Zippyshare: 10 Best Zippyshare Alternatives For File Hosting And Sharing

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If you are looking for a place similar to Zippyshare to store large files and share them around, this list will offer you top 10 websites with that service.

You have a large file, but you don’t know how to share it around the internet? You tried uploading it on some websites, but it says your file is too big? It can happen.

Zippyshare is a good file hosting service made exactly when you have that kind of issue.

Official Zippyshare site: Zippyshare.comZippyshare

On this website, you will find out that mass file hosting is not a difficult business. Your enormous files will be stored and cared for, and there are various places like this on the internet.

So if you have trouble with the number of gigabytes, and of course, with your wallet, you will have to delve deeper and find those shiny places of free file hosting. That’s why this list is made exactly for you.

Top 10 Cloud Storage Sites like Zippyshare For Upload & Sharing Files With Download Link

Look no further than this, because here are the top 10 file sharing websites that provide similar service to ZippyShare.

1. Mediafire


You may remember Mediafire well since it’s an old timer in the business. It was a long-term option for many years in uploading and hosting lots of different files for many different uses (if you know what I mean).

Mediafire is a reliable host where you can upload 10gb of files for free and share them wherever you like. Files may be of any kind but if you are trying to transfer some illegal stuff you may get reported and therefore the files can be removed and your account banned. It happens often with illegal media such as music files or TV show.

There is also a possibility of a premium account that will offer you more space for upload, and better download speed. Each file can be up to 4gb so it is great for sharing bigger files.

2. SaberCatHost


With great website design and an even greater name, SaberCatHost deservedly carries a title of the best hosting website for the previous season (18/19).

The free version of the site offers only 5GB of free space, but the premium offers 10, and the business model which is the biggest option, allows up to 30GB. You will have a hard time finding a website that offers more than that for a single user.

It is convenient to use, with some practical stuff like offering you a statistical data (how much files are downloaded and at what intensity), easy account creation and some interesting perks such as getting a portion of cash for uploading and sharing your files.

It works amazing on both desktop and mobile devices and it is really a tremendous service.

3. 4Shared


4Shared is a legend on the scene and is probably one of the pioneers of the file hosting business that is still alive and well to tell the historical tales. You may remember it if you are a bit older as a place you could go to get some .mp3 files and maybe some ebooks in the past.

The website is still working relatively well, albeit a little bit slower than some others mentioned on these lists and it is probably one of the best websites of this kind. Why? Because it allows you not only to host and share but – to search! You can search for anything and if it exists on the website, you will be able to download it.

It offers a lot of space to upload (around 10GB) and with over 2.5 million monthly visitors it stills stands tall in the hosting world.

4. FileFactory


FileFactory is also an oldie in the realm – with almost 15 years of good service. While being easy to use and anonymous before, now you are required to register an account which is a practice with most of the hosting websites.

Here you will have around 10GB of non-premium space which is optimal for free usage. You will be able to upload and share a  gigantic 5GB file with this service. Not to be underestimated.

5. WeTransfer


WeTransfer has also been up and running for a long time now and still does everything the same. It offers a simple and practical service of a single file upload of up to 2GB that you can share for some time.

The file will eventually disappear and the link will expire. WeTransfer was greatly popular among illegal file sharing practitioners and therefore it is still promptly used for that purpose.

With over 10 million monthly landings on the site, it is considered as one of the most mainstream if you exclude the big boys of Google, Apple, and Dropbox.

6. Filehosting


Simple, neat and on point, just like its name. Filehosting was a website that is doesn’t require you to have an account, doesn’t have a premium membership and doesn’t care about upload limit.

Once you upload a file, the link will not appear on the website. You will get the link at your email and with that link, you will be able to share it further. The links are unstable and expire in unusual time limits. While some remain for a long time, some get removed soon despite it not being of any controversial nature.

Ideal for quick file sharing in some short period of time.

7. 2Shared


Don’t worry, this is not only the half-web site of the 4Shared! This is actually a minimalistic website that will provide you with reliable service if you don’t expect anything extra than just a simple upload and share.

You will have about 2GB of free storage to upload a single file and then you will get a link to share where you want to share. Make sure that the link is legal and not forbidden by law because it will be removed right away.

8. FileDropper


FileDropper that has a logo of a tap dripping in the sink is a big-time favorite of many. Not only because of its witty design, and because it offers top service for data to drop into a big cloud of digital information, but you will also get some extra perks.

You can upload a file up to 5gb of the size which is a respectable piece of data, but the website itself requires registration. The website is fast and reliable so you will have a pleasant time using its services.

9. DropSend


DropSend is really limited as a free option, but even so, it gives you a chance to do something you are not able to with the aforementioned free hosts.

With DropSend, you can only send 5 files monthly if you opt for a free account, but files can be up to 8GB large, which is the biggest size of any free hosting provider that you can find on the internet.

The website is neat and tidy and hasn’t changed at all ever since it broke through. You will not have a hard time strolling through it. Definitely a good choice for large file hosting and sending.

10. TinyUpload


Contrary to DropSend, TinyUpload is a completely opposite hosting service. You can only upload small files of up to 50MB but the website is crisp and fast and if you want to share some docs, books, maybe some small music files or images this is a great place for it.

There is no hosting limit and the files stay forever, which is precious for some long-term hosting plans. It has its pros despite being limited in size.

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So, that would be it. You will find here the top-notch places where you can host and share your files like on ZippyShare, completely free and relatively easy.

The big names such as Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive etc were avoided in this article since you probably know about them. If not, check that out too, they are also easy and important hosting websites.

If you have any feedback, comments or something to add, please feel free to do it in the comments, and happy uploading!

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