War Thunder: The War Game You Should Play Now

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War Thunder – the largest free multiplayer online game dedicated to military equipment of the Second World War and the Cold War.

War Thunder is an online action game that involves the battle on planes and tanks. It offers a vast choice of equipment, including modes suitable for both novices and fans of realistic simulators. WarThunder live covers a long period: starting from the war equipment stage, further, you can become a pilot of the latest troops.

You will play in combats in the sky, on the ground, or in the sea. You choose war vehicles of the post-war with the World War II periods. The structure allows gamers to play together regardless of the platform used. Interesting gameplay, a broad selection of military cars, excellent graphics with the possibility to play with friends – you will see all this in War Thunder.


Gaijin Entertainment is the creator of the epic thunder game. With the introduction of War Thunder in the industry, the company started developing in the cross-platform area. The creators announced the military game release on December 21, 2016. Check out this War Thunder Review to find more details about the game.

The essence of the game 

The events unfold during the Second World War. All actions and maps repeat the exact battles of old times. The creators generated sketches from satellite images and made changes to match the times. The player will enter an actual fight, picking a nation and selecting a technique for the battle. The focus is on aviation combats. The goal of the multiplayer game is to win and capture strategic territories.

War Thunder is about team battles. Players will have to embark on different missions and tasks to lead their crew to victory. Teams start the game on tanks, and for specific actions, the player transfers to the plane. Team play is important; only by playing with friends you can develop an effective battle strategy. Also, there are several single-player campaigns based on real WWII air combats.

Besides, War Thunder has unique features. Let’s say, when performing dangerous stunts on an airplane, the pilot may lose consciousness because of overload. Damage to combat vehicles is also natural and incapacitates the damaged part. Thanks to these qualities, the developers achieved an unsurpassed genuineness of the gameplay.

Advantages of War Thunder

War Thunder has many advantages and outstanding features. The first advantage is that it is realistic. The player fully feels the functions of each equipment type. Every plane, ship, or tank has its unique differences in control and behavior. The game map also pleases. Its size can reach 100X100 km. In this area, players have complete freedom of action. 

The primary advantages of War Thunder over other military simulators:

  • Over 1500 detailed models of combat vehicles;
  • The options to play alone or in a team;
  • High-quality graphics and full realism;
  • An extensive selection of game cards;
  • A broad selection of game modes.

Game modes

War thunder

The game modes include:

  • Arcade Mode
  • Simulator Mode
  • Realistic Battles 

Selecting equipment

Before starting the game, choose your first combat vehicle. The player can access four classes of equipment. When selecting a vehicle, pay attention to the country whose army the model stands for. Let’s look closely at the offered classes of military equipment.


Attack aircraft, heavy fighters, bombers, and jet planes represent War Thunder. The player can choose the aircraft of the army of Great Britain, the USSR, Germany, Japan, the USA, Italy, or France.

Navy fleet

In the war game, you can become the captain of a cruiser, barge, boat, or sea hunter. A premium fleet is offered for fans of legendary ships. The game features the fleet of the specified countries.

Ground vehicles

Players can choose for themselves light, medium, or heavy vehicles, including tanks and premium equipment. The game features ground combat vehicles from several countries.


Jets become available for selection and purchase only after the opening of the fifth-rank car of the same nation. The game features several international jumbos.

Technical features

The game features almost a thousand planes, ships, and tanks of the key countries of the war, from well-known cars, like the legendary T-34, to such exotics as rocket tanks. Originally, only the simplest equipment is available; besides, legendary aircraft like the La-5 will have to be upgraded for at least a few weeks.

You can play War Thunder on one of the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • PlayStation 4
  • Linux Mac OS
  • Xbox One

Game interface

The interface of the game is simple and clear. Both beginners and professionals will find the game comfortable, as intended by the developers. Let’s look at the key functional buttons of the game interface:

War thunder

  1. Go to battle. Sends the player to the battlefield.
  2. Polygon. Offers to go to the training room.
  3. Training course. Here you go through the theoretical part and understand how to handle various equipment.
  4. Missions. Here the player can complete missions. 


Game creators regularly delight their players with various bonuses and promotions. By participating in multiplayer battles with friends, one can obtain the biggest ones. By inviting them to play, you can receive rewards depending on what rank your teammate gets. To unlock certain bonuses of each rank, your contact needs to explore the technique of the corresponding rank.

Adding funds to your account

Players may need to add funds to their account to get new equipment or play more comfortably without losing money at a higher level. In War Thunder, account replenishment is simple; you can make it both on the official website and in the game itself.

Reviews of the game

There are many more positive reviews about the game compared to negative ones. One advantage is the nice graphics. It’s nice to play, especially with good settings. The game does not require high efficiency for the device, so it satisfies players with weak PCs. There is an enormous selection of equipment. This variety is rare, especially in online games. Developers paid special attention to increased realism.


War Thunder is a game that deserves the attention of any fan of online games. Unlike similar projects aimed only at certain equipment, here you can take part in battles where there are both tanks and planes, along with ships. This unusual variety will appeal to many users, so you should at least try to feel like a tanker, captain, and pilot.

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