What is Hxro Network (HXRO)? What is the HXRO Token?

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Hxro Network Solana is risk-based built from a blockchain, a decentralized liquidity network for some of its applications. It is a series of native protocols through which, Hxro Networks and parimutuel are quite strong in the options markets.

It is a functional decentralized exchange for which the framework and infrastructure are provided. The network value is derived from the transaction fees generated by a massive network. The network is designed with the following elements originally designed for the Hxro network or rather it can be built with tangent Solana projects:


HXRO Tokens – stakes with network governance may be vested for holders of HXRO tokens. The following utilities are connected within the network with HXRO:

  • Staking Rewards
  • Governance
  • Builder Rewards
  • low payment fee

SAMM Protocol – This is a “smart” automated market maker designed exclusively for the HXRO network, providing on-chain liquidity to the market with a simple dual result.

THEO Protocol – something native associated with the HXRO network – helps provide liquidity to an exclusively on-chain decentralized market for exotic and vanilla options with a self-sustaining, risk-managed automated market maker on it.

The Hxro network project will help prepare as well as integrate other requirements such as spot, perpetual market, order book and other critical to network functionality. And if you are interested in trading HXRO Tokens and Bitcoins there are different exchange available Like this trading App.

Network Liquidity Protocols

Network Liquidity Protocols

These options are significantly more dynamic than the futures markets, as well as being more complex, exhibiting the characteristics of non-linear risk. Countless listed option contracts have been received by the underlying asset:

Many expiration dates can easily run several weeks, months and even years into its future, with strike prices placed over a wide range. The Smart Automated Market Maker (THEO) provides grade liquidity through legacy exchanges with a network of overseas on-chain options markets and standardized vanilla.

  • THEO Automated Market Maker (AMM)

Theo AMM is specially designed to be optimized so that you can access the capital in the liquidity pool, by using quote sizes and dynamic pricing to balance the risk capital in it. With the protocol acting as the primary liquidity provider, Theo is a listed option with the AMM network that allows automated price quotes to flow into the order book of the markets.

  • Using Smart Automated Market Maker (SAMM) provides on-chain liquidity to simple binary outcomes. Using SAMMs with independent probability nodes allows the system to bootstrap fluidly efficiently. It has been seen to have the potential to completely solve all of the liquidity stability problems faced by Parimutuel while being efficient enough to keep fees for all of Parimutuel's associated participants low. The regime will be needed to keep the state of equilibrium with the system and for parameter calibration.
  • LP pool sizing

SAMMs are more likely to seed the pool with an appropriate size, thereby reducing all those risks of the LP pool going bankrupt after having a fairly long series of false directional predictions.  This can be mitigated by SAMM by staking the parties to either event; Doing so can expose them to all individual results as well as the expected price difference and all the risk of drawdowns.

The Bottom line

HXRO network aims to integrate social gaming with digital trading skills and to further create a permissionless infrastructure to trade and earn, it is a market-based protocol that also combines the traits of traditional and digital markets with its smart automated market maker protocols like SAMM and THEO.

It also solves the problem of the absence of on-chain order books and the incapacity of dynamic management of pricing and liquidity rate inside the market.

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