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Not all players like the spirit of competition in modern games – we are talking about session projects that require gamers to play a good match in a limited time period and a rating title will be at stake.

Many gamers prefer a mixture of interesting storytelling and the ability to pump and develop the character as they see fit to achieve success.

It doesn't matter if you play solo or co-op. In all RPG projects, you will need not only an understanding of the gameplay and the principles of monster behavior, but also gold to acquire the best equipment and weapons.

Often in all projects you start in difficult conditions – empty inventory and a minimum, or complete absence of weapons. Someone likes such hardcore, and someone, on the contrary, prefers to correct the situation.

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Let's take a look at some of these games.

Let's take a look at some of these games

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Diablo 4

The upcoming sequel to the famous Diablo series from Blizzard Entertainment.

In the past, the second part of Diablo brought huge popularity to developers and the number of players who still play Diablo 2 remains quite high.

Diablo 4 is preparing to complete final testing and will be presented to players in the summer of 2024. You can still purchase early access and try out the upcoming project before anyone else.

In Diablo 4, as in all previous parts, several main characters are waiting for you to choose from:

  • Barbarian
  • Mage
  • Rogue
  • Necromancer
  • Druid

Regardless of which class you choose, you will find a narrative with several chapters and key tasks that you need to complete in order to move on.

Each class will have three areas of development and the ability to use talents to enhance their character.

From monsters and bosses in the process of hunting, strengthening items, stones, sets and consumable potions will fall out – collect everything for strengthening, or future sale of NPCs.

The overall concept of Diablo has always been in the spirit of being able to play through the game multiple times with constantly increasing difficulty levels, monster durability, and massively buffing the main bosses.

To successfully play in the later stages, you need to have several types of attacks and debuffs in your arsenal so that in the future you will not stumble upon a monster with complete immunity to damage from your character.

The general concept of Diablo has always been in dark and interesting locations, the concept of the plot of fighting evil and helping all strangers in trouble. In the second part, the player helped the locals defeat the demon who settled in the ancient necropolises, destroyed the temple of the Viper and defeated Diablo himself, which the developers prepared in 4 parts can be learned from the closed beta testing, or in the summer, when the servers will be officially open and all players will rush to study the new history.

Path of Exile

Path of Exile

One of the best games in the RPG genre with respect to the storytelling and the presence of farming elements as one of the leisure activities.

The whole essence of PoE comes down to choosing the main character from the proposed classes and constant farming to strengthen the hero and constantly move along the storyline.

On the servers, every six months there is a wipe, or the beginning of a new season – when the players completely lose everything they have accumulated and start all over again.

This means that you need to go through the storyline again and only then top lvl content will become available to you – a level of special difficulty in which you can get orbs for sale, or a significant character enhancement.

Path of Exile allows you to play with friends – You can combine your professions for interesting gameplay, but keep in mind that the overall difficulty will increase in proportion to the number of players – there will be more monsters, they will hit harder and bosses will be much more difficult – but the rewards will be much more to cover the needs of all group members at once.

Genshin Impact

One of the most popular RPGs of our time. Anime art and cross-platform paid off and filled the servers with ambitious players.

In Genshin there is no such thing as a level – there is an indicator of strength and filling the scale with experience and knowledge to strengthen the character.

You can find unique heroes and upgrade them to fight bosses together and conduct research on the continent.

You need to get adventure level 12 – this is a local equivalent of levels that will allow you to access standard tasks and adventures – in fact the main game and starts from getting a level 12 mark.

You will be in charge of finding and collecting oculuses – various local currencies that are found in local altars and each of them has its own types of oculus for collection.

For Okulus you will improve your heroes, buy more valuable equipment and earn and enhance available artifacts.

All the heroes that you can get from events and special keys are inherently weak – you need to pump each character, enhance its characteristics, find equipment and constellations, and only then add it to the battle group to get an effective unit, and not just take it in quantity.

Your main task is to correctly combine the group so that there are no characters of the same type, if you have a squad of related specialties, then you will be able to fully complete difficult dungeons, even without having strong enough artifacts and amplifiers.

All characters are divided into tiers – the strongest characters are rare – you will need a lot of time and luck to get a character of the top tier. But the effort is worth it – the character will be much stronger than the classic heroes even without good equipment and artifacts, and with these improvements, the character will actually be indispensable and dangerous for all types of enemies.

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