YouTube Marketing: The Best Types of Content to Grow Your Channel

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Nowadays YouTube is one of the most popular social networks where people can grow a successful channel. However, the competition grows, and truly original content is hard to provide due to that fact.

Thus, sometimes even users who have a lot of worthy ideas gain 500 YouTube views with great effort. And when you are only planning to enter the field of blogging, the density of concurrence can scare you off as you may think that everybody has already covered every single niche.

In this article we shall reveal the most successful and effective types of content that attract users for sure.


Animals filmoing for YouTube Marketing

Cute and funny pets are definite leaders in gaining popularity on YT. Along with entertaining and relaxing content, educational videos are also for the audience. The secret of such success and huge number of views is simple – people adore animals because of their natural behavior and incredibly pleasant looks.

So, if you have a pet – filming its life on YouTube is your first choice. You only have to get proper gear and learn to catch your lovely pet at its best moments.

Tutorials, Guides

YouTube Tutorials

Unlike most social platforms, YT is actually educational. Here you can find videos that will help you to learn practically anything. And if you have a clue about things – show others how to do it:

  • Artists,
  • Painters,
  • Musicians,
  • People who have various hobbies can grow their channel solely on educational content, especially if they would mix in some personal charisma.

Some people really like watching tutorials where people create something by hand, even if they won’t repeat the work. Watching fire, water, and someone working is the most exquisite view.


Reviews on YouTube

In the modern society of consumers, people have a very vast choice of options. And to make the right decision about their purchases they do research about a product they want to buy. And this fact has raised a whole industry on YouTube and other social media – people film their opinion about a product, describe its benefits and quality, expose the specifications and tips for using the product.

Such content is extremely helpful for consumers, and to create it all you have to be is a consumer as well. However, being a professional in some spheres can help you to make your review even more valuable for your subscribers.

Celebrities and Gossip

Celebrities on YouTube

The way celebrities look and act is an undying topic all over the world. By discussing their behavior and lifestyle you can easily create a successful career on YouTube. You can review:

  • The celebrities’ event visit,
  • Discuss their outfits,
  • Makeup,
  • Relationships,
  • Show-biz news, etc.

Or you can analyze their career as well, entertaining your audience with lively discussions and providing an enormous level of engagement and views to your channel. Gossip is a bad thing – that’s what we all were taught. But the intense life of popular personalities is an example and inspiration for many, shaking the society and initially driving customer engagement on your channel.


Gaming on YouTube

The gaming industry is a powerful niche that drives a lot of attention and engagement:

  • Walk through videos,
  • Fun facts,
  • Reviews for upcoming products of this industry.

All of these can be extremely fruitful on YouTube as many people who also play the game want to make the process of playing easier for them. Besides, in most cases, you need nothing but a microphone to create content. And the knowledge of the topic, of course. Although some lets players use the factor of surprise as an idea for videos, filming their first reaction to the game and sharing their first impressions about it.


Sketches, Comedy Videos


If you have a talent to make fun and humor – there is always a place for you on YouTube. One of the main reasons people visit social media is that they wish to relax and get some positive emotions. And here different comedians and viners come to help. There are endless opportunities for developing funny content suitable for a diverse audience to gain views. Besides, truly entertaining videos easily go viral, increasing your popularity in a short term. But remember that the modern trend in society is tolerance and a positive attitude to all people, so homophobic and misogynistic jokes may become an end of your channel.

Shopping Videos

Shopping Videos

For some reason, people like watching other people go shopping. Especially for clothes. The key note here is the witty and light mood that is set in your video. Shopping sprees are also valuable content for users who simply enjoy planning their future trips for more stuff.

This kind of content is similar to vlogging and requires a lot of personal charisma to be successful. However, if you have a personal lifestyle channel, shopping content is a nice addition to your range of topics.


Extremely engaging kind of videos, where viewers share the excitement and joy from the feeling of unpacking new products. This type of video is more specific for toys. Modern companies have noticed the trend and for many toy lines the packing has become one of the official fun features – Na!Na!Na!

Dolls are the perfect example of such a trend. Along with bright and shiny packing, the toys have an element of surprise that makes the reaction stronger and more genuine, especially if the hosts of the channel are kids. It isn’t very clear why such type of content is so extremely popular, but the fact remains – unboxing videos are very attractive for younger audiences and doll collectors.


Traveling on YouTube

The pandemic of coronavirus has muted this industry for some period, but currently, as the world has adjusted a little bit, traveling blogs have emerged again as one of the most valuable and important content types for views collection.

People crave seeing new faces and attitudes to tripping, so this is a chance for you to follow your dream and show places we all know from a different angle.


The types of content that are described above are considered to be most interesting to the social media audience, hence, more fruitful for the authors. But the competition remains high and to reach the success and tons of views you have to come up with new ideas for well-known themes.

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