15 Best Apps Like Klover for for Instant Cash Advances

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Klover app offers a cash advance of up to $200 if you have already made three deposits in the last two months. Other apps like Klover include Chime, Albert, Brigit, Dave, etc.

Klover is an app that you can use to get cash advances. However, to qualify you will need to have made at least three consistent direct deposits in the last two months. If you meet all requirements, you can get your loan of $200.

Therefore, you can cater to your emergencies early enough. Additionally, if you borrow and pay money on time the advance amount will increase. It also has some transparent terms and conditions, so you won't feel any form of being conned.

Luckily, if you want to receive the loan money fast, you can pay from $2.99 – $20.78. In addition to lending money, the app also provides budgeting tools and financial advice on better money management. You can also watch ads and take part in surveys to earn points. The app is available on iOS and Android for more convenience.

We have highlighted some other apps like Klover.

1. Chime SpotME

Chime SpotME

ChimeSpotMe offers the best overdraft features. Just like its name suggests, whenever you are paying for something, and you are low on funds, you will get a boost immediately from Chime without any fees.

You get to overdraft up to $200 without fees. You will easily get spotted by the Chime app when making any debit card purchases or cash withdrawals that are not enough to get a boost.

Additionally, you can increase your limit when boosted by friends. First, you will need to set up a direct deposit using your Chime account and whenever you are using your debit card, and you exceed the balance you get a boost, and it is shown as a negative balance.

2. Albert


Albert is another Klover alternative that you will love using. It offers no interest or fee on cash advances for up to $250. In addition to providing loans on the app, you also get to enjoy some tools that help you track your spending, create a budget, and make your savings.

Once you take up a loan, you can get your cash in minutes or choose to pay the $6.99 fee to get your money. With an Albert Cash account, it becomes easier to get cash advances. Alternatively, you can choose the cash advances to be directed to your bank account.

Additionally, if you use Albert for your savings, you will get small annual bonuses, and choose to have automated investing in stocks and funds. You can also borrow up to three Albert cash advances per pay period but have to repay before getting the next advance. They tend to check the age of your bank account, your direct deposit, and your spending history before you can be approved.

3. Brigit


Brigit is an ideal app that can help you get your finances on track. It has over 4 million users making it a favorite among many. You can either borrow or decide to save through the platform. While creating an account, there are no credit checks or interests.

Like any other Klover alternative, you aren't required to make an upfront deposit. The Brigit app also offers reports that will help you understand your credit and get clear financial insights. Also, through the app, you can always get alerts when your balance won’t be able to cover the upcoming expenses.

The auto-advances feature sends you cash automatically. It also has an insight section you can check to understand your spending and earning trends. Overdraft fees can be numerous, but with Brigit, you can track your money to reduce unnecessary fees. It has one of the most flexible repayment plans.

4. Cash App

Cash App

The  Cash App is another great Klover alternative that can be used in the United States and the United Kingdom. It is an ideal app commonly used in money transfer. In addition to being used to exchange money, it can also be used to buy stocks or bitcoin.

Luckily, it is free to send and receive money, stocks, or bitcoins on the platform which makes it a favorite among many. In addition to that, you can also borrow money through the app. This allows people to get from $20 to $200 with a 5% interest rate.

However, to borrow you need to meet some criteria and have good credit. It's the perfect app like Klover for all your mobile banking needs.

5. Dave


Dave is another remarkable app like Klover that you can use to maintain your finances. All you need to do is download the app, connect a bank account, and make transfers in the app. You can get $500 instantly if you meet the requirements.

There are many reasons why you might need an interest-free advance before you get your paycheck. That’s why Dave is here to help you out. To use Dave, you simply need to sign up to the platform, see the advance you qualify for, and get an advance of up to $500 without interest.

After you get it you can send it to your Dave spending account, then agree on the day you will settle it. Through Dave, you can easily spend, budget, or deposit money. Dave is a great app that has no hidden fees.

6. Empower


Empower is another Klover alternative that can give you up to a $250 cash advance. With the money, you do not have to incur any interest or fear of late fees. You will be good to go. They don't even check your credit so as not to limit the amount you can get in an instant.

Soon enough, you will be able to customize your payment plan on Empower. The automatic savings plan helps you figure out when and how much you can save. The credit monitoring feature helps you keep track of your credit score. Plus the spend tracking feature can help you budget your finances.

7. Avant Money

Avant Money

Avant Money is another app like Klover that can help you manage your credit card on the go. It is multifunctional and allows online purchases, receiving transactional alerts, and much more. Through the app, you can control your cash spending, and choose alerts you want to receive.

Additionally, the app allows you to approve or decline your purchases by using your face, pin, or fingerprint. Moreover, it helps you make a payment to your account with a debit card, view your transactions, and download your statements.

It is a great app that you will love using and even enjoy borrowing money from. Your financial needs will always be met.

 8. Cleo


Cleo has over 5 million users which makes it a favorite among many. You can use it to escape overdraft fees and build your credit score. Just like other apps like Klover, you can get $250 instantly without any interest or credit check. It can help you to save as much money as you need. Moreover, you can choose an amount and let Cleo save the cash for you till you meet your target.

It is a strict app, and you can even get fined for spending on things you weren’t supposed to. Additionally, it has powerful encryption to keep your data secure. The AI app can’t move your money, it can only see it, so your money is highly safe.

9. B9


So what app do you go to when faced with financial difficulties? Well, B9 can be a great place to start. You can get a cash advance long before you get your paycheck.

Bills can overwhelm you when you aren't sure how to settle them. That's why you can use the B9 app to settle your cash issues. You can get up to an amount of $500 to cater to your needs without any interest, minimum balance, overdraft fees, or credit checks.

Moreover, it doesn't charge any banking transfer fees. It also has different premium tiers that you can use for better financial management. It is a secure app, and you won’t have any worries about a hacked account.

10. Even Cash app

Even Cash app on Play store

Even is another app like Klover that can boost your finances in real time. It usually partners with leading employers to ensure proper money management. With an account on Even, you can even request 50% of your next paycheck early and get the funds in seconds without any hidden interest.

You can also use it to boost your savings tactics, by determining the amount you want to save from your paycheck. Through Even, it can detect your monthly expenses and give you a snapshot of what you have spent.

You can also use it for work purposes, by monitoring how much you made in work shift and per paycheck. The only limitation is that Even is only available to employees who companies have partnered with.

11. Float Me

Float Me

FloatMe app provides easy cash advances directly to your bank account. It just requires a membership fee of $1.99, and you will be good to go. Before offering money, you won’t need to provide any credit checks or interest. Everything is done smoothly.

Just like other ideal Klover alternatives, it also provides a snapshot of your spending. When you become a Float member, you can easily request Floats at no cost and receive them within 3 days or less.

However, to get the cash fast, you will need to pay $4 only. It’s a small price to pay, right? The platform is also secure to ensure no one can bypass the system and get your important information.

12. Hundy


Hundy is a great app like Klover that allows you to get a safe and quick deposit advance. You will be able to get from $25 to $250 deposit advance. Even if you have a bad credit score, you won't be penalized, instead, you will get your funds within no time.

It also allows investors to sponsor funds. Once you register with Hundy, you can request an advance within 5 minutes.  You will then get it within one business day.  It is actually more of a community because you get the money from people and not banks.

13. GridMoney


Are you in need of extra cash?  Well, Grid Payboost can help you settle your bills. Through Grid, you won't need to use your debit card for everyday purchases. By signing up for a debit card from Grid, you can build your credit score and even earn cash-back rewards when you make any purchases.

In addition to its great benefits, you also get to enjoy unlimited cash advances. You can get up to $200 per advance with no hidden fees. You can even sign up to get tax refunds using Grid Tax. You will enjoy using the platform.

14. Possible Finance

Possible Finance

Possible Finance is an app that offers some of the best short-term installment loans. It is a unique Klover alternative since it reports your payments to credit bureaus which then builds your credit score.  The platform charges about $15 to $20 for every $100 borrowed.

On the platform, you can borrow 2x more than what Klover offers. Unfortunately, it just lends money to 18 states and not the whole United States of America. By using it you will build your credit score which will ultimately help to boost your financial life.

It allows you to borrow up to $500 per intent, you won’t incur any late or penalty fees, and can even pay within 4 installments.

You can also consider getting the Possible Finance card for more benefits like borrowing $800.

15. MoneyLion


MoneyLion is another app like Klover that doesn’t require any monthly subscription fee. Therefore, you can get a cash advance of up to $500 whenever you need it. Just like most ideal apps, there won't be any credit checks or interest charges for the cash advances.

In case you want to borrow more money, you can consider the RoarMoney feature which has a membership fee of $1, and you can get up to $1000 or up to 80% of your paycheck. Therefore, you can put the money into more use.

It mostly provides loans to the employed. This is to ensure you will be able to pay the cash advance. It is an app you should try out.

Get Consistent Money All Through

All these apps can help you to get money fast. However, you can also consider having a side hustle apart from your main job. This will allow you to always have another source of generating income. In as much as it is a side hustle, the venture can still become your full-time job if it is sustainable enough.

If you want financial freedom, then you need to choose the perfect side hustle. The side hustle can either be physical or freelancing services such as web development etc. You can also opt for passive incomes that can help boost your finances.

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