What Makes Bingo So Popular in the US

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Bingo was first made popular in the US in the 1920s after, toy salesman, Edwin Lowe came across the game in Georgia. Today, there are thought to be over 60 million bingo players in the US and that figure looks set to grow as the game’s popularity does so too. But why exactly is it so popular? We delve a little deeper into the topic.


Online expansions

Years ago, bingo was played in halls up and down the country and while that does still happen every week, there are also new online and virtual games that are replicating the brick-and-mortar bingo experience and tapping into a bigger audience.

For example, forms of online bingo at Paddy Power use the popular aspects of the universal game and its simple rules but enhance it to bring a more convenient and modern experience to people.

Now, bingo fans can download apps or play games as they use public transport on the way home from work, or they can easily enjoy one of the world’s best-loved games without leaving the comfort of their sofa.

Online bingo developers have also further enhanced the experience with additional games and features and realistic game-play that includes chat functions and communities. Latest figures have even revealed that online bingo games in the US are growing in popularity and are now one of the most popular pastime activities.

A sense of community

As mentioned above, online bingo has brought with it online communities but there are also in-person communities and bingo get-togethers that we have to thank for the rise in the game's popularity. 24/7 Press Release revealed that bingo can help individuals with their social skills and encourage social participation.

That’s before we even mention the emergence of bingo nights in bars, restaurants, and clubs all over the United States. Local bingo hubs and events have become a place for communities to get together, and socialize with similar people.

A sense of community

It’s relaxing 

While endlessly scanning your sheet for the matching numbers might not sound that calming, Cultural Daily says bingo is relaxing. In fact, the friendly nature of bingo, easy-to-understand rules, and the variety of gaming platforms makes it a popular choice for those who don’t want intense competition. Online alternatives to bingo also require less attention and focus, as automatic wins are calculated and individuals don’t need to manually strike their matching numbers off.

As a game, bingo rarely requires critical thinking and it doesn’t create a tense environment. With this in mind, it's hardly surprising that the jackpot often isn't cited as the main reason why someone chooses to play bingo. Instead, one study found that enjoyment was the most common reason that individuals play the game.

Today, Americans spend over $90 million on bingo every week and that’s not expected to slow down. Plus, as demand increases and gaming developers look to tap into even more markets, we could see a few newer models of one of the world’s best-loved games very soon.

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