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Any self-respecting marketer or specialist responsible for the brand and development follows novelties, technologies, and news in their field. It's important that any online store not only supports advertising activity but also has a cool design.

After all, thanks to the conveniences inside the site, people buy. Therefore, the layout should be not only beautiful, stylish, or modern but also people-oriented, convenient, and functional. For this task, WordPress WooCommerce themes are usually popular and useful. To choose, people often go to trusted resources and marketplaces, such as TemplateMonster and the like.

We went to look at new layouts and came across some interesting information about the TOP sales of this month. We want to share further details and make some reviews of products of sales leaders.

Why You Need A Template For WordPress

Why You Need A Template For WordPress

There can be many reasons for buying a ready-made design. However, some people aren't yet familiar with such an offer. We'll give brief definitions of the main terms.

A template for an online shop is a useful development, a ready-made design. You install it and then upload goods, promotional banners, and other content. Installation is usually very simple. Some developers offer one-click installation. So even novice admins may fully cope with the task.

WooCommerce is one of the most useful free plugins for WordPress. It instantly turns an ordinary website into an online store, adding missing working elements (for example, a shopping cart, an order form, etc.).

People should select templates only with the mark of the plugin because development for other CMS and plugins won't be compatible.

Why buy themes – TOP reasons:

  • Saving money on your web designer. Not all companies, especially small businesses, afford to order such expensive services. Looking at the offer prices, we say with confidence that everyone can afford to buy it. Consequently, the demand and popularity are growing.
  • Saving time. Creating a layout from scratch according to your wishes will cost a lot of money and time. Drawing individual icons, beautiful frames, and new elements delays the launch process.
  • The buyer desires to manage the process himself. Ease of use is usually very attractive. The product often comes with detailed instructions where all actions are described step-by-step. Small firms will be happy to try to cope with introducing a new look without the involvement of third-party specialists independently.

Now let's find out how one of the most popular international platforms – TemplateMonster – works.

General Features Of Month's Bestsellers


We took the TOP 4 WordPress WooCommerce themes that we immediately saw on the main page dedicated to our plugin. To begin with, let's look at exactly what features the developments that fell into the category of purchased ones have:

  1. Business areas are very different. Therefore, we can conclude which activity areas are actively developing in this period. The list includes a universal Woostroid2 – a product made for any online sales business. By the way, it was at the sale's top for a long time. We also see development for selling handmade goods, construction tools, and equipment. There are also products for online games and related interests for players. A theme that will probably never go out of style.
  2. The presented layouts are the property of different developers. What conclusions do we draw for ourselves? TemplateMonster represents a lot of companies worth looking into.
  3. The purchase price will be $39. Yes, Woostroid2 is more expensive, but there are plenty of opportunities. In general, there are proposals for different budgets.

Now let's get down to brief reviews of the developments themselves. Of course, it's better to watch the Demo once than to talk for a long time. But we can't finish an article without a little review.

Woostroid2 – The Most Advanced Among WordPress WooCommerce Themes

It'll appeal to buyers who want to have maximum opportunities. For just $114, you get an unreal amount of cool options. They have a great ability to completely change layouts, an incredible selection of color schemes, gorgeous sliders, and regular and frequent updates to ensure a smooth experience. The company provides highly qualified free support for the first half of the year. Additional bonuses are the necessary free Jet plugins, more than 75 skins, etc.

Soap – Handmade Art Store for Manufacturers

Light and relaxed appearance in a pleasant beige color scheme relaxes and sets you up for shopping. No one is forcing you to buy a product. At the same time, the goods are presented so beautifully. So, it's impossible to leave without buying.

Among the technical features are many different layouts with the ability to edit, additional infographic elements, free fonts, and animation.

Toolbag – A Constructor's Dream

Cool dark layouts create a unique look. Everything is very stylish, modern, and masculine. Such an incredible appearance that it's even strange for a construction sphere. Probably, thanks to this, it got into the rating.

Buyers get premium layouts, compatibility with all devices, adaptive design, and everything needed for online sales.

GameHoak – Online Game Store

The appearance is in the style of computer games to captivate the audience. Check out the many features. The popular ones are Ajax, premium layouts, responsive design for mobile phones, smart slider, Parallax, and SEO-friendly.

Remember, you may use it to sell munitions for computer heroes because all the necessary tools are available.


1. What are WordPress WooCommerce themes?

Development is a ready-made design for a WordPress-based website with the WooCommerce plugin installed. Appearance changes immediately after installation. Buyers can edit at any time.

2. How to find the best WordPress WooCommerce themes?

Each customer must make a list of critical features that the template should have. After all, for different businesses, such advantages will be various. To not miscalculate with the choice, you may read the reviews and study the Demo in detail.

3. How to edit WordPress WooCommerce themes?

Editing issues are of interest to many buyers. However, there is no need to worry. Often, the product comes with a content document. It contains not only instructions. Among the features are a clear and logical structure so that each buyer can find the necessary section.

4. Where to buy WordPress WooCommerce themes?

It's best to choose well-known marketplaces. For example, TemplateMonster. Work has already been done to find the best products, irrelevant developments are eliminated, and there is no commission.

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