What Movie is This From: Find Movies by Screenshots

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Search engines are evolving to include artificial intelligence in web crawlers. You can search almost anything on the web today. Here is how to find movies through screenshots on the internet.

You can find movie screenshots on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The movie screenshots are a recipe for creating the perfect trending memes. Trending movie screenshot memes can cause you to want to watch the entire movie for context. However, getting a movie title from a screenshot is challenging because it is hard to understand where to begin your search. This post aims to solve the problem of finding movies through a screenshot. Below is how to find movies through screenshots.

How does the movie screenshot recognition work

movie screenshot recognition

We can all agree that applications such as Shazam have made life easier for music fanatics and movie lovers. You can find the song title and artist in a soundtrack by tapping the Shazam button. However, movie lovers also have a similar desire when trying to find the title of a movie from a single screenshot.

Artificial intelligence makes it possible for applications like Shazam to function seamlessly. Shazam incorporates keyword searches in its algorithm to identify titles of songs and the name of the artist. Searching for movie titles using a screenshot incorporates a similar technology to identify the character on the screenshot and the movie title.

The process of finding a movie from a screenshot is simple. The process begins with you taking or downloading a screenshot before uploading it to an online AI search engine. The AI image search engine searches the web for the movie title using specific markers like keywords. The movie search results from the AI image search engine will reveal the title and other relevant movie information. Below is a list of the online resources you can use to identify a movie from a screenshot.

1. Filmfind


Filmfind is an online website where you can find the title of a movie based on a specific scene. The Film Find website is a Quora of movie fanatics rather than an AI-powered generator. You can sign up to the Filmfind community and upload a screenshot of the movie you want to find. Other cinephiles on the Filmfind website will help narrow down the movie search. The Filmfind community has cinephiles with experience, and members earn a hierarchy badge based on the number of movies they help identify on the platform. You can signup and login to your Filmfind account in less than five minutes, and you can be on your way to finding that movie on your screenshot.

2. Google Image Search

Google image search is one of the most underrated AI search engines. You can use the Google image search platform to identify the movie based on a screenshot or a video recording. You can follow the method below to use the Google image search tool on your computer or phone.

Step 1: Launch your preferred browser on your computer, but try to use the Chrome browser for the best search results.

Step 2: Log in to your Google account using your username and password before proceeding to the next step.

Log in to your Google account using your username and password

Step 3: Open a new tab on your web browser before clicking on the Google Images section. You should ensure your default search engine is Google to locate the Google Image section.

Step 4: Click on the Search by image section option, located between the Microphone and Magnifying glass icons.

Camera icon

Step 5: Click on the upload a file section to select the movie screenshot from your gallery.

upload a file option or the Paste image link

Step 6: You can also copy/paste a link on the movie screenshot in the link image search box.

Step 7: Click on the Search section and let the Google image search tool work like magic.

3. Bing Image Search

Bing image search API is an AI-based search engine and works similarly to the Google image search tool. You can upload a screenshot of the movie on its platform, and the Bing image search API will find the title and other relevant information about the movie screenshot. You can follow the steps below to use the Bing image search API.

Step 1: Launch your preferred browser on your phone or computer before opening a new tab.

Step 2: Type Bing in the URL search before clicking on the official Bing search engine page.

Bing search engine page

Step 3: Locate the Bing Images section at the top before clicking on it.

Images section

Step 4: Click on the Search using an image icon between the Microphone and Magnifying glass icons.

Step 5: Click on the browse section to upload a movie screenshot from your gallery.

browse section

Step 6: Click on the Paste image or URL section to paste the movie screenshot link.

Step 7: Click on the Tae photo section to take a live photo of the movie playing.

4. IMDB Search Engine

IMDB Search Engine

The IMDB website is an endless archive of movies, and there is a high chance that the movie you are trying to find is from the IMDB database. However, using the IMDB search database is refined if you remember other details about the film. The IMDB search database uses identification parameters such as title, genre, plot, keywords, title group, location, and language to find your movie.

5. Flim.ai

Flim ai 

Flim.ai is an online resource for locating a movie based on a screenshot. The AI-based platform has three membership plans. You can sign up for the Flim.ai platform using a free plan, an individual plan(12.50€ excl. taxes/month), or a company plan. You can use the Flim.ai platform to do an image search on other images like music screenshots and short videos.


You can use the above online resources to locate a movie based on a screenshot in your gallery. The movie Quora (forum) option requires patience because it depends on the feedback from other movie fanatics to identify your movie title based on the screenshot. Your movie identification post can sometimes go months without a response.

Google and Bing image searches require you to do your homework and search through the search results before locating the movie title on your screenshot. The image search option is an underrated method but often yields results when you know how to use it.

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