10 Best AI Voice Generators in Nov 2024 [Text to Voice]

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Artificial intelligence is the next big thing in today’s technology world. Technology developers and programmers are ever exploring new ways to assimilate AI into today’s tech. The music industry is not any different because of several AI voice generators available on the internet. Here are the ten (10) best AI voice generators for your audio projects.

Artificial intelligence is the new kid on the block as far as technology innovation is concerned. Platforms such as the latest version of ChatGPT are making headlines because of their revolutionary AI software. Almost every industry is looking to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the efficiency of products and services.

The music industry is one of the biggest beneficiaries of artificial intelligence. Creating high-quality audio sound is now easier, thanks to AI technology. You can make the perfect audio sound for your creative projects by utilizing any available online AI voice generators on the internet. Below is a list of the ten (10) best AI voice generators you can use for your audio and visual projects.

1. Play.ht

Play ht Overview

Play.ht is first on our list of best AI voice generators because of its synthetic text-to-audio voice feature. The voice generator is at the top of our list because the online platform contains an extensive catalog of voices for your voice-over projects. You can use the voice generator by providing a text excerpt, selecting a voice preference, and clicking the auto voice generator option to get a high-quality voiceover for your projects.

The Play.ht voice generator has a free subscription plan with 5000 words limit, a $ 29.25 monthly subscription plan with 600,000 words per year limit, a $ 49.50 motley subscription plan with an unlimited word limit, and a custom subscription plan for team projects.

2. Synthesys

Synthesys Overview

Syththesys.io is second on our list because it is an all-in-one Ai generator for audio, video, image, and avatar projects. The AI platform is cloud-based, and you can work from anywhere by picking any of their professional 30 male and 30 female AI voices.

You can begin your journey with the Synthesys.io voice generator by subscribing to the Audio Synthesys package for $ 35 monthly, Human Studio Synthesys package for $ 45 per month, or the Audio and Human Studio Synthesys package for $ 65 per month.

3. Murf

Murf Overview

Murf.ai features on our list of AI voice generators because of its range of voices for every industry need. Murf contains text-to-speech voice-overs, voice cloning, voice-over video, and voice changer.

You can use the Murf Free subscription package with limited features, the Basic subscription package for $ 29 monthly, the Pro package for $ 39 monthly, or the Enterprise package for $ 59 monthly.

4. Listnr

Listnr Overview

Listnr is fourth because of its efficient text-to-speech AI generator. The AI voice generator also features voice cloning, making it one of the most popular AI voice generators. You can get voice-overs and voice-cloning services in almost every language worldwide. Listnr has a functional API, and accessing the platform is possible anywhere with a stable internet connection.

You can use the Individual subscription package for $ 19 monthly, the Solo subscription package for $ 39 monthly, the Startup package for $ 59 monthly, or the Agency subscription package for $ 199 monthly.

5. Lovo

Lovo Overview

Lovo.ai is next on our list, and it is one of the AI voice generators you can try out for free before committing to a subscription package. The AI voice generator utility tool is ideal for text-to-speech and video production projects.

You can use the AI voice-generating tool for free within fourteen days before committing to a paid subscription plan. The paid subscription plans include the basic subscription plan for $ 19 monthly, the Pro subscription plan for $ 36 monthly, and the Enterprise subscription plan for a custom price.

6. Speechelo

Speechelo Overview

Speechelo is on our list of AI voice generators because it is a reliable third-party software you can use for your audio projects. The AI voice generator program contains 30 high-quality AI voices in different languages.  The Speechelo has a one-off subscription fee of $ 100, but you can take advantage of the Founders Special Offer of $ 47.

7. BigSpeak

BigSpeak Overview

BigSpeak.ai is seventh on our list of AI voice-generating utility software. It is a multilingual voice-generating software, and you can use it to get accurate voiceovers in popular languages such as English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, or Japanese. The utility program makes it to our list because of its ability to integrate Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML).

You can use the Freemium subscription plan with limits (8,000 characters/month for Text-to-Speech, and 60 minutes/month of AI Audio Transcription), or you can opt for the Premium subscription package for $ 49 monthly.

8. ReSpeecher

ReSpeecher Overview

ReSpeecher is one of a kind voice cloning AI utility tool. The utility tool is efficient and accurate when creating voice clones that are almost 100% like the original speaker. It is the ideal tool for deep fake audio and visual projects requiring studio-quality audio, like film projects.

You can contact the ReSpeecher tool for a custom subscription price depending on the features and number of people accessing the AI voice cloning tool.

9. Resemble

Resemble Overview

Resemble.ai is ninth on our list because of its ability to create deep fake voice clones. The AI voice cloning toolkit generates high-quality voice clones at an affordable price. The voice utility tool kit has a fast turnaround time, and you can use the API feature to access services via Android or iOS devices.

You can use the basic subscription package for $ .006 per second of voice cloning or the Pro Subscription package for a custom price.

10. Clipchamp

Clipchamp Overview

Wrapping up our list of the best AI voice-generating toolkits is the Clipchamp utility tool. Clipchamp is ideal for video projects, and you can use it to generate high-quality voice-overs for your projects.

You can use the Freemium subscription package with limits such as watermarks or the Essential subscription package for $ 11.99 monthly.


You can try all the above AI voice generators before setting on a voice utility that best works for you and your projects.

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