5 Youtube Video Ideas to Boost Your Channel

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YouTube videos are a great way to engage with your audience and create interesting creative content. However, today there are over 23 million YouTubers active on YouTube, posting content that is consumed by their audiences hourly.

Over 60 minutes of video is uploaded to YouTube every second of the day, and over 4 billion videos are viewed on YouTube every single day. YouTube has grown to be the second biggest search engine after Google, having an outreach to billions of users.

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In a platform so frequented and so incredibly competitive, having your video and channel viewed by an audience may be difficult. The sheer amount of content posted to the site would mean that your video may either be lost in the search pages, or it may have several thousand views within hours.

Your content may be engaging, but in order to garner traction to your page and your videos, there are several additional methods that may be used. You can buy YouTube subscribers and views, And also there are other free methods that could be equally effective in reaching out to a vaster platform of people. Jeff Bullas has this guide on how to buy the best YouTube likes to give your videos more reach and engagement.

Here are five effective methods in order to gain more views on your YouTube videos to boost your YouTube Channel:

5 Best Youtube Video Ideas to Grow Your YouTube Channel

1. Use an Attractive Thumbnails

It is no secret that your thumbnail will be the key to gaining YouTube views. Your Youtube thumbnail is a reduced sized image of what your video is about. Essentially, this is the reason why someone should choose to click on your video and not another video about a similar topic. Audiences focus on the image viewed in the thumbnail to determine the quality of the video and how informative or useful it will be to them.

attractive thumbnails for youtube

Make your thumbnail reflective of what your video is about. Making the thumbnail attractive will increase the number of clicks on your video, and thus the views, which will in turn increase its ranking on the YouTube search engine.

YouTube allows you to customize your thumbnail, and so you can edit the image on an image editing software and use that to upload to the thumbnail, instead of allowing YouTube to pick a default thumbnail which will be a screenshot of some part of the video.

2. Use Tags Smartly

Using the YouTube feature of tags is a smart manner in which you can gain views. YouTube uses ‘tags’ to sort its videos on the platform. In doing so, it sorts through videos when a search is requested by a user. The keywords used by a user are matched with the tags in your video and depending on that your video is ranked in their search results. Thus using the right keywords is important.

You should sort your video tags chosen into three categories. First, the Tag should be indicative of what your video is about in a general sense. These tags will be linked to what is featured in your video, but not in a specific manner. For Example – if my video is about the food I feed my pet, the tag used would be ‘pet’.

The second kind of tag is what the specific relationship between the general themes in my video is. The use of more specific examples, such as the city this video is located. The third kind of tag used would be very specific personal tags, such as my name and my pets name and so on. These would be the least important kind of tags.

Using tagging is the most important manner in which YouTube views can be garnered.

3. Video Descriptions

youtube video descriptions

YouTube allows you to describe your video in the Video Description section. By using this feature effectively, you can gain more views from audiences. Keep the description brief, and explain the video well.

Avoid using confusing phrases and break the video down to the most basic form of what it is about.

4. YouTube Ads

Although this method is paid, it will increase the number of views you have on your YouTube videos and channel. There are three kinds of YouTube ads that are made available, however, the only form of ad that will increase your YouTube video views directly are called ‘Trueview ads’. For these ads, you will only have to pay if the user watches the video for at least 30 seconds [as YouTube considers a view to be 30 seconds] or if the user clicks on the video in order to watch it, hence directly increasing your views. To manage YouTube ads you must boost your post using your YouTube page and decide a campaign in order to do so effectively.

5. Choose Topical Videos

youtube Topical Videos

By paying attention to the current world affairs and situation, you can choose to create content that is topical and that people are aware of at that moment, and want to know more about. By being astute about this, you will be able to engage with your audience better as there will be a spiked interest in the topics you discuss. By involving the current political and social sentiment in your videos, audiences will choose to engage with your channel more.

Thus by using these five methods, you can gain traction to your YouTube page, and increase the number of subscribers that you have. By following these points you will be able to create better content and gain views, expanding your platform and audience on YouTube, and in the process challenging yourself creatively.

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