Why People Should Tryout Megaway Games

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Slots are an exciting pastime for many. The anticipation of the reels aligning in a way that represents a winning pay line is thrilling. As are the vibrant graphics and catchy tunes that are paired with the game.

So, if you love feeling like you're on the edge of your seat, slots are the game of choice for you.

One gaming provider in particular has caught the attention of gaming enthusiasts worldwide – Megaway Slots. For more about why people should try out Megaways slots, you can read this article for more about how Megaslots works, the type of slots on offer, ways to win, and some tips for playing and keeping safe online as you do.

How Megaway Slots Works

This game reportedly has 117,649 ways for people to win on each spin of the reels, with the pay lines alternating constantly throughout the game. This allows you a lot of opportunities to win money when you play.

Plus, it’s important to know there can be up to 20 reels in action as you play, and 12 outside reels.

Typically, players want to secure a minimum of 3 matching symbols during a spin. But they don't have to be on the same row, or exactly opposite one another.


Each Megaway slot game has several detailed symbols to keep an eye on. Each of the symbols holds a value, which is important to remember when playing. As the symbols that land, are the ones any prize money you receive will be based on.

Variations of slot symbols to hope for when playing, include scatter symbols. Scatter symbols allow users to unlock exciting features and bonuses.

On the other hand, wild symbols will help you to fill pay lines on the screen, which will help you get closer to winning a cash prize.

Other bonus features in the game include unlimited multipliers. Which are often activated during free spins. And of course, the free spins themselves provide players numerous free turns to boost their chances of winning the game.

According to fans of Megaway Slots, Megaway Slots are often top for paying out regular wins every month.

Megaway Slots Types

Megaway Slots Types

With gaming developers creating new ways for customers to play Megaway Slots, there's a list of variations to suit all interests. For instance, film fans will most enjoy House of Doom 2. Which reveals imagery and characters from the movie.

Other alternatives include Favorite Fishin', offering brilliant, vibrant imagery for players, with its array of symbols. Plus Bonanza Megaways, which players can join for as little as 20p per spin.

Why You Should Play

A new game, yet becoming incredibly popular, why you should play Megaway Slots is obvious:

  • You get a high Return to Player (RTP), usually 96% or more returns to the player.
  • Large variation of Megaway slots to choose from, keeping the fun of slots alive and thrilling.
  • There are multiple bonus options online from casinos with megaway slots that will offer you free spins or cash to play.
  • Multiple bonus symbols in Megaway Slots enhance players' gaming experience, and open up the possibility of winning the game.
  • Excellent graphics, give people a visual treat for those wanting a pleasant distraction.
  • Playing Megaway Slots is simple. There are rules to accompany each slot game, with clear instructions available on pay lines and so on.

Before you go and find a Megaway slot game to play, here are a few handy tips to take with you.

Check the validity of a slot provider, by researching whether they are licensed and regulated under your location's jurisdiction. This will ensure you choose a safe website, that instructs games that are fair to play and safe to use.

Additionally, check out the payment options for your slot game of choice. For example, online, it’s wise to look for familiar payment methods, before depositing cash, such as a Visa or PayPal.This will help you to avoid untrustworthy sites and keep your money secure.

Lastly, as mentioned above, look out for sign-up bonuses for new casino players. i-gaming sites are keen to entice new customers to play and stay. So if you’re not signed up anywhere, this is something to consider before you do.





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