The 10 Most Popular Ways to Earn Free Cryptocurrency

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We have analyzed a suitable guide for you to earn free crypto. To help you get started, below is a list of the top ten places to get FREE cryptocurrency.

The taste of free money does not look real. The question persists, can you make free cryptocurrency?

The answer is yes. My electronic wallets are bulging with cryptos I never bought. You will never become a crypto millionaire but believe me; you will find sufficient passive income. Enough to pay your rent. Probably your next trip to the Amazon.

Too much. However, the fact that you are reading this means you are looking for an extra way to make money. Passive income is not a bad idea. I will never agree that the avenues provided in this guide are get rich quick schemes.

The cryptocurrency industry calls for commitment, passion and a never-ending thirst for Blockchain knowledge. The industry is proliferating.

The pace is set for a new trend every other day. Therefore you have to keep up with the pace. All I want is that you can proudly earn. Our ultimate guide on how to earn FREE cryptocurrency is your first step.

List of places where you can earn free cryptocurrency right away:

1. Mining

Initially, during the first phases of the cryptocurrency bubble, People would mine cryptocurrency through their home personal computers. The gradual revolution of the industry, coupled with attracting a massive user base faced out PC mining.

The mining community is currently a very competitive industry to penetrate. However, it is the most popular way of earning free cryptocurrency.

We cannot entirely rely on the literal meaning of ‘free,' but in this case, free cryptocurrencies are the reward for mining. You will have to spend an initial capital to purchase a high-end computer, GPUs, and hardware.

The mining process is however gradual until you can break into the industry. When you realize mining solo is not profitable, you may also decide to join a mining pool. Sometimes the mining maybe too competitive and mining as a team is the only reliable alternative.

Blockchain projects are sprouting up that allow crypto enthusiasts to mine cryptocurrencies using their smartphones. A mobile application project called DroidMiner is enabling users to mine crypto from their smartphones.

2. Content Creating and Creative Curating

Creating digital media content is also another way to earn Free cryptocurrency. Although content creation requires investment regarding finance and time, the returns are pretty overwhelming.

Before the rise of Blockchain, Google Adsense program had dominated the blogging and vlogging industry.

However, it seems other kids are rising to the occasion. Steemit rewards content curators with Steemitcoins.When a blogger or vlogger creates content for fellow Steemit users, the Steemit blogging platform pays them in crypto.

You only have to sign up with Steemit, and the platform will grant you access to its decentralized YouTube version – Dtube and Twitter Version –  Both sites introduce you the opportunity to earn free Steemit coins.

3. Staking

The Blockchain framework, Proof of stake rewards its fun base with coins for supporting the system. Staking sounds like the simplest form of earning cryptocurrency.

Yeah, it is. All you have is invest a given amount of coins by purchasing them and storing them in the networks wallet. While creating a wallet, also note you should create a node. Afterward, all you need to do is transfer your invested currencies to the node.

The stake cryptocurrencies are used to verify transactions on the network. The reward usually depends on the number of blocks added to the blockchain and value of the stake. Lisk and Cardano are popular cryptocurrencies that investors stake.

4. Microtasks

Complete easy tasks and earn free cryptocurrency. The various forms of microtasks include editing, taking surveys, writing, transcription, watching videos, clicking advertisements, Carrying out online research for firms and commenting on forums.

Although this method only allows you to earn a meager amount of coins, the scheme is low risk and will easily enable you to get started with your wallet. It is also an easy way to familiarize yourself with cryptocurrency and the wallets. Legitimate microtask sites that will enable you to earn free coins include Earn and Bitverts.

5. Freelancing

Freelance sites are always on the lookout for skilled individuals. Freelancers and clients are brought together through freelancing marketplaces like freelancer or upworks.

The skills that are offered by most freelancers include coding, writing, marketing, graphics, and accounting. Have you heard of Freelance marketplaces paying their freelancers with cryptocurrency? Good examples include Coinlance, Xbtfreelance, Subreddit Jobs4Bitcoins or Ethance.

6. Crypto Forex

You could also buy crypto coins during their low market value and sell the coins at their high value.Although crypto trading is one of the most popular and profitable ways to earn cryptocurrency, remember you could also lose your investment.

Before you dig deep into the word of crypto trading make sure you learn the ins and outs of the process. Acquire expertise from experienced traders.

Pick up their ingenious strategies, prepare your heart that anything could happen. Heartbreaks are never nice for the least prepared.Finally sign up to sites like Bittrex, Binance or Coinbase.

7. Invest in ICOs

Cryptocurrency entrants into the market call for public interest through initial coin offerings. The initial coins offered have special features. For instance, they come with discounts and premium memberships for free coins.

The free coins are a way for the new startups to reward its user base for taking interest and deciding to risk. Invest effort in researching about ICOs, look at the white papers, monitor current ICOs and their countdown duration.

It is only thorough research and knowledge of ICO that will help you sieve through scams and legitimate ICOs.

8. Buying and Hoarding

Hoarding is another simple and effective method of earning free cryptocurrency coins. You buy a given amount of promising cryptocurrencies, hold them for a year or so and sell them when the market value is high.

Although the high volatility associated with cryptocurrency may scare you. Only invest in the most promising coins, and they will increase in price with time.

9. Faucet Mining

Faucet mining requires the least amount of time and effort for you to earn free cryptocurrency. The scheme only requires you to dedicate a few your online minutes completing boring tasks like solving capture-recaptures or clicking the claim button every hour.

Sites like free Dash and Free Bitcoin allow you to earn free coins through collecting faucets.

10. Cryptojacking

Cryptojacking allows website owners to inject a special javascript feature into their visitor's browsers.

When people visit their websites, the javascript feature activates during page load and uses the visitor's processing power to mine cryptocurrency.

The javascript only works when the visitor is still on the website.


The above list contains the most effective ways to earn free money through cryptocurrency.

Try them out. If possible do not try out one. Try all. Thank me later. When it is going well don't forget to drop us a DM and share a testimonial.

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