works on Android aside from windows and macOS. AdsPower is more beginner-friendly and geared towards marketing tasks.


Antidetect browsers are a type of software that can be used to protect your privacy and security while browsing the internet. They do this by creating multiple virtual browser profiles, each with its own unique set of cookies, local storage, and cache. This makes it difficult for websites to track your activity across multiple sessions or devices.

There are a number of different antidetect browsers available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, the best antidetect browser for you will depend on your individual needs and requirements.

If you need a stable and secure platform with a wide range of features, Multilogin is a good option. If you are looking for a more affordable option, GoLogin is a good choice. If you are an Android user, Kameleo is a good option. And if you are on a budget, Incogniton is a good option.

Here are some additional tips for choosing an antidetect browser:

  • Consider your budget. Antidetect browsers can range in price from free to hundreds of dollars per month.
  • Consider your needs. What features are important to you? Do you need a stable and secure platform with a wide range of features? Or are you looking for a more affordable option?
  • Read reviews. Read reviews of different antidetect browsers to see what other users have to say about them.
  • Try a free trial. Many antidetect browsers offer free trials. This is a good way to try out different browsers before you commit to one.

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