Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Cable TV Service

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Cable TV was once the only source of entertainment for all families. You would gather around the TV and wait for your favorite TV shows, spend your afternoons watching cartoons, or browse through MTV and wait for your favorite music video.

All of this can be done on your laptop and phone today. This is why many people have opted to cut the cord. Nevertheless, we believe that there are many reasons why cable TV packages are a great idea for your household.

Why Are So Many People Opting to Cut the Cord?

Why Are So Many People Opting to Cut the Cord

Firstly, what does it mean to cut the cord? Cord-cutting speaks of the practice of no longer using a cabled connection. A cabled connection could refer to cable TV, wired internet connections, and landline phones. With more advanced wireless options now available in the market, many people are opting for newer solutions.

Today, you can sign up for different streaming sites to access the shows that they release. These streaming services can be downloaded on your TV and viewed at any time if you have a subscription. Instead of watching a show at a particular time, these services offer you the convenience to choose when you want to watch it.

Some people no longer want to pay for a cable connection. They would rather opt for streaming services that charge subscribers a nominal fee that contains a lot of content. This is cost-effective for people who like to view TV shows and movies but cannot afford cable TV. Cable TV subscriptions also tend to rise and cost the users even more than they originally anticipated.

According to Forbes, the number of cord-cutters has tripled since 2014, with an estimated 50 million subscribers opting to cut the cable. However, despite these high numbers, a cable TV connection can be the right move for you. We will have a look at some of the advantages that you can get if you choose to continue with your TV subscription.

Factors to Consider

Some things you can consider if you are thinking about canceling your cable TV connection are listed below:

Specific Programs

Not all your favorite TV shows are available on a streaming site. If you are used to watching cable TV, chances are you may not find the same content online. Or, you may have to sign up for multiple streaming sites that may cost you more than your cable TV itself.


When you cancel your cable TV you won’t only have to pay for the streaming services but also a high-speed internet connection. If you have a slower internet connection, it may not be enough to stream HD and 4K videos.


Sport is a major factor that convinces people to opt for cable TV. While there are a lot of streaming services that you can access to watch the games, you may have to subscribe to multiple services and have to opt for high-speed internet connections to stream games without interruptions and ads.

Viewing Habits

Many people have subscriptions to various streaming services because a single service doesn’t offer you a wide variety of shows and movies. If you prefer variety, cable TV is the best option for you.

Some Benefits of Cable TV

Once you have a cable connection, you gain access to many benefits.

Live Sports and Content

Netflix, Amazon, and Disney+ are perfect options for streaming existing shows and movies. However, live TV can be very exciting to watch.

Whether you are a sports fanatic and are keen on the Olympics or FIFA World Cup, a cable connection allows you to watch the match easily. You don’t need to worry about your internet services either. Just sit back and watch the drama unfold in real-time.

On Demand Movies and Shows

Cable TV providers offer the benefits offered by streaming services. Sure, Netflix allows you to pick and choose the shows and movies you want. But so does cable TV. In addition, it also offers newly-released content, On Demand titles, and pay-per-view events. This variety offers you the freedom to choose what you want to watch.

And if you don't have the time to watch TV shows when they broadcast, all you need to do is record them and view them at a much more suitable time.

No Reliance on the Internet

As we have mentioned already, an internet connection is not necessary for cable TV. You can choose to pay for a wireless connection that is fast enough to help you with your work and studies. But, you can choose to opt for cable TV instead of streaming that same content. You will need to rely on a high-speed internet connection if you would like to stream the content, which can be a struggle.

The situation can get tougher in rural areas. If you live in a location where a high-speed wireless connection is not available, you can still enjoy the same material others are enjoying. Instead of streaming shows on Hulu, you can open up your cable TV and flip through the channels there.

The Wide Range of Networks Available

The Wide Range of Networks Available

You can find a cable TV connection from several providers. Not only is it easy to subscribe to, but the packages also offer a wide variety of channels. You can get a mixture of sports, lifestyle, and news channels to keep you occupied at all times. You can also customize the packages in some cases.

TV Basics

In the case of Hargray, you can opt for one of the four packages that they offer. The cheapest option will cost you $20 per month. Once you sign up for it, you can access over 30 TV channels, 50 digital music channels, and around 10,000 On Demand titles.

Economy TV

The Economy TV package costs $50 per month if you sign a 12-month contract. By signing up for this package you can access over 60 TV channels, 50 digital music channels, and around 10000 On Demand titles.

Digital Lite TV

With the Digital Lite TV package, you can access over 85 TV channels, 50 digital music channels, and around 10000 On Demand titles. You would have to pay $65 every month for a 12-month contract.

Premier TV

Their most extensive option, Premier TV, offers 120 TV channels, 50 digital music channels, around 10000 On Demand titles, and Showtime and EPIX. This package would cost you $80 every month for a 12-month contract.

The Next Step

You don’t have to cancel your cable TV subscription, just because others are doing so. You need to understand your own needs and decide what the better option is.

With Hargray cable, you can easily find a package that fits your needs and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Take the time to decide, because cable TV may be the right choice for you.

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