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Who has the highest IQ? It is rather difficult to answer this question now. It is due not only to the fact that there are many different texts but also that it seems impossible to calculate the IQ of people who did not pass it or lived before it appeared. Nevertheless, there are several examples of how this was done.


A Few Words About The IQ Test

IQ Test

Many people today are wondering who has the highest IQ in the world? Before answering this question, you need to understand what IQ is, when they began to use it and how correct it gives answers.

So, IQ is an abbreviation that stands for intelligence quotient. For the first time, the German scientist William Stern 1912  introduced this concept. He noticed that some people have profound mental disabilities.

Over time, many scientists began to work on this issue; they developed several types of tests. Each of which shows a different result.

Gradually, interest in the IQ test begins to multiply. Today, many people on earth at least once in their lives tried to pass it to understand their result. Depending on the test, a result above 130 is an excellent indicator, and everything above indicates that you are the owner of thehighest IQ; you are a genius of your time.

So, for example, Christopher Hirata has an IQ of 225 and is a genuine Prodigy. At the age of 13, he won the International Physics Olympiad, and at the age of 18, he received a diploma from California Technical University. He now works as a professor at the university and actively collaborates with NASA in space exploration.

If you are not satisfied with your result, you can improve it by practicing a little with the memory app.

How Do You Know The IQ Of Scientists Who Lived Before The Test?

Who has the highest IQ ever? The history of humankind knows many people with outstanding mental abilities, such as:

  • Johann Goethe,
  • Leonardo da Vinci,
  • Hugo Grotius,
  • Hypatia, and many others.

Various scientists who work in this industry are trying to find a way to find out who has the highest IQ ever? Dr. Cox has developed a methodology that helps calculate the IQ of humans who lived between 1450 and 1850, considering their achievement by a certain age. This approach cannot be regarded as accurate, but it gives a rough idea of ​​who has the highest IQ.

Can You Make A Child Prodigy Out Of Your Child?

Child Prodigy

Who has the highest IQ in the world? Many parents wonder whether a child prodigy can only be born or some techniques will allow you to raise a child with unusual abilities.

William James Sidis is a prime example. His father was a psychiatrist who developed a unique training program for his son. As a result, he began to speak his first words at four months, read at two years, and by four, he had already written several of his books. He passed the entrance exams to Harvard at nine but was rejected due to “emotional immaturity.” Subsequently, he entered here after two years.

According to different test results, the boy’s IQ at different ages ranged from 200 to 300, which is one of the highest IQs in the entire history of humankind.

But this is where the prodigy’s outstanding deeds ended. Reporters began to chase him everywhere. As a result, he hid from people, lived under different names in different cities, and worked as an accountant. William Sidis died at the age of 46, alone, due to a cerebral hemorrhage.


Who has the highest IQ? Unfortunately, it is difficult to answer this question because the test appeared relatively recently, and different methods show different results. Nevertheless, we can say with moderation that a person with good memory and aptitude for science can also boast of a good result.

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