Why Is It Important to Get Bluetooth Certification?

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The Bluetooth short-range radio reference offers users the convenience of a wireless connection.

Bluetooth technology is the benchmark for many large telecommunications, IT, and network technology companies. It makes it easy to discover devices and get SIG Bluetooth for them. There are three types of authorization documents for Bluetooth modules: a radio equipment certificate, an electromagnetic compatibility certificate, and a safety certificate.

Each product requesting the use of a Bluetooth connection must first complete the certification process. The company will then have the legal right to use the Bluetooth innovation with a global integrity certificate for the functionality of the Bluetooth device.

Why Is Bluetooth certification essential?

Why Is Bluetooth certification essential

Before authorizing a Bluetooth gadget, the manufacturer must pass the certification procedure. The Bluetooth Qualification Certification was designed to ensure device interoperability through a conformance testing process.

In addition, this is done to significantly reduce power consumption, which is an important requirement for peripherals and wearable devices used in a wide range of applications, including healthcare and automotive.

How to get Bluetooth certification?

Today, there are two methods for the Bluetooth SIG certification process. A manufacturer can follow both of them:

  1. A product from another manufacturer that has previously been approved can be used. If you don't want to change anything or add any new features, this is an excellent option. Finally, it is possible to combine quality items without making any design adjustments.
  2. There are official tests that Bluetooth Qualification Test Facilities such as 360compliance.co perform. The test findings must then be accepted and approved by licensed professionals. You cannot distribute your goods using the Bluetooth trademark until all of this is finished.

What are the categories of Bluetooth products?

Three features of the product that Bluetooth has identified are underlined. A Bluetooth device must typically be certified as the final product to be readily accessible for purchase throughout the market.

  • Component: A design that, at the very least, complies with all of the Core Specs and protocols, specifications of the Profile, and Services needs for one or more of those layers.
  • Subsystem: A superb controller, profile, or host is a design.
  • End product: Another design that hosts all major configurations and services, as well as any additional protocols or profiles outside of the Bluetooth core specifications, and supports the whole set of core architecture, at the very least, with all matching controllers.

Bluetooth Attestation Services

Bluetooth Attestation Services

The 360compliance company may provide a turn-key solution for you if you want expert support with such testing & certification. In addition, you will receive project management assistance and recommendations that will cut costs and hasten the release of your product. There is a list of services that are performed for testing and certification of Bluetooth. They are as follows:

  • Certification of Bluetooth modules;
  • Testing Bluetooth modules;
  • Checking the interoperability of profiles;
  • Verification of conformity of protocols and profiles;
  • Radiofrequency compliance check;
  • Checking for compliance with regulatory requirements and approval of a type sample.

The 360compliance test facility is accredited by the Bluetooth SIG and uses only approved equipment. Bluetooth technology is the benchmark for many large telecommunications, IT, and network technology companies. You can trust 360compliance to perform tests, including the BITE system, in accordance with the requirements of the SIG. 360compliance is also authorized to test Bluetooth modules for CTIA interoperability and carrier-specific requirements.

Use 360compliance's Bluetooth testing and certification services to make it easier for you to get your products to the market. Laboratory facilities may vary by service region. You can always check the list of studies that can be carried out for you by specialists.

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