Ways of Livening Up a Sporting Event With Your Friends

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Sporting events with friends are always fun, but you can add extra excitement and tension to proceedings by opting to play sweepstakes online for money and engaging in other games, quizzes, and fantasy leagues.

Here are nine ways you can liven up your next social gathering.

Sporting Event

8 Best Ways to Liven Up Next Sporting Event with Your Friends


Sweepstakes on Sporting events

Sporting events matter more when there is something on the line. Sweepstakes add an extra edge to proceedings by giving you and your friends the chance to win a small amount of money by randomly selecting a team or horse that will win. You could do this ahead of a major tournament like the World Cup or a single race such as the Kentucky Derby. Sweepstakes add more tension and excitement to the event, as you will be actively invested in the outcome.

Start a Drinking Game

Drinking Game with sports


Drinking games work well with sports as the general rules and incidents will provide ample opportunity to down a bottle of beer or throw back a shot of spirit. For example, you could drink every time a player successfully kicks a one-point conversion in American football. You need to liven things up, but don’t go overboard. Try to select incidents that generally do occur during a game but are relatively infrequent. Yellow cards in soccer is another excellent example.

Half-Time Quiz

quiz based on a sport

Informal quizzes are a great way to pass the time during the regular breaks in the NFL or the 15-minute half-time break in basketball. You will need to do a bit of preparation for this if you want to create your quiz based on a sport or the teams that are playing. Another option is to partake in one of the many online quizzes available. All there is left to do is set an entry fee if you want a prize and to award the winner afterward.

Live Stream Your Reactions

fans reacting to sports events

Live streams of fans reacting to sports events have become more popular recently, especially in the UK, where broadcasters have ‘fan cams’ showing people in their own homes watching Premier League matches. You can create your spin on this by downloading a relevant app and live streaming your group of friends during a televised sporting event. Remember to share the stream with a wider circle of friends and followers on social media for even more community-based fun.

Host a Zoom Call

Zoom Watch during a game


You don’t need to be in the same room to enjoy a sports event with other people anymore. The power of tech and online video platforms bring the party to wherever you may be in the world. Hosting a Zoom Watch Party has become one of the ways that people have kept in touch and enjoyed social events since the onset of the pandemic. This also works well for any sort of sports match. You will be able to see others and talk with them during a game, making it more exciting and enjoyable for everyone.

Use Social Media to Communicate

Socail media on Sports event

If you want something a little more laid back, try conversing with friends and ‘real fans’ during games on Twitter. Many pundits, well-known personalities, and former sports stars are actively tweeting when a major sports event is taking place. You can get in on the conversation by composing your own 140 character response to an early goal in soccer or a late winning touchdown in American football. This form of interaction enhances the pleasure of watching live sports.

Themed Foods or Decorations

Themed Foods

International matches in a sport allow you to be a bit more creative with your social gatherings. You could prepare foods that represent one of the teams playing in a match, wear a replica shirt and decorate rooms accordingly to create more of an atmosphere. Broader themes for sporting events during Federal holidays can also add something extra to the social experience.

Fantasy Leagues

Fantasy Leagues

For sports enthusiasts, there is nothing better than participating in fantasy football and other forms of fantasy leagues that allow participants to put their knowledge and management skills to the test against other people. You could get your friends to sign up and play in a fantasy league online. Fantasy football will see you select a roster of players by participating in a draft and then scoring points based on the real-world performances of players.


Predict and win

If you want something more informal, making predictions for full-time results ahead of games using a simple pen and paper can add an extra spice to proceedings. When an event is over, you can tally up who got the most scores right and award a prize to the winner. You could also make predictions during commercial breaks and after each period or half if you need a shorter format just for a single game.

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