Ways Best Practices in ITIL Improve Help Desk Efficiency

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With so many ways that technology has improved many businesses, it is no wonder that ITIL, Information Technology Infrastructure Library, can do great things for you too.

If you employ IT, professionals, then using ITIL can improve your help desk efficiency in multiple ways. Here are the main ways that using ITIL can benefit your business in more ways than one.

Best Ways to Boost Help Desk Efficiency using ITIL

1. Improve Service

Improve Help Desk Service using ITIL


When it comes to providing a service for clients or customers, you want them to become repeat clients so you are able to have steady cash flow. This means that you will need to figure out the issue that the client is dealing with, then have a plan in motion for how to deal with it in a timely fashion. This is what ITIL can allow you to do within your whole IT system.

2. Increase Quality of Work and Client Satisfaction

Quality of Work and Client Satisfaction

ITIL is a structure that you can use to run your IT sector and offers a streamline, repeatable processes, and allows you to improve the quality of your work and your level of client satisfaction as well. People like brands that supply great products or services and have efficient customer service. If you use ITIL best practices, then you could boost your reputation too.

3. Improve Productivity

Employees Productivity

Employees don’t perform as well when they don’t know exactly where they fit in, and what they’re supposed to be doing. If they have a clear idea of what that is, then they will be better equipped to stay with you for the long haul. So, creating precise, ITIL processes will offer your employees a simple and easy solution that they can follow, thus becoming more productive.

4. Optimize Workflow

Optimize Workflow

Although you may have systems in place to make your workplace run smoothly, making sure that they align with ITIL best practices is still a good decision. You could be missing out on a boost in productivity because of a small issue that was overlooked. With ITIL, you can have better service orchestration and an even better workflow.

5. Scaling Up

Scaling Up Desk Service using ITIL


Getting newer people coming into the workplace can be a hassle when training is involved. There is also the added problem of newcomers asking veteran workers how to take care of certain tasks that they don’t remember how to do. Some of this is inevitable, not everyone can take it all at once, but with ITIL you will be able to add people to your business much faster and they will get instructions on how to handle all the basic tasks that their job requires.

6. Get More Insight

performance indicators using ITIL

Business is all about numbers, and if you don’t know how to manage people’s performance if you can’t measure it. This is where performance indicators come in handy. This will allow you to use the ITIL best practices to measure the current success of your entire team. Once you know how your performance is, you can find ways to improve it.

7. Decrease Training Time

Improved Training Time using ITIL


Training for a new job can take a lot out of someone, but if you have a streamlined process for showing them what they need to do, this will allow them to start off strong. Many employees can’t absorb all the information that you give them on day one, and they will have questions in the future if they don’t have good instruction.

With ITIL, this is fixed because their job functions are laid out in detail for them, along with how to do the task needed, so you can cut down on training time and have good employees right off the bat.

8. Better Understanding of Assets and Costs

Assets and Costs using ITIL

Having ITIL-compliant products allows you to get a better view and understanding of what you are spending your money on, and why. This is one of the key areas where adjustments may need to be made, so knowing where your money is going and what parts of your budget you can change, allows you to choose where you want to spend more and save more.

Budgets are often a mystery to some operations, and many don’t notice how much is going to non-essential things. So, taking a close look often will give you the insight you need to make changes and allocate money where you truly need it.

Wrap Up

The best practices in ITIL can improve your help desk efficiency in each of the eight ways mentioned above. With the use of these practices, you can help smooth out the kinks and bumps in your service line and streamline your process to make your business run more efficiently than ever before.

Although this system has been around for some time, it has adapted to modern technology and continues to be a useful way to improve your business.

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