What are Altcoins and How Many Types Are There?

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Altcoins is a popular term used to describe bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Its name only takes its name from the fact that it has become a distinct alternative to bitcoin and traditional fiat. The first altcoin was launched in 2011, the number of which is in the thousands, you will easily find thousands of them in the market by now.

Energy efficiency and transaction speed are some aspects of bitcoin, which some of the early altcoins aimed to improve upon. Developers have certain goals based on which different purposes are served with altcoins. Altcoins have become a big part of the market, which is why every investor needs to understand how they work.

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What is an Altcoin?

Altcoins have become an alternative digital currency to other cryptocurrencies. Altcoin is coined with two words “alternative” and “coin”, which is a portmanteau. It referred to the cryptocurrency group, eventually including cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin.

Types of Altcoins 

Types of Altcoins 

Did you know that there are different types of altcoins, which include mining-based coins, stake-based coins, stablecoins, and governance tokens, etc? The type of Altcoin depends only on how it performs its function and what is its main purpose.

You will find several major types of cryptocurrencies that you will find when you start your research on altcoins.

  • Staking-based 

Transactions made by cryptocurrencies are verified, using a process called staking to add more coins to the supply. Staking-Based All holders who are involved with crypto stake their coins, which means they are no longer using or pledging their coins for transaction processing.

With cryptocurrency blockchain protocols, transactions are verified with blocks with which a participant is selected and in return, all participants receive crypto in rewards.

An early altcoin, the concept of staking, was introduced by a man named Peercoin. Peercoin is not a household name, but it has become quite popular to place bets on it, as it is most energy-efficient compared to mining.

  • Mining-Based 

Mining is a process called mining that is used to add more coins to the supply with cryptocurrency and verify transactions. There are some tools used to solve mathematical equations with miners.

To solve the equation, transactions with the miner are verified with the block, and with that, the miners who are verified with the block receive crypto rewards. One disadvantage of mining can be that you will need energy for it.

What are the features of an Altcoin?

Features of an Altcoin

Now, how has Altcoin been introduced in this Crypto market? These Altcoins are seen to gain momentum from the year 2015 and are mostly due to the launch of Ethereum, which is again a dominating blockchain network of the crypto world.

Here we will be listing the features of the Altcoin which is given as Pros:


  • They are the upgraded version of Bitcoin, with more efficient working and better blockchain protocols and enhanced software scalability.
  • The altcoin has the potential to emerge as one of the most popular versions of Bitcoin in upcoming years.
  • It creates a liquidity rate in the crypto world, which means you have lots of popular choices of cryptocurrencies that are convertible assets in nature.
  • They can provide services, securities, and market volatility through premium uses of such Altcoins.
  • It is an inexpensive form of investment as compared to bitcoin.

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