How Expensive Is Video Game Streaming Equipment?

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Video game streaming with the right equipment can help streamers gain popularity online. Find out in our article what are the prices for the streaming setup?

Live streaming of games is not for everyone. It may suit someone who aims to join the gaming industry eventually or a fan of the gambling industry. There is suitable equipment for all levels: beginner, intermediate and professional.

The cost of the equipment will go up depending on the level you are at. If you are ready to invest in top equipment for streaming, this guide suits you best. It will help you estimate the amount of money you would require to start streaming videos.

What’s the Most Basic Streaming Equipment?

The first thing you will require is a computer. This can be a Windows computer or a Mac, and it is where you will stream videos from. For beginners who own a console or a Smartphone, these can are slightly dependable basic devices too.

Next, you should have stable internet connectivity as you will be transmitting live videos to streaming platforms. You don’t want to deal with slow internet connections or those that disconnect for no particular reason. Other things you need for a start are an audio source, a video source, a video switcher, a tripod, and other related accessories.

Things You Should Get

There are various devices to consider when creating a budget for your live streaming work: These are:

1. Audio Source Devices

An audio source is nothing complicated. It simply refers to the microphone. One thing you should know is that microphones are not created equal. They are grouped based on the way they connect and the sound quality they provide. If you want the best for live streaming without overspending, then you should select a USB microphone. It is not very expensive and can work on its own.

When computing cost, you should only consider the purchase price. A good USB microphone with a 3.5mm jack can cost around $15. This price is good enough if you are a beginner.

Assuming you are an intermediate streamer, then you require a more expensive USB microphone. One of the best can cost around $200, and it comes complete with a pop filter and relatively good sound quality. Should you require the highest quality sounds, and then select the XLR microphone. It is expensive because you need an audio mixer too.

You might have to buy the microphone itself for $20 to $25. Depending on the kind, you might have to add an arm for mounting it. The best device with XLR output for an intermediate streamer with less background noise can be priced over $250.

As a professional streamer, you need the highest quality equipment. Your best quality microphone with an XLR connection can cost about $400 and has a detachable screen, pop filter, clear sound, and durability. If you need one that can block surrounding noises and make your speech clearer, then you might have to part with $450.

2. Video Source devices

Video Source, on the other hand, refers to cameras for video streaming. Most newbie gamers and gamblers start with programs or plugins to stream some simple games like Buffalo slot machine online, but for professional streaming, they would need a video source device. There are up to four kinds of cameras you can use for video streaming. These include:

  • DSLR. If you don’t mind investing in a relatively pricey camera for your live streaming job, then get the DSLR. In addition to the cost of a DSLR camera, you require a video encoder to help you send live videos to a streaming platform. Thus, you should consider the cost of the camera itself plus that of a video encoder. If searching for a more compact camera, then a mirror-less one should do. It will need an encoder too. Are you serious about video streaming? If so, get a mirror-less camera with detachable lenses from the Panasonic line for only $500. A decent DSLR from Sony might cost you $900 and above. These prices don’t include the price of a quality video encoder. The cheapest is around $219, and the most expensive one can be $699.
  • Webcam. It will directly attach to your PC and might have built-in microphones. Get one with up to 720p video resolution as it will be reliable for live streaming and live chats. You can buy a nice web camera for $60. Another kind with more mounting options and extra high-quality features can cost you $150.
  • Action camera. If you want to do immersive videos that are full of action and then stream them live, then you need a better camera for this job. The best choice is an action camera. Again, you will require a video encoder to use with your camera. Here you have both expensive and inexpensive choices. The least expensive action cameras for video streaming could cost between $44 and $100. Medium cost ones are up to $200, and the most expensive range from $300 to $400. Add the cost of an action camera to that of a video encoder.
  • Camcorder. If you want equipment that can offer up to 4000 resolution, and clean HDMI output, then get a camcorder. This one will produce smooth videos that your subscribers will yearn for. If you need the cheapest camcorder, you can get it from the Canon video cameras line for only $250. For professional users, a decent camcorder from Sony can cost anywhere from 2898, and once you get it, there will be no regrets. Some can cost $4000 or more.


Apart from the above, you have to account for the cost of useful accessories. These include things like cables to help you connect your videos and audio devices, a tripod to use with your video camera, light stands, LED rings, a green screen, a microphone arm, and more.

The price for a portable light that can help you make high-quality live videos is set based on the colour temperature range. For instance, you can get a key light with a colour temperature range of 2900k to 7000k for $400.

A tripod is used to keep the camera from shaking, and a good one for your DSLR can cost around $80 to $150. A tripod for an intermediate user can cost around $250, while that of a professional streamer can be more expensive.

It can deal with camera rigs that weigh 16.5 pounds and come with a notable maximum height of up to sixty-six inches. These are priced at $582 or more. As for a software switcher that will let you switch back and forth between different camera angles, you will pay quite a sum.


You should also account for the price of a video capture card that will help your PC receive a video signal from a single camera. This will be priced separately. The most expensive switchers are portable and have a built-in audio mixer and up to 4 HDMI outputs. They can therefore cost $995 or more.


Are you ready to get good quality streaming equipment based on your budget? If so, you can use this guide to estimate what you need to pay to have your equipment.

You will spend much less if you are a beginner streamer and more if you are a professional streamer. Whether you plan to stream on a platform like YouTube or Facebook, there is equipment that can let you do that within your budget.

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