What You Need To Grow a Beautiful Pixie Cut?

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Growing your hair from the start can be challenging, and growing the pixie cut is no exception. If you just shaved your long hair, you will need to start getting used to the short hair for months because the pixie won’t grow overnight. However, you should enjoy every stage of your hair growth by learning how to style it in different ways.

Don’t just sit and wait for your hair to grow. You can fasten the growth process by doing trims and using oils for your scalp and soon it will be ready to style a pixie cut. Although you will be curious to try out styles, be careful with some that could cut your hair or lag the hair growth.

1. How Did Long Will It Take?

Most people are not patient enough to see how long their hair will take to grow. To be precise, there is no definite time for your hair to grow to the full length of a pixie. It depends on your genes and how fast your hair grows. It will also depend on the type of products you use and how well you maintain them.

The standard time to grow a pixie cut is six weeks. You first need to make sure it is in its healthiest state. You can use hair products for this and eat foods that are good for hair growth—research on these foods and research how to make hair growth masks at home. According to LoveHairStyles, you can also buy it in hair stores.

How Did Long Will It Take

2. How To Style The Hair In The Growth-Out Phase

The grow-out phase is not very easy, and you need to be patient with your hair. If not, you might find yourself thinking of another cut, and you will never get the volume and length you desire. You should also be creative enough to try more styles.

a. Use Accessories

Since the hair is too small to be styled on its own, you can use accessories like bobby pins and barrettes. These will help to hold it to place. Be more creative with the headbands and the ‘90s styles to make your style pop. You can also use hair clips to keep it together and wear wigs on bad hair days.

b. Do A Middle Part

A middle part will make your style pop if you have decided to keep your hair short. Also, try the side part on the right or the left side. This will help you move smoothly past the frustrating grow-out phase. Hair gel and creams will help to hold the hair together. The parting is also very clean and visible on short hair than long hair and you can include designs as well to your hair.

3. Do The Trims

You might not want to trim the hair because you are trying to get some length for your hair, but they are essential. Trimming the hair removes the split ends, and this helps it grow faster. Trim the hair after two or three weeks. They also help you get a proper hair shape, which you will be thankful for in the end. Chop some layers around the perimeter of the face.

Do The Trims

4. Use Hair Growth Products

Instead of waiting for six or seven months for your hair to get the desired length and volume so that you can style a pixie cut, you can use some hair growth products. Check out for some that will work out well.

a. Coconut oil – coconut oil is good for skin hydration and hair growth, and it also enhances natural scalp oil production.

b. Supplements – there are many types of supplements, and most are for boosting body immunity. Get Nutrafol and viviscal supplements to speed up hair growth. These are clinically proven, so they rarely cause bodily harm.

c. Scalp massage – have you seen how most hair products require you to massage the oil after applying? It is because massage exfoliates your scalp and stimulates it for better hair growth.

d. Deep conditioning – give your hair deep conditioning treatment at least once a week. This strengthens your locks, and they will grow faster and stronger. If you decide to rock short hair, you want it to be as healthy and shiny as possible for that added glamour.

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