How to advance your career? Knowledge, Behaviour, Marketing and Socialising!

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How to advance in your career? Learn the best ways to advance your career right here on our informative guide. Career progression is coming!

Is it time you earned a promotion? Whether the result is a bigger salary, more status, fulfilling a passion or just to escape your current boss, the benefits of career progression are laid bare to see.

Very few people are wandering office corridors and sat in on meetings completely content with where their career has ended up. If your career has stalled, you may be wondering how to make the next move.

Unfortunately, what got you in your current role is not likely to get you higher up the ladder. Nevertheless, there are ways to advance your career that everyone is capable of.

4 Quick ways to advance your career

1. Consider an Online Course

Online courses have surged in popularity among people of all ages – and there are lots of reasons for that. One of them is their flexibility.

You can now earn a qualification at an establishment on the other side of the world, without leaving your bedroom – if you wanted to. However, this isn't the real reason why the flexibility of online courses is so appealing.

Working parents or professionals can find it difficult to change direction, especially after being in the same role for several years. Their qualifications have not been updated and many have not even thought about refining their skill set.

Re-attending a college or university is out of the question with a mortgage to pay or a family to support. Online courses become a convenient solution by allowing workers to ready themselves for career progressions and better careers, without having to quit their current jobs.

Accessibility of online courses to one side, there are more reasons that they are so popular. The breadth of options when it comes to these courses is extensive, which makes them appealing to audiences worldwide.

Furthermore, there is an increasing amount of opportunities to spread the word, so it is not uncommon for even companies like Groupon to list courses from New Skills Academy.

This is a reputable organisation which has over 600 courses on its platform, ranging from law to dog grooming.

Whatever your progression is, there is likely to be an online course that helps you achieve it.

Thanks to the internet, these online course providers and the accreditors that recognise them, modern-day workers are able to prepare themselves for higher jobs easier than ever before.

If you can be disciplined and stay motivated to complete them, they really can be beneficial for your career.

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2. Change Your Behaviours

The truth is, we are not always behaving in ways that will enhance our careers and afford us that promotion. We may be late for work, careless with what we do and we may not even speak well about the company we work for.

When you are working for someone else it can be difficult to find the motivation and enthusiasm to make them successful but realizing that by doing that will make you more successful is key.

Maybe it is time you took a leaf out of Robin Williams’s book and decided to seize the day. But how?

  • Show up early for work – not too early but display enthusiasm and commitment to business goals.
  • Be proactive in team meetings in discussions. Don’t hold your contributions in, even if they are wrong, your attempts at solving problems will get noticed.
  • Start saying good things about your company – and stop putting it down with colleagues
  • View your working life as a personal portfolio of what you can achieve, even when working for someone else, i.e. become an “intrepreneur”.
  • Start setting career goals and discuss your ambitions with higher staff.
  • Get noticed in your working environment. Start by saying hello to strangers in the lunchroom and the car park.

These are just some of the many behaviour changes which will contribute to getting recognition, developing yourself as an ambassador of the company and placing yourself in a position for promotion.

Some of them may appear small and meaningless, but when you change your behaviour in these ways, they have the power to change how you are viewed as an employee.

3. Me Marketing

Every time we hear advice for building a CV, the words “sell yourself” are uttered. It is true that you need to sell yourself and your attributes when looking for a job, but it is better to sell yourself at all times.

The contemporary way of doing this is not just in your CV, but in any space where you are in the public view. At the office is one but your online presence is the core area where you can sell yourself. Is your social media clean and professional?

How updated is your LinkedIn page? These are the questions you need to answer, and you may need to dedicate hours to fix them.

You may also want to get yourself a website to act as your own professional page. Use these as a way to document your achievements and offer a portfolio of your work.

Having such a go-to professional asset will let employers and bosses know that you are dedicated to your work – and proud of it!

4. Attend After-Hour Activities

It is no secret that people have landed high roles based on who they know as well as what they know. You can make sure you are ticking both boxes by being in the right places at the right time.

We are not talking about happening to bump into your boss in the cereal aisle; we are talking about attending optional staff activities, conferences and social occasions.

Getting to know the people you work with on a social level may just open doors for you. It may even help you realign your goals and make you aware that you need to be looking at other employers.

Knowledge, Behaviour, Marketing and Socialising…

The four ways of advancing your career described above touched on four different areas.

Advancing your knowledge, changing the way you behave, marketing yourself in unique ways and being social with the people in power is a recipe for career success.

Start cooking up an attractive professional future by putting these into practice, starting tomorrow!

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