5 Card Poker: Beginners Guide To Playing This Incredible Game

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One of the most popular versions of poker can easily be learnt and played. In this guide you will find how is it played, what are the most powerful hands and where to play this variation of game.

With a number of different poker variations available to choose from to play when at an online casino or a physical brick-and-mortar establishment, it can be rather hard to know all of the rules and differences that each version of the game has.

5 Card Poker, though, is one of the most popular versions of poker that can be played and this is down to a couple of reasons: it is a fast-paced game and one that is really easy to learn and continue to play in a rather quick time.

Indeed, whilst there are other forms of poker that have become more popular such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker, there is no doubting that 5 Card Poker still carries plenty of appeal to bettors of all levels all around the world.

Therefore, it is important to know the rules of the game and what the best possible hands are to win with, which this beginners guide will aim to highlight, thus allowing readers to enjoy this incredible game as much as everybody else already does.

How is 5 Card Poker played?

How is 5 Card Poker played

Of course, the first point of call in this beginners guide to playing 5 Card Poker is learning how to play the popular poker variant to begin with. Thankfully, this game is rather easy to learn and it will not take players too long to understand what they are doing and how they should look to achieve the desired outcome when playing the game.

Players who have played any other version of poker before may feel that they are at an advantage, as the rules of 5 Card Poker are similar in regards to being required to produce the best hand possible with the 5 cards that they have been provided with.

Players will find that there are several hands that can be formed, with the following breakdown highlighting the weakest to strongest hands possible:

  • High Card
  • One Pair
  • Two Pair
  • Three-of-a-kind
  • Straight
  • Flush
  • Full House
  • Four-of-a-kind
  • Straight Flush
  • Royal Flush

Where to play 5 Card Poker?

Where to play 5 Card Poker

As can be seen, the game is intended to be played rather quickly, whilst it also incorporates a number of simple rules, thus making it an incredibly popular game for players all around the world.

Indeed, 5 Card Poker is a game that is available to many who play with online poker casinos, with popular operators such as Unibet Poker offering the game to Canadians, whilst the game is also available worldwide to gambling enthusiasts all around the world, thus further highlighting just how popular of a game 5 Card Poker truly is!

5 Card Poker Basics

5 Card Poker Basics

Once the above has been learned, it is time to actually start playing this incredible poker variant and the format and rules of the game could not be simpler.

Players will be required to place one of the aforementioned bets to begin with (ante or blind) as a way of committing to the game and then they will receive their five cards which will be dealt face down.

Once the cards have been received, a betting round will then take place whereby players will place bets as they go around the table. It is important to note that making a bet is compulsory, so if a hand is not looking strong, then it might be wise to ‘fold’ before essentially just wasting money.

If after the betting round two or more players still remain in the game, players will then be able to look to change their cards or decide to keep them. They are able to change as many as they like (of the initial 5) or keep all of them. When they are happy with what they have, players will “stand pat”.

Once everyone has been given the opportunity to change their cards, another betting round will take place before the final stage, should more than one player still be in the game. Here, the playing hands will be revealed, with the winner being the player with the strongest playing hand.

Different 5 Card Poker Bets Available

There are a number of different bets that can be placed at various stages of 5 Card Poker, with two different methods that can be used prior to receiving their hand.

The first is whereby players place an ante bet before the cards are dealt, whereas those that play online and at traditional casinos will likely place a small blind or a big blind – which is similar to Texas Hold’em and other poker variants – before receiving their playing hand.

There are also three different types of bets that can be placed once a game of 5 Card Poker is in play. These include the following:

  • Fixed-limit
  • Pot-limit
  • No-limit

By understanding these different betting types, players will be able to position themselves in a position whereby they are able to potentially reap the rewards that playing 5 Card Poker can bring them when they are successful.

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