15 Best Website Unblockers to Browse Anonymously

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Are you looking for website unblockers that you can use to unblock websites and access the content you want to access online? Then you are on the right page, as the article below provides recommendations on some of the top website unblockers in the market.

Internet users must deal with a reality that hinders unrestricted access to all online content. The restrictions on websites and internet domains are a sad reality. You may have once come upon a blocked website that you were unable to access. The good news is that such websites can be unblocked using a convenient application. According to available data, more than 76% of internet users live in nations that limit or block access to the internet in some way. This isn't even a problem. You must have come across a website blocking case if you don't live in a nation where there is internet control. It could come from the government, the workplace, or a school.

The purpose of this article is to guide you through the top website unblockers you can use to get beyond any ostensible internet or website restrictions. More significantly, understanding the reason for the limitation gives you an advantage when trying to unblock websites. In any case, the best method for getting around any website limitation is to utilize a VPN or a proxy. Fortunately, even though many of them require a fee, quite a few of them offer a free version and complimentary services.

1. NordVPN – Overall Best Web Unblocker

NordVPN Overview

The greatest VPN service is offered by NordVPN. It is by far the best firm at unblocking websites when IP-based restrictions apply. It works quite well with most popular operating systems both on desktop and mobile. As a VPN, it swaps out your true IP address for one that bypasses the reasons behind website restrictions or blockages.

With NordVPN, you may access up to 5200 VPN servers in 58 different nations. You can download the app to your phone and share it with other devices, including those used by your children. Fortunately, NordVPN offers a 30-day free trial.

2. ExpressVPN – Best Nord VPN Alternative

ExpressVPN Overview

Express VPN is one of the greatest options to think about if you want to unblock particular websites or hide your IP. It comes in second place behind Nord VPN. As a result, it is the ideal substitute for Nord VPN. This VPN can unblock websites, including those for streaming and playing games, and it has a very fast connection rate.

There are servers for Express VPN in 94 different nations. On a computer, tablet, or phone, the VPN can be used. The finest website unblockers list puts this VPN's service at the top. You can get assistance from a live chat agent at any time of the day. There is a 30-day money plan in place to reduce risk.

3. Bright VPN – Best Unblocker for Windows

Bright VPN Overview

Bright VPN has provided a free VPN service to unblock websites. Despite offering a paid service. If your device runs window systems, it is the best you can use. It asserts that reputable businesses have paid for the services. However, you must agree to provide your device as a proxy endpoint for their paid users. This is like you joining their P2P network in exchange for free usage of their VPN.

The well-known proxy provider Bright Data, which has by far one of the biggest proxy pools on the market, is the owner of this VPN. This free VPN has more than 1500 servers and can be used in 120 different countries to unblock various websites. It also encrypts your internet traffic in addition to unblocking websites by switching your IP address.

4. Hola VPN – Best Free VPN for Unblocking Websites

Hola VPN Overview

For those who want to unblock websites without spending a dollar, Hola VPN is a well-known VPN. It's good to know that a free VPN can provide services of a level comparable to those provided by many premium VPN providers. This and other factors form the foundation of our judgment that it is the finest free VPN for unblocking websites.

More than 257 million users are actively using Hola as of the time of writing this article and can bypass geographic and IP-based restrictions. The VPN is appropriate for and functional on all kinds of devices. It has extensive coverage in many different nations throughout the world. Hola has demonstrated success in unblocking websites for games, social media, commerce, movies, travel, and music.

5. Ultra Surf – Best Browser Extension for Unblocking Websites

Ultra Surf Overview

Choose a browser extension if you want to utilize website unblockers but do not want to host an app on your PC or mobile device. The best browser addon available is called Ultra Surf. It is simple to find on Google Play and Apple Stores.

It implies that it is not just for Android users. Additionally, iOS users can use the extension to unblock and get around limitations on websites. Over 180 countries are served by this VPN's servers. Ultra Surf keeps track of the millions of users that use the extension each month to get around internet filtering. You will also benefit from complete traffic encryption.

6. Bright Data – Most Advanced Proxies for Unblocking Websites

Bright Data Homepage Overview

Bright Data is unquestionably the best business in the proxy sectors. It boasts the market's most cutting-edge network and infrastructure for proxy servers. This proxy firm contains a pool of over 72 million IP addresses that can be used to access restricted websites. Bright Data has outsmarted the majority of internet security and anonymity companies technologically.

Their network has IPs from over 195 countries. It has a range of proxies, including mobile, ISP, residential, and data centre proxies. Bright Data's proxies can be used to unblock websites for online shopping, social media and marketing, movies, and games. Currently, there are over 15,000 users from various nations throughout the globe.

7. Smartproxy – Fastest Residential Proxy for Unblocking Website

Smartproxy Overview

Smartproxy is known for offering the best residential proxies out of all proxy providers. It has a well-developed network that makes unblocking simpler than you might think. It has approximately 40 million IPs that were obtained ethically from actual devices.

IPs from over 195 nations are currently in their pool. If the website you want to unblock is censored so that only residents of a certain city or nation may access it, it has city targeting. It also features a browser extension that makes it simpler to access banned websites. You can thus unblock websites related to social media, sneakers, e-commerce, and travel.

8. Proxy-Seller – Best Private Proxy for Unblocking Websites

Proxy-Seller mobile proxy

One of the best ways to guarantee that you have a unique IP you can use to unblock any website you like is to utilize a private proxy. To purchase the best private proxy, go to ProxySeller. Over 800 subnets are present. This proxy network supports several sites.

As a result, you can unblock websites from any place in the world's most populated nations. The SOCK5 and HTTPS proxy protocols are used by the proxy server. This proxy unblocks websites at an outstanding rate. around 1 Gb/sec. There is a team of professionals on call to assist you should you encounter difficulties or technical issues. Flexible payment options are available.

9. The Social Proxy – Best Mobile Proxies for Difficult Websites

TheSocialProxy Overview

If you're looking for a mobile proxy to unblock websites, think about purchasing a social proxy. It provides the best mobile proxy solution to bypass censorship and strict protocol-enforcing websites. The proxies are 4G and 5G capable.

The US, UK, Israel, and Germany all have several locations. TheSocialProxy is best suited for social media marketing usage as its high cost makes no sense for someone that just needs to unblock a website. The proxies are quite undetectable and perfect for all kinds of social media automation.  For each subscription, this service assigns a dedicated modem to you through which your requests are routed through.

10. ProxySite – Best Website Proxy for Unblocking Websites

ProxySite Homepage

Here is the top website that can bypass limitations on other websites. You can enter the URL of the website you want to unblock on this page, which also acts as a browser. Its pool contains whitelisted IP addresses. Therefore, it switches your IP address for another that is likely unrestricted.

It gets through security and solves CAPTCHA. This proxy specializes in unblocking social media and video websites or channels. It also offers a SOCKS5 proxy for purchase. With this proxy, you can also access blocked gaming and betting websites. The locational coverage is extensive in addition to the super speed.

11. HideMyAss – Best ProxySite Alternative

HideMyAss Homepage

Use hide my ass if you require a website-based proxy to bypass complicated limitations but cannot afford a proxy site. As the name implies, it conceals your IP and erases any traces of you online. As a result, you can browse websites in complete privacy. This supplier has more than 1080 servers available for streaming websites that would otherwise be prohibited.

For unblocking, streaming, gaming, and social media, it provides unlimited data. This service is used at more than 210 places in more than 190 nations. This business claims a speed of 20 Gbps. All devices are compatible with this VPN. There is no log policy either. Additionally, it activates the kill switch and starts the HMA automatically.

12. Tor Browser – Best for Complete Anonymized Traffic

Tor Browser Overview

This online privacy provider has a track record of giving internet users anonymity. It offers browsers that can unblock websites that are restricted for visitors. Website surveillance is simple to get around. You can make browsing easier by downloading this browser.

Additionally, it prevents hacker and tracker attempts. Thus, it has the dual advantage of unblocking the website and safeguarding users from outside threats. When you use the Tor browser to browse the internet, you also have access to encrypted services. Since 2006, this nonprofit organization has employed thousands of volunteers. Despite having started its route in the mid-1990s.

13. BlockAway – Easy-to-Use Web Unblocker

BlockAway Overview

Users who want to unblock websites with stringent restrictions have found this web-based proxy server to be helpful. Free proxy service is available. The dashboard's and the web's ease of navigation are two important factors to take into account. As a result, it is simple to use.

Its proxy network is equipped with cutting-edge technology. Socks5 protocol is used by the proxies. It also offers a premium proxy Sock5 version. These proxies can be used to access blocked search engine rooms, social networking sites, and video and movie streaming services. As a result, you are no longer concerned about websites that block access from your country.

14. Unblock-Websites – Reliable Web Unblocker

Unblock-Websites Overview

Unblock-website is a proxy site that specifically unblocks video websites that are subject to tight website blockings. You can choose any IP address and enter any URL in the blank spaces provided. The free part of the proxy is interesting.

Users can consequently browse the internet anonymously without spending a thing. Another beneficial aspect of this proxy that makes it a dependable website unblocker is its speed. Gaming and video streaming remain difficult. Additionally, regardless of the reason for the limitation, it aids in unblocking and protecting accounts on social media networks.

15. IronSocket – Easy-to-Use Website Unblocker

IronSocket Overview

Lastly, using the simple-to-use website unblocker IronSocket, you may quickly and securely visit any website you want. Although it lacks several elements that are typical of other services, it does have some unique features. The fact that IronSocket provides a VPN for Smart TVs is one of its benefits. It is uncommon to find this feature in other providers.

Furthermore, it provides an anonymous VPN, which is unusual among other businesses. DNS leak protection and IP leak protection are also offered. The majority of competing services do not provide these functionalities. However, using IronSocket has significant drawbacks. Its lack of the quickest VPN speeds is one of its greatest drawbacks.


Q. What is The Basis of Restrictions on websites?

Internet usage and access to data hosted or published on websites are both subject to restrictions and censorship. The limitations frequently depend on the locale. This is related to the IP addresses that ISPs assign. Censorship may also be based on the websites that businesses forbid their customers from visiting, such as social networking or shopping portals. Therefore, it will be challenging for any connection routed via the company to open such websites.

In addition, it is permissible for governments and security organizations to bar their citizens from certain websites. This may be the result of entrenched interests in defending the socio-cultural values of such countries and preserving peace, security, and order.

Q. Are Website Unblockers Legal?

Generally speaking, using a website unblocker to reroute your connection is legal. Protecting your data, identity, and internet traffic is a common problem in every society. The use of website unblockers is therefore never prohibited. On the other hand, it is suggested that each user be aware of the local laws and regulations is true that what appears legal in one nation may be illegal in another. Therefore, this is governed by the data and internet rights set down in each nation's constitution.

Q. Are VPNs and Proxies the Same?

They are comparable in terms of their fundamental operations. Based on traits, however, they both have distinctive features. Proxy servers can reroute your connection, change your IP address, and let you select your location, but they cannot encrypt your internet traffic. More importantly, you don't need to install a proxy on your device. Contrarily, a VPN encrypts your traffic and necessitates that you download and install the program on your device. VPN substitutes your IPs and allows you a selection of locations, much like proxies do.


A major development in technology and cyber security is the availability of website unblockers. Due to this success, there are few restrictions on the data and content that can be found online. Notably, VPNs, Proxies, and website proxies are the finest tools for unblocking websites and getting over online censorship. So, take into account the unique characteristics of each VPN and proxy discussed above in making a choice for yourself.

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