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It’s the festive season, which for some people, means spending time binge-watching some shows on Netflix. Here’s a list of the top 15 shows we think you will like.

Streaming is a term that refers to a technology that is often used to deliver content to computers, mobile and hand held devices via the World Wide Web or the internet. This form of innovation involves transmission of data consisting of video and audio allowing the intended audience to watch and listen, making it one of the most popular means of entertainment.

As opposed to traditional progressive downloads where the recipient has to download the entire content before accessing it, streaming on the other hand allows the recipient to start using and accessing the content even before the entire file is downloaded.

Amongst popular entertainment service providers, Netflix leads in provision of streaming entertainment content to its audience or users, and has thousands if not hundreds of movies and shows available to stream. Having that in mind, and with the holidays looming, it would be interesting to have a look at what you can stream for yourself, your family, your friend and even for the kids during this weekend.

  • The Irishman

This is a great movie for those with a passion for rather slow burning crime drama. Although the running time is a bit lengthy, the audience will be glued to their devices watching the amazing performance by Al Pacino and his counterpart Robert De Niro.

The film originally is from Martin Scorsese, in which Frank Sheeran takes the audience back in time as he reveals secrets that he kept as a faithful member of the Bufalino crime family. The parental guidance is sixteen years and the films runs for three hours and twenty nine minutes.

  • The Dream Killer

This show is more of a documentary and even though it is a little bit old having been released in 2015, viewers will feel its perfect timing especially for those who are keen following the criminal justice reform going on globally.

The documentary is rather heartbreaking as Bill comes face to face to America’s fragmented judicial structure after his son is falsely accused and sent to prison for forty years. Parental guidance is sixteen years and the run time is one hour and forty nine minutes.

  • Marriage Story

To those who feel or may have felt like it’s the end after a break up, then this particular film is meant for such an audience. A film by Noah Baumbach in which Adam driver and Scarlett Johansson play a couple in the middle of a marriage that is just about to end, this film is arguably heartbreaking and compassionate to say the least.

Hard decisions have to be made between the challenges they are facing and a family that has to stay together. No wonder many film enthusiasts and critics are saying that it is one of the best films of the year.

  • Black Mitzvah

For standup comedy lovers, Tiffany Haddish gives a rare treat on her birthday for her followers as she turns fourty. The show also features singing, dancing as she takes her fans through her long path to womanhood. If you are a fan of Tiffany Haddish, then chances are that you will be in for a lot of endless laughter.

  • A Christmas Prince

With Christmas around the corner this is a perfect drama, in which the ultimate gift to Aldovia a royal baby is born but Queen Amber has to save her family by removing the wrapping on some monarchy mystery.

Now that you have a clue of what to look out for during the weekend without being overwhelmed on Netflix, here is a list of similar current shows.

  • Boss Baby

This is a pure work of art as the Boss baby brings along his big brother Tim to the office apparently to teach him a few things regarding the art of business. Rated at seven years on the parental guidance, this wonderful animation will surely entertain the little ones at home.

  • The Big Bang Theory

If probably you have had a tough day at work, then probably this comedy series will give a good dose of laughter. Centered on four college students and their social circle of friends, this comedy is both entertaining, informative and funny.

  • V Wars

Horror addicts will find V wars a great piece of choice. In this series, a fast malady that turns its victims into blood sucking demons will invoke a conflict between two best friends in a fiery fight for humanity’s future sake.

  • Jane The Virgin

You read that right. After vowing to abstain from extramarital affairs and sexual intercourse, Jane is shocked after learning she is pregnant due to a medical blunder. She has then to carefully plan for her future.

  • Lucifer

This is also another interesting series where the ‘Devil’ relocates to Los Angeles and opens not only a night club but also builds a rapport with a homicide detective.

  • Money Heist

Eight rogue thieves plan to rob the royal mint of Spain, one of the most secure buildings in Spain. They actually succeed and take several hostages, as the mastermind is out there manipulating the police and government forces into carrying out the rest of his plan.

  • Raising Dion

This masterpiece of a series by Carol Barbee is based on a window who is curious to solve the riddle surrounding her son’s apparent super powers. She then has to do this cautiously as the son is young.

  • Elite

This interesting series revolves around three ‘normal’ working class teens who join an exclusive private school somewhere in Spain. As expected, this leads to a confrontation between them and the wealthy students which leads to murder.

  • Atypical

This is a series based on teenage boy suffering from autism. It gets rather interesting when he decides its time he got a girlfriend. How will his family react, since the teenager is advocating for more independence? Watch atypical to discover just how this drama unfolds and sets the family in the path of self-discovery.

  • Suits

How on earth does a college drop out without legal documents land an associate job?

This high octane drama will keep you on the edge of your seats, as the college dropout makes an impact with his absolutely sharp mind and catches the eye of a certain big lawyer.

Being the most popular streaming site, Netflix has hundreds of movies, series, and shows for you to watch. Most people find it overwhelming to choose what they should watch. We trust that the above list will help out.


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