What to Expect When Recruiting Software Developers from Ukraine? 

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Today, more and more business owners and entrepreneurs are finding Ukraine as the most attractive to outsource their IT services. It comes as one of the best cost-effective and highly efficient software development destinations.

About a decade ago, companies outsourced mostly to lower their budget and reduce their operating costs, nowadays they hire them because of lacking internal tech talents and resources.

When you decide to hire a team of IT professionals from Ukraine, you get to choose from thousands of IT specialists, developers, testers, and cybersecurity professionals.

What benefits will bring hiring Ukrainian programmers?


Ukraine has been recognized as second Silicon Valley and these key benefits explain what to expect when you hire a team of Software developers to help you achieve your business goals:

  • Solid Educational Background

More than 35,000 students who graduated in IT join the market every year. With a strong educational background, many of them are able to compete internationally providing high expertise in IT and proficiency in many languages.

  • High Level of Involvement

Ukrainian programmers might be smart, but what stands them from other colleagues in other countries is the level of involvement they put in a project. Their love for programming is what makes them motivated, dedicated, and involved.

When you decide to work with Ukrainian software developers, expect them to disagree with your opinions and ideas and provide you with a better solution, that will ultimately result in a quality product done with less effort and save you a lot of time.

  • Effective and Easy Communication

Language barriers aren’t really a problem, since many software engineers in this country speak English at an intermediate or higher level.

In fact, English proficiency is a key requirement for a Ukrainian IT professional to have a job in an outsourcing company. Either in school or a company, every worker should speak English clearly, read and write documentation.

For easy and effective communication you should set clear guidelines from the first day you start working together, so you won’t meet any issues. Don’t be fooled by their distant and formal attitude, since that is how they show respect.

  • Cultural compatibility

No matter what country you are outsourcing your IT services to, you should always consider cultural differences. Fortunately, Ukrainians have the Western mentality that allows high compatibility when working with European, American, and Australian businesses.

  • Lower Costs and Better Quality

Ukraine is one big talent pool of high-quality and experienced professionals when it comes to IT services. Most importantly the rates for their quality services are lower compared to other European countries and the United States.

That is a good reason why many businesses are being attracted to Ukraine BPO services. High quality and lower costs come rarely in a package, and these experienced programmers seem to offer it well.

We must not forget the fact that Ukraine in the last few years has been recognized by many IT companies, particularly in the field of software outsourcing, and received the highest rankings by many associations and organizations internationally.

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