10 Ways To Access YouTube Videos at School

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Are you currently grappling with a blocked YouTube video, and you are wondering how to access it? These top best methods enlighten you on how to effectively access a blocked YouTube video without any difficulty.

It is quite unfortunate that YouTube, which is one of the most famous learning tools, is often blocked by some colleges and schools these days. This may be because they perceive it can be a source of distraction to students and might make them lose focus on learning.

However, there’s still a way to watch blocked YouTube videos if your school has blocked YouTube. This is practically important as YouTube remains one of the world’s renowned learning platforms between both the old and the young and is entirely helpful despite its perceived disadvantages by some schools.

Even though it may be difficult to access a blocked YouTube video, it is practically not impossible as this article will guide you through the processes and methods.

Top Best Methods to Watch Any Blocked YouTube Videos

1. Use VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is recognized as one of the best methods to obtain access to a blocked YouTube video for copyright geo-blocked. VPN specifically uses its servers to hide the IP address of your device so as it can’t be detected. When this happens, you become anonymous since your signal appears to be from a different region and country.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) has several advantages outside being used to watch blocked YouTube videos in content blocked or copyright blocked countries. Let’s say you wish to deliver an online class outside of your current location, you can set your VPN to the particular region you wish to be in, and the location will appear as that region as if you were truly there.

There’re several good VPNs that you can use to watch blocked YouTube videos. We will examine some of the best below.

Some of the best VPN you can use are:


Without a doubt, this VPN stands as the best Virtual Private Network that you can use to unblock YouTube. ExpressVPN provides fast servers that enable you to stream up to four thousand YouTube videos without experiencing buffering.


Surfshark is one of those VPNs out there that are relatively cheap and easy to use. This VPN provides premium features that enable you to carry out your activities easily.

Surfshark VPN is practically perfect for students who desire to watch blocked YouTube videos or unblock YouTube on their college or school Wi-Fi.

Private Internet Access

This Virtual Private Network is unique not just for watching blocked YouTube content but also provides excellent privacy for your network. Private Internet Access is renowned for not keeping logs.


This VPN has one of the best applications.  VyprVPN has its applications available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The applications are unique, and their services can be used on several devices.

CyberGhost VPN

One interesting thing about this Virtual Private Network is that it provides a list of the best servers that you can use to stream videos. This makes it one of the easiest VPN applications that you can use to view YouTube videos.

A lot of more choice like NordVPN and other more! you can find out from this post.

2. Download the YouTube video


One of the easiest and effective methods of accessing blocked YouTube videos is downloading the video using another connection. You can do this at home before class.

This gives you time to have the video ready as you plan your lesson. One interesting thing is that you wouldn’t have to bother about network connection since you will practically have the video saved on your device.


There are various software options you can download, depending on the kind of device you use. For example, there is TubeMate for Android, Documents for iOS, and 4KDownload for PC and Mac. On the other hand, if you wish to download the video through a browser window, you don’t need to install any application; all you have to do is use Clip Converter.

Read more,


3. Access the YouTube video through Blendspace

Access the YouTube video through Blendspace

One of the best tools that you can use to create online virtual classes is Blendspace. Blendspace helps you to conduct online virtual teaching. As a result, you can use several media as resources for online teaching. Here, YouTube comes in handy as one of the best media resources that you can use to conduct online lessons.

What you have to do is sign up for a free account on the Blendspace website. After this, you can begin to create virtual lessons. Blendspace makes use of templates, which makes it easy and quick, having your lessons ready in less time.

What Blendspace does is to pull in the YouTube videos of your choice. This is interesting because when the school connection perceives that you are using Blendspace instead of YouTube, it won’t bother to get you blocked.

4. Go through Hooktube

Go through Hooktube

Hooktube functions as a YouTube lite version. It is a renowned site that allows you to watch any YouTube video of your choice. With Hooktube, you shouldn’t bother about being blocked, and it is entirely easy to use. All you have to do is to edit the YouTube link to Hooktube.

For example, you can edit this YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9p4-pzoz-Y to https://hooktube.com/watch?v=H9p4-pzoz-Y. What has been changed here is the name ‘youtube.com’ to ‘hooktube.com.’

5. Use the Newpipe app

Use the Newpipe app

One of the newest Android applications that you can use to stream YouTube videos is the Newpipe application. Newpipe application is useful for limiting the number of blocked YouTube videos.

The service is relatively easy and impressive to use as it provides you with high-quality video content. Newpipe provides you with every relevant information you need, and it’s quite easy to download.

6. Use Tor

Tor is famous for its ability to conceal your IP addresses for you to anonymously gain access and share content online. Tor is free to download; however, the device you are using to install the software will have to gain administrative privileges.

One exceptional thing about Tor is that it routes your data via its servers’ network, where you will have your data packs going through multiple relays and, at the same time, exiting the network at their destination. With this kind of security, hackers, ISPs, and network administrators are prevented from monitoring your activities online. However, once your data exits the network, it becomes visible. This is because Tor doesn’t perform encryption.

It’s important that Tor was not developed for streaming purposes; rather, it was developed to grant free access to information in the presence of malicious and authoritarian governments. It is unfortunate that owing to Tor’s low bandwidth and slow speed, you are likely to experience your videos loading slowly.

When you use Tor with a much suitable Virtual Private Network (VPN), your network will relatively become anonymous from trackers. Another advantage of using a VPN with Tor is that it can completely make it invisible by encrypting even after it exits the network. This makes sure that the data is properly secured even if there is a compromise Tor is hacked.

7. Get your smartphone tethered

Tethering the device with your mobile phone is another simple way you can gain access to blocked YouTube. For example, you wish to watch a YouTube video on a class PC, what you will have to do is to put on the wireless hotspot of your mobile phone and connect it to the Wi-Fi of the class PC.

One downside of this method is that your smartphone’s data will be consumed instead. This may be too costly if you don’t have enough data available. However, it serves as a good option when you need access at that particular time.

8. Use SafeShare

Use SafeShare

SafeShare is mostly used to share videos. It is relatively safe to use. SafeShare enables you to effectively copy the URL of a YouTube video. After copying the URL, you can paste it into SafeShare and view the content on the platform.

This does not only grant you access to a restricted video but also eradicate any form of ads and prevent irrelevant content from popping up.

9. Use Proxy servers

proxy server

This method serves as the last a lot of users resort to. Though the method may have its own problem, its services can still be utilized. What proxy servers do is to conceal your location online and keeps you entirely anonymous.

With proxy servers, you are entirely safe online. Though their services are mainly paid services, they have a free online service, known as ‘Proxfree,’ that helps you change your location to any one of your choices. More choices like Kproxy.com, proxysite.com, and so on, you can also watch any blocked YouTube at no cost.

10. Ask the Admin to Unblock you

blocked YouTube videos

If all the options above do not work for you, your last resort to watching a blocked YouTube video could be to ask the school admin to unblock you. Some schools and colleges usually have an IT admin who oversees the YouTube block. This can be done easily (either for specific devices, browsers, or users) for schools that use Google Classroom through G-Suite.

If you can gain access through the IT admin, this automatically means that you wouldn’t have to seek permission again or bother about blocked YouTube in the future as you will have gained unrestricted access.

On the other hand, you must be wary of giving the entire class access because the responsibility now solely lies with you. You will have to ensure other students don’t use your device to stream inappropriate content, as this could land you in trouble.


YouTube is one of the easiest and safest platforms to stream videos. It can be used for online teaching or tutorials. It is quite unfortunate that some schools restrict students from accessing this YouTube for several reasons like streaming inappropriate content and being distracted from school activities. However, it is still possible to watch blocked YouTube videos by following the methods outlined in this article.

VPN is one of the most effective ways of watching blocked YouTube videos as it helps hide your identity on the internet even after you exit YouTube.

Another effective method discussed is to simply download the YouTube video, and this can be done using certain platforms such as TubeMate, 4KDownload, and Documents.

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