Reasons Why You Have the Same Problems Every Semester

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Because now I'm going to show you which behavior patterns lead to you having the same problems every semester. Together we will find out why you are making student life difficult for yourself and what you can do to break this vicious circle. It may even include using a paper writing service.

Here we go.

1. You Are Not Honest with Yourself!

You Are Not Honest with Yourself

Nobody likes to admit mistakes. Especially not when these mistakes are serious and have repercussions. A bad semester at the university, unfortunately, falls into this category: either you have to make up for failed exams in the coming semesters – or the bad grades that outcome from your miserable exam preparation pull down your overall grade point average.

The situation is not exactly flattering and it is all the more difficult to take full responsibility for it. Excuses such as “there wasn’t enough time” or “the examiner was unfair” are quickly found. However, they do not help you – even if they are correct. At this point, you have only one option to stop your downtrend and turn things around blunt honesty.

I don't mean that you should insult your professor on Facebook, but: You have to be honest with yourself. And that includes analyzing your situation objectively and emphasizing what you can actually do better. It's not about judging yourself or showing how imperfect you are. Your task is to reveal the potential for improvement. You need to be clear about the mistakes you made and what led to your problems. Only then do you have a chance to work on yourself.

How to solve this problem: Carry out an objective analysis of your current situation and uncover serious mistakes from your last semester! Every mistake you find is cause for celebration because now you can make a conscious choice to do better next time. Write down your mistakes and make a top 5 or top 10 list. You then develop a not-to-do list from this, which you place in a clearly visible place in several places in your apartment or room.

2. You Are Not Willing to Pay the Price!

Do you believe that anything in life is free? If so, I have to disappoint you: everything has a price. And you have to pay this price – otherwise, you will struggle but never get anywhere. This also applies to your studies: If you want to study successfully and get good grades, you have to pay a price for it. And that price is paid in three currencies: time, energy, and attention. Of course, using isn’t a completely free satisfaction.

It doesn't matter what you study. No matter what subject you want to improve in. Regardless of your origin and your personal circumstances, you have to pay the price. And not just in one currency, but in all three. Only if you are willing to go to the pain limit (and beyond) for your desire will you be successful in the end. You will not reach your goal with half-heartedness and mendacious alibi actions.

You will fail if you don't invest enough time in your studies. You will fail if you don't put enough energy into studying. And you will fail if you don't focus your attention on learning but other things. That sounds harsh, but it's the truth. If you want to be happy and successful, you have to use the three currencies for the important things in your life. Don't waste them on oddballs. Never.

This is how you solve this problem: Realize that successful studies do not come for free! If you want good grades, a short study time, and a solid academic education, then you have to pay a price for it. The question you need to answer for yourself is: are you willing to pay that price? If not: “expel yourself”. Right away.

If yes: Make an agreement with yourself in which you promise to pay a reasonable price from now on. Draw up a short-written contract and sign it. Example: From now on I will invest more time, energy, and attention in my studies. To do this, I will implement the following measures once a day/week/month…”.

3. You Don't Know What You Want!

You Don't Know What You Want

When I ask students what goals they have for their studies, I often get the following answers: “Somehow get through your studies.”, “Find something that really interests me.”, “Get a good degree.”, “Find a good job later Find.”. That's all well and good – but they're not goals. It's ideas. Not more. And you can't buy anything for ideas. So don't make the same mistake as many of your fellow students: Don't confuse your vague dreams and imprecise wishful thinking that are buzzing around in your head with achievable goals.

Goals have to be specific. To do this, you need a precise idea of what you want to achieve. You need details, targets, facts, a time frame, and precision. During your studies, you will always remain unproductive and unsuccessful if you don't set yourself any goals. You can only achieve outstanding outcomes if you define clear measures for yourself and your studies. Only when you know where you want to go can you take the right steps and determine the exact path to your goal. There is no other way.

An interesting study on this: Only about three percent of all people have clear, written goals. But these three percents do five to ten times more than everyone else combined. And that's only because they set their goals and wrote them down! Only clear goals help you to achieve outstanding outcomes – and not only in your studies. So be clear about what you want to achieve and set smart goals. You can no longer have a semester without clear, unambiguous, and written goals. Did you understand that?

This is how you solve this problem: Set at least five concrete goals for your current semester and write them down! The well-known SMART concept can help you formulate your goals correctly: Always define your goals specifically (concrete), measurable (controllable), appropriate (motivating), realistic (achievable), and time-limited (limited in time). Example: “I will study tomorrow afternoon from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. for subject XYZ.” Another example: “I will pass exam X with a grade of 2.0.”


Every student has problems. But instead of working on themselves, most of your fellow students repeat their mistakes semester after semester and become insanely unhappy as an outcome. Instead, be smarter and find the best essay writer service for you yourself.

I know it's not easy to admit your mistakes and learn from them. It takes courage and determination. But you will have no other option if you finally want to get the degree you have always wanted. The sooner you start, the faster you'll be able to put your problems behind you. The best day to start was yesterday – the second best is today.

If that's not a coincidence.

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