Is it Possible for Ethereum Price to Hit $10k in 2021?

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Ethereum has been making headlines since 2020, and in recent times it is becoming unable to ignore the significant shift and the impact it has brought to the global cryptocurrency market. The crypto narrative moves from Bitcoin to Ethereum, a target placed on ethereum at the end of the year to be at $10k.

Ethereum market value currently stands at $2,154.7 and the total market cap at around $247 Billion. This prediction has been created with the help of experts from CFD Trader. At its highest value, Ethereum was valued at $3,500 and growing at a rate of 40% per month. Research conducted after the rollout of Ethereum two (ETH 2.0) indicated that ethereum could hit $10,000 per eth token. According to 35 experts, Ethereum is set to hit $20,000 by 2025, as discovered by Finder, a cryptocurrency panel.

One of the most significant predictions came from Sarah Bergstrand, the CEO of Pitbull Capital; she predicts that ethereum will hit $100,000 by 2025.

Ethereum price forecast for this year

Ethereum price trends

At the beginning of the year, Ethereum was trading at $1,200 per Ether; Megan Kaspar, the co-founder at Magnetic, a digital investment company, predicted a $3,000 spike in value, and that mark surpassed and hit %3,500. Currently, she expects that Ethereum will be at an $8,000 – $10,000 price range by the end of the year. Her prediction is based on the additional technological updates coming to the Ethereum network.

Some of the changes include Ethereum shifting from Bitcoin’s same transaction confirmation process to a more environmentally friendly one. As a result, the cost of transactions gets cheaper and more energy is conserved in the process. In addition, Ethereum has moved to the proof of stake method; as a green technology, Ethereum will hit the $10,000 range in no time.

Experts’ predictions

Ethereum is a fascinating technology that has garnered admiration and support from tech experts and investors; some cryptocurrency respectable representatives believe that Ethereum’s price will surge.

Elon Musk ETH

  • Joe McCann is a trader associated with Angel Investors, and crypto margin trading predicts that Ethereum will hit an all-time high of $50,000 by the end of 2022.
  • Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Inc, has incited a possible merger between Dogecoin and ethereum; the potential share of a platform between these two altcoins ensures a groundbreaking Market Cap by mid-2022. Elon Suggested he could do his space x project using Doge; that is more limelight for ethereum.
  • Anthony Sassano, an Ethereum developer and a co-founder of ETH Hub, predicts that Ethereum will hit $150,000 by 2023.
  • Simon Dedic, the co-founder of Blockfyre, is a capitalist and a long-time crypto trader; he predicts that Ethereum will hit $9,000 by the end of the year, even with the current market crash.
  • YAP Global CEO and Founder Samantha Yap emphasized that the price will hit $10,000 by the end of the year with the notion that once the masses have adopted Bitcoin, Ethereum will be next. Paul Ennis, a lecturer and assistant professor at the University College of Dublin, shared her sentiments. He states that Ethereum has been undervalued as it has by far more uses than

Past Ethereum predictions have proved correct and hit around the same range, and the current forecasts fall around the same projections. There is no denying that Ethereum has changed the future of finance through its technology; its growth is inevitable. Experts and analysts have considered all factors in the market to sum up, Ethereum’s way forward.

The bright future of Ethereum

The current market cap for Ethereum is United States Dollar 246.5 billion, and the current price per Ether is $2,130. For Ether to reach a $10,000 cap, it would require a market cap of about USD 1.1 Trillion, which is the current market cap for Bitcoin. Companies, developers, traders, and investors are increasingly investing in Ethereum products, and it’s safe to say that Ethereum will hit this price value in no time.

The statistics have been proven; in November last year, the Bitcoins market cap stood at around $250 billion, which is close to Ethereum’s market cap at the moment. It took Bitcoin 6 Months to hit $1.1 Trillion, and it technically means that Ethereum could Jump to the same Market Cap in about the same time.

The bright future of Ethereum

Many variables could play up to ensure Ethereum hits that mark, and the recent rollout for ETH 2.0 is forming the market in that direction. Ethereum has an upward trend, indicating it’s an excellent time to buy and invest in altcoin as the price will keep surging.

Ethereum’s Improvement Proposal (EIP) 1559 has addressed energy issues, and high gas fees, scheduled to be launched on the 14th of July, creates more room for investors. The EIP seeks to move from the current auction mechanisms that make high gas fees and proceed to base fee amounts readjusted based on how busy/congested the blockchain is.


Ethereum has the potential of becoming a world-class computer. Due to its ability to run smart contracts and the use of dApps. Decentralized applications could secure and run code that can help businesses perform better and faster. These dApps will be fueled by Etherum.

As the network transitions towards Ethereum 2.0, we expect some of its shortcomings, such as scalability and high gas price, to be resolved. This will encourage more and more developers and investors to join the network, driving its overall market.

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