Youtube TV vs Hulu TV: Which Streaming Service is Better for You?

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Are you wondering about the best streaming service between YouTube TV and Hulu Live? This guide will provide you with the best comparisons between the two streaming platforms.

If you want reliable streaming platforms for your streaming pleasures, Hulu Live and YouTube TV are the surest bet. They are both popular streaming platforms and they provide amazing local channels. Hulu Live and YouTube TV are specifically used for the purpose of entertainment.

They both provide an impressive list of channels and original TV shows. The sport selection of YouTube TV is quite more unique than that of Hulu Live. However, Hulu Live provides a better news selection and a list of entertainment channels.

Hulu compare with youtube

In terms of original and unique content, YouTube TV provides a better collection more than Hulu Live. But, Hulu Live contains a better list of quality content. In this sense, it is fair to say there isn’t anyone better than the other yet. All you have to do is choose according to the content you love streaming.

Therefore, both YouTube TV and Hulu Live are similar outside their price differences and list of channels. However, we are still going to look into their differences, and then the decision to choose the better TV streaming platform between both will be up to you.

You are sure to get a good deal for your money as far as both Hulu Live and YouTube TV are concerned. Without a doubt, they are both amazing live TV streaming platforms we have as of now. Therefore, it is practically recommended for you. They are both good alternatives to satellite or cable TV.

YouTube TV vs. Hulu Live Comparison

There are many differences between Hulu Live and YouTube TV in terms of the list of channels. With YouTube TV, you will get up to sixty-seven channels. On the other hand, Hulu Live has just fifty-eight channels and out of which contains sports channels. However, both YouTube TV and Hulu Live are similar in terms of renowned channels such as NBA TV, USA Network, TBS, Fox News, ESPN, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, etc.

Also, the interface of YouTube TV is absolutely simple. The platform provides you with Live TV, Library, and Home tabs. All these enable you to surf through the list of live shows. They also enable you to record content and stream anything pre-recorded on a DVR.

Interface compare

On the other hand, the interface’s view of Hulu Live is in grid form. With the platform, you will be able to surf through its list of shows as well as browse through its list of TV shows and movies that have been recorded. Hulu Live comes with a broad view. This makes it easy for you to locate anything you wish to stream. As such, you wouldn’t have to spend much time surfing the content pages. One amazing thing about Hulu Live is that it can be streamed on mobile devices.

1. Device Availability

The first feature we are going to look into is the aspect of device availability. At first, YouTube TV began supporting only a list of limited devices. With time, everything changed. As of now, YouTube TV can be accessed on smart TVs (such as Samsung and LG), Apple TVs through AirPlay, iOS devices, Xbox One, Android devices, and Televisions working on Android TV, Firesticks, and TVs, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, and Roku boxes.

On the other hand, you can access Hulu Live on Xbox One, iOS devices, Chromecast, Roku, PCs, Fire TV sticks, Amazon Fire TVs, Macs, LG Smart TVs, Apple TV, and Android devices. What is more amazing about Hulu Live? It is the only streaming platform that can be accessed on gaming consoles such as Nintendo Switch.

Device Availability

2. Subscription Price

Another aspect of comparison is in their subscription price. As of now, YouTube TV’s subscription price has been hiked to 65 US Dollars monthly. On the other hand, Hulu Live’s subscription price is just 55 US Dollars monthly. In this sense, Hulu Live has gained an advantage over YouTube TV because of its cheapness. Unfortunately, in case you want an annual subscription plan or a discount price, none of them offers these two. Therefore, both YouTube and Hulu Live are on a par as far as saving is concerned.

Also, YouTube TV and Hulu Live offer a 7-day free trial. The negativity for Hulu Live is that it contains ads. However, this can be bypassed if you pay an additional 6 US Dollars monthly.

In addition, if you want to use an advanced DVR storage space and limitless screens to customize your subscription plan, then you will have to pay an additional 15 US Dollars monthly.

3. Features

Our last aspect of comparison is in their respective features. Now let us look into this in detail.

  • While Hulu Live’s subscription is about 54.99 US Dollars monthly (and this is ad-supported. However, you’ll have to pay 60.99 US Dollars monthly if you wish not to have advertisements), that of YouTube TV is 64.99 US Dollars monthly.
  • While Hulu Live provides you with seven days free trial, YouTube TV offers you fourteen days free trial.
  • While Hulu Live contains over sixty-five channels, YouTube TV contains over eighty-five channels.
  • YouTube TV has cloud DVR and they are limitless. However, it’s about fifty hours for 55 US Dollars. Also, the DVR Storage capacity can be upgraded if you pay an additional 10 US Dollars.
  • YouTube TV has about three streams. However, Hulu Live contains just two. If you want to upgrade your streaming numbers from two to unlimited, you’ll have to pay additional 10 US Dollars monthly.
  • YouTube TV doesn’t have an offline viewing option. On the other hand, Hulu Live has it.
  • Advertisements are present on both Hulu Live and YouTube TV. However, if you don’t want ads in Hulu Live, you have the choice of paying additional 6 US Dollars. Unfortunately, you can’t do away with ads on YouTube TV.
  • There are a lot of personalized functionalities on Hulu Live. These features are different from YouTube TV’s.
  • Both YouTube TV and Hulu Live have different menus and interfaces.
  • With YouTube TV, you can manage your guide anyhow you want it. However, Hulu Live doesn’t allow its users to do this. Rather, it provides you with the My Channels tab for you to store any of your favorites.
  • You can easily manage YouTube TV’s guide. On the other hand, it is a little bit difficult to manage Hulu Live’s guide.
  • One thing you are going to enjoy on both YouTube TV and Hulu Live is that you will be able to sort for any sports teams of your choice and in return, include them on the recordings of your DVR. This will enable you to have every latest game in your lineup. If you’re a sports lover, you will also be able to include NBA TV and NHL Network.Features compare


This article has successfully examined the comparison between YouTube TV and Hulu. They are both amazing Live TV streaming platforms that provide you with lots of unique features. In case you want to do away with cable TV and switch over to internet TV streaming, you are sure of getting an amazing experience with both Hulu Live and YouTube TV. You will get to enjoy amazing prices with both YouTube TV and Hulu Live.

If what you want is lots of unique TV channels at a reasonable price, you can go for YouTube TV. On the other hand, Hulu Live is good for you if you desire to bundle your on-demand and live TV streaming services.

For those who want interesting news or original content, then, it’s recommended you go for Hulu Live. However, if you are more of a sports lover, then YouTube TV is the best choice for you.

Finally, if you still don’t know which one to go for between YouTube TV and Hulu Live, then you are advised to use the free trials of both streaming platforms to find out which one works best for you.

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