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If you cannot afford watching movies from a paid streaming website, try out the movies at xCine. Here, thousands of films are available for users for free!

Enjoy a blockbuster is definitely one of the best pastimes, but not all of us can afford a subscription to streaming websites like Netflix or Hulu.

What is your solution? Are you gonna give up yet?

Worry not, because xCine.tv is here to lend you a hand. xCine.tv is a rising star in the streaming industry, which will provide all viewers with a pleasant, yet free-of-charge, movie-watching experience.

Don’t you believe us? Keep reading to explore the magic of xCine!

What is xCine.tv?

xCine.tv is a website based in Germany, which offers movie streaming services across the globe. Unlike other websites such as Amazon Prime or HBO Now, xCine.tv does not require any type of payment from its users in order for them to get access to movies and films.


Although many people find the idea of free-streaming films thrilling and unprecedented, there are many long-established websites that do business out of pirating online content. So how does xCine.tv stand out compared to its competitors? What are its pros and cons?

xCine.tv – an in-depth analysis


  • The most distinctive feature of xCine.tv is its updated movie collection. The majority of free-streaming websites only upload old movies because they cannot get a high-quality version of the latest hits. But at xCine.tv, you can find pretty much all the blockbusters within a few clicks.

There is a wide collection of films available at xCine.tv, even films that are currently on air at the theater. How amazing, don’t you think?

  • xCine.tv features both movies and TV series in two different categories. Not only can you watch all the movies of the Marvel universe, but you can also enjoy hundreds of episodes of The agent of S.H.I.E.L.D
  • xCine.tv comes with a trailer section, in which cut scenes, sneak peeks and trailers of the upcoming films will be presented. This way, you can keep track of what is going on in the entertainment industry, schedule your movie list, and plan ahead of which movies you want to see in the next few months!
  • xCine.tv does not require any registration from users if all you want is to watch a movie.
  • xCine.tv allows users to download movies for free, as long as you create an account on the website or connect the website to your Facebook/Google account.
  • xCine.tv has a minimalist design, which makes it a piece of cake for users to navigate through the website. You can easily roam through different sections to find what you want. Or even better, type the movie of your interest at the top bar, and wait for the result!
  • xCine.tv has incorporated a “light off” button, which enables you to experience a theater-like movie night by darkening the whole surrounding area.
  • The majority of movies and TV series published on xCine.tv are in HD quality, so rest assured that you do not have to struggle with the blurry images.
  • xCine.tv automatically saves your last activity on a movie, so whenever you need a break from a certain film, feel free to close the tab. The next time you turn it on, you will get back where you left off. Such a convenient feature, don’t you think?


  • xCine.tv is a dubbed movie site, which means all of the movies are dubbed in Germany. There is no English subtitle available, nor any subtitle of any other languages.

However, you can solve this problem by downloading the movie you want to see, then find a separate subtitle available at subbing teams online or subtitle websites.

  • Sometimes, xCine.tv will upload brand-new movies that are currently being shown at cinemas. However, the quality of these movies is not very good. You may have to watch the fan cam version for a while before xCine.tv updates the HD version.
  • Since xCine.tv earns profits based on advertisements, you may encounter a quick popup ad here and there. While it is not a deal-breaker, it may disturb your movie-watching experience.

Do you have to pay to watch movies at xCine.tv?

Many of you may think: “Okay, xCine.tv seems to be a great website to enjoy a movie or two without having to spend money. But is it really so? Many websites claim to allow free-streaming, but they charge you with a small fee in case you want to watch the HD version, or download the movie.”

If these problems are bothering you, then let us assure you, xCine.tv will not ask for anything from you. From switching movies to HD quality to downloading the hottest hits, xCine.tv does it all for free!


Final thought

What do you think about this free-of-charge streaming website? Is it captivating enough for you to become a fan?

If you think xCine.tv will top the list of your favorite film sites, do not hesitate to tell us in the comment section below. Also, please share it around with your friends and families. They would jump at the chance to watch the latest movies without having to spend a penny, trust us!


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