8 Iconic 90’s Video Games to Resurrect Your Childhood Memories

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​The 90s is a unique and important period in the gaming world because it was when hedgehog consoles were founded. We are talking about the likes of PlayStation, Nintendo, and many others. These brands did revolutionize not only gaming but also technology in general.

Most importantly, the 90s saw a slow but sure movement from adulterated entertainment as far as gaming is concerned. If you want to refresh your childhood memories with iconic 90s video games, then brace yourself for a bomb. Please note that not all these games were top sellers in the 90s but they sure left a mark.

1. Sensible World of Soccer

Sensible World of Soccer

This game was developed in 1994 and it is one of the best games most of us grew up with, AND it can still be found at places like The Old School Game Vault. It was the pioneer to the more advanced soccer games we have today such as the PlayStation series. However, Sensible World of Soccer was unique in that the lighting was on another level, thanks to an elevated but clear aerial view.

Additionally, you didn’t need many buttons to have great gameplay; you could make tactical moves without the usual 16 buttons. Finally, the game allowed the player to come up with a deadline combination of players and management that could rival modern-day soccer games.

2. Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider

Created in 1996, Tomb Raider is another iconic game that will send your childhood memories flooding back. The game featured Lara Croft, the undisputed heroine of the 90s. Although the game has undergone many modifications, the original version remains the favorite for the 90s kids.

The best thing about this game is that it is compatible with many devices, from Windows XP to the current newer models. You can enjoy this game at the comfort of your home or a social joint for as low as $7.5.

3. Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64

Nintendo managed to build itself a reputation for quality gaming back then because of games like Super Mario 64. Moving away from a rather primitive technicolor 2D, Nintendo broke the ceiling with SM 64. Gamers now had the privilege to move super Mario in 3D with astonishing ease and accuracy.

By the way, Super Mario 64 is the mother of all 3D games we enjoy on our screens today. But coming back to play this legendary game rather than its successors is much more fulfilling.

4. SimCity 2000

SimCity 2000

Don’t get it twisted that this game was developed in 2000. On the contrary, SimCity was a 1995 game whose architectural theme could sweep anyone off their feet, literally. This game turned plays into demigods, literally, with the ability to build everything from scratch in front of a computer.

Most importantly, there was no limitation as to the number of designs or building methods you could employ. All you had to do is to let your imaginations go as far as they could and then turn them into reality. If you think it’s a joke, run to the nearest movie shop and get the original SimCity for yourself and have a thrilling gaming experience.

5. Pokemon Red/Blue

Pokemon Red

This was another masterpiece of the 90s created by Nintendo in 1996. Pokemon Red/Blue, unlike many other 90s games, still has a huge fanbase, including the new generation of gamers. Gaming experts argue that the game remains popular because it helps kids and adults sharpen their mathematics skills.

All you need to do in the game is to collect creatures and sort them in tables. Apart from improving calculating skills, Pokemon also provides the player with exciting adventures. It is one of the 90s games that will resurrect your childhood memories as you start playing it.

6. Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat

Another iconic game of the 90s, Mortal Kombat is probably the oldest we can remember. It was created in 1993 and it continues making strides despite the changing times. Its latest version was released in 2019 and it is not any different from the original.

Mortal Kombat has been made popular by famous characters such as Tekken and Street Fighter. It is purely an action game with several amazing features, including breathtaking environments. However, the game may not be compatible with newer devices as it is only supported by Windows 7 and above.

7. Half-Life


Valve has not been very successful in the vast gaming industry but it has some iconic games to its name. Created in 1998, Half-Life is an adventurous game with many hours of exciting game-play. The player is required to beat off horrendous alien creatures with nothing but a crowbar until they accomplish their mission.

Valve was able to deviate from mainstream gaming to create a unique one with one sharpshooter. All we can say is it was a worthy risk because the game still enjoys the love of many gamers, more so from the 90s.

8. Fallout 2

Fallout 2

Black Isle Studios is another highly underrated developer that was a huge source of entertainment back in the day. It is an apocalyptic game with intriguing battles, tact, and characters. If you find yourself thinking about the future of humanity in terms of wars, calamities, and pandemics, this game might just shed some light.

However, many gamers like this game because of the other side of it – ridiculous and funny conversations between characters. You will also get a chance to use a range of weapons, some of which are actively used in combat today. Fallout 2 could not be missed in this list because it is undoubtedly nostalgic to the 80s and 90s kids.


Video games that were created and played in the 90s may not have the most sophisticated technology but there is something unique about them. You will find that the developers were not only genius but they also tried to mirror our daily lives and predict the future.

Most importantly, they remind us of the things we used to value but did not withstand the test of time, unfortunately. Luckily, these games are still available but you might have to work a little harder to get your hands on the original. We hope you find on our list a game that will send your decades back in your childhood.​

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