10 Best websites to watch Telugu movies online for free and enjoy Tollywood!

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You’re looking to watch some great Telugu movies online for free? Do you want to take a look at the most popular Tollywood hits? Here is the list of the top 10 best websites to watch Telugu movies for free.

There is such a nice mosaic today of much different cinematography and, thanks to the internet, everything is right here. With a little search – you can find anything.

You have probably heard of Bollywood, India’s largest movie industry producing movies in such a rapid rate that legendary Hollywood can only envy. But… what about Telugu?

If you ended up on this article, you probably know or heard about Telugu – which is the 3rd most widely spoken language in India.

Telugu has a movie industry of its own, and many hits are made and released in the Telugu language every year. The name of this industry is a derivative of Hollywood and Bollywood, and they call it – Tollywood.

This article will help you find places in which you can watch Tollywood movies completely free and easy. Of course, some of these websites may not be legal to watch in your country so you should pay attention to.

Top 10 Telugu movie sites to watch Telugu free online movies

Here is the list of top websites to watch Telugu movies for free – so pay attention!

1. Einthusian


What a magical website this is! This is one of the best websites to watch Telugu movies. They are all hand-picked, with a lot of new hits finding its place in the catalog. You can see the servers are quality and the movie are rarely taken down.

The website is perfectly sorted. It looks nice and it is categorized in some awesome ways. You can filter the films by a cast (if you have a favorite actor), by release date, or even composer.

Besides Telugu, there are Punjabi and Bengali movies, but also Tamil and Marathi. All in all a great website and here is hoping that it will stay like that for years to come. You should use it as quick as you can and as much as you can, though!

2. AndhraWatch


Andhra Watch is a Telugu-based website that will not only offer you a chance to watch new and old movies for free but you can download Telugu music in mp3 format, watch some new trailers and read Telugu news in English.

This website doesn’t have its own player or server, but instead offers you Telugu movies uploaded on YouTube with perfect quality and mostly with English subtitles alongside it.

The movies are sorted nicely and you will immediately see the quality and if there are subs in the headlines. The website will then open an embed YouTube video which is a full-length movie and you may enjoy it like any streaming service.

3. Pycker


Another free movie streaming website with a big Tollywood section and a nice collection of movies for you to watch.

This is an Indian-based place where you will not only find Telugu, but also various Hindi movies and some Hollywood blockbusters too.

A good perk about Pycker is that you have movie reviews and comments alongside the movie you want to watch, so you may think again before playing it!

Pycker is much more than just a streaming website – it contains some gossip, news, trailers, songs and various other content coming from the world of Indian pop culture, so you may come for Telugu movies, but stay for many other things.

4.  MovieRulz


MovieRulz has a simple, minimalistic structure of a website but is not shy of Telugu content. You will find over 100 newest Telugu movies here and before you watch them, you will probably see that another couple is being uploaded.

This is a good website to watch movies, and you will be satisfied with the offer, but considering Telugu is not the primary niche, you might not be satisfied with the quantity. The quality is top, though.

5. TheCineBay


The Cinebay is a place you can sail into as a real pirate and stay for a while. It is completely Telugu-based so you will find various new hits and Tollywood movies that recently came out in amazing quality and ready to be watched.

The movies are sorted only by genre and year, so since the database is big and not really well-sorted you may have some trouble if you don’t know exactly what you are searching for.

On the other hand, if you are straight-forward, or not a picky type you will enjoy this website. The aesthetics are not the primary point but they are not really pleasing, and the content makes up for the most of it.

You will find some interesting new pictures from the sets, red carpets and promotions of Tollywood blockbusters. You can read news, reviews and watch trailers that are only Telugu-related here, which is great.

6.  MoviesVala


Movies Vala is another great Indian website that has a distinctive sort of Indian movies to show. Here you can also see some Hindi, Bengali or Punjabi movies, Bollywood hits, and Telugu movies too.

Telugu section of MoviesVala has millions of visits and movies and is regularly updated with fresh content, new movie releases, etc. The old links that are broken can be reported and are refreshed easily and nicely and you can always find great things here.

This website gives you an opportunity to download the movie too. So if you want, you may store it on your hard drive.

7. SmartTalkies


Smart Talkies is a website that switched its domain from .com to .in but it is still working (albeit a bit slower). You will have a test in patience to open this website sometimes but when you do, the movies buffer quickly.

It is a good alternative to the aforementioned websites, but you may have to call it into action sometimes especially if other links fail.

8. Youtube

You tube

Believe it or not, a lot of Telugu movies are free to watch and uploaded on YouTube too. If you know what you’re after, you may find full movies in great quality on YouTube and some even have subtitles of other countries (mainly English).

There are some hot YouTube Telugu movie channels you can subscribe to that regularly upload new movies in brilliant quality, such as Telugu Movies (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHI0PxjdAZfVIHr04z-S4nw)  that is slowly approaching one million subscribers. If you’re searching hard, you’ll probably find it here.

9. OnlineMovieWatch


Online Movie Watch has a respectable database of Telugu movies that came to fruition last year. Since the year 2018 many Tollywood movies that were made can be found on this site.

The amount of Telugu movies on this website is unusually high and the website (being India-based) has a whole section dedicated only to Telugu.

Other than that, you will here find some amazing new Hollywood blockbusters, popular Bollywood movies, etc.

10. 8xmovies


This website doesn’t offer as much as the previous mentioned, but you will find some of the greatest hits to see here. There is a category of Telugu movies that you can browse and the movies are of good quality.

If you don’t want to watch anything specific, you will find a lot of great, random Telugu movies here. They are usually the most popular ones from the previous 2 years.



That’s the list. Judging by the popularity of Telugu movies in recent years there is no doubt that in the future even more websites to watch Tollywood movies online will appear

Until then, you try and browse the websites from this list, or maybe you have some of your recommendation that you may comment on and leave feedback! We would like to hear if there are more!

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