Working GPS Tracker For Kids, They’ll Never Get Lost Again

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Children can be angels, but also little gremlins at times. Trying to keep track of where they are while you’re busy doing parent stuff like chores around the house or when you’re out in the gardern can be a pain.

There is seriously nothing scarier than turning around and not knowing where your child has gone off to, which is why GPS trackers for kids were made, like Rewire Security. Sometimes taking precautions such as a GPS tracker is needed, because parenting can be ultimately exhausting, to say the least.

Can I Put A GPS Tracker On My Kid?

Can I Put A GPS Tracker On My Kid

Nothing is really stopping you from putting a GPS tracker on your kid, other than morals or what you think and others think is ethically right. Legally, you do actually have the right to do whatever you want regarding that.

If you are the legal guardian of a child that’s in your care, who is also under the age of 18, then you do have the right, legally, to get a GPS tracker for your kid/s. The only exception to the 18 and above rule being off-limits, is if they have special needs, or suffer from dementia.

You’re able to keep your kids safe this way, especially if prone to wandering off or do suffer from some sort of mental illness or another. The tracking information is something you’re able to give permission to use for others if they’re a grandparent, teachers, sitters, or law enforcement, among others.

If you want to track an adult, whether they’re your child or not, it is illegal to do so and put any type of GPS tracker for kids on them, without them knowing. It is a totally different scenario though if they are aware, and are okay with it.

Should I Put A Tracker On My Child?

Can you and should you, are two different questions no matter the context. As mentioned before, legally no one can stop you from putting a GPS tracker for kids on your child if they’re under the age of 18.

Morals and ethics do play a part in the decision leading to this, however. Some people view it as wrong to put a GPS tracker on a kid, even if they are your own child and you are the legal guardian. Others view it as a good idea, so you’re able to know where your child is at all times.

When you put a GPS tracker on your kid, you’re able to rest easy knowing where your child is, no matter the time of day. Peace of mind and the overall ability to relax is achieved when you have the ability to have a tracker on your child. You'll know whether they are still on the way to school, or if they’re ditching, if they made it to their friend's house in once peace.

Sometimes just having a phone to communicate isn't enough, and responding to texts asking where they are might not be an option at the time, leaving you to worry even more. Sometimes they just don't see the messages or forget to respond. It happens to all of us on occasion at the very least.

GPS trackers for kids limit that worry and give you the ability to know where they are, without needing a response in return for confirmation. They’re accurate and extremely helpful when your kid begins to push the boundaries of your rules as they get older.

When Should You Stop Using GPS Tracking For Your Kids?

When Should You Stop Using GPS Tracking For Your Kids

So we know that GPS tracking for kids is legally okay, and morally/ethically it really depends on you, but when should you really stop tracking them? What are the boundaries that should be put in place for you and your child?

The answer is pretty simple. As they begin to come to the age of an adult, it's time to stop using the GPS tracker for your kids. The suggested age to stop is usually around 13-14 years, but as long as they aren’t 18 or above, then it’s fine.

If you’re secretly tracking your child, then it becomes a large problem when they do inevitably find out. Trust can be broken, and the respect that they might have had for you can be tarnished or ultimately be completely thrown in the trash.

Final Thoughts

Nothing can really legally stop you from putting a GPS tracker on your kid, You do actually have the right to do whatever you want in relation to that. The only thing really is what type of relationship you might want from your child, trust, and respect. Do they know you’re tracking them?

GPS trackers for kids, like Rewire Security, are extremely popular, especially when everyone's going back to school, and keeping up with your child can be a difficult task.

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