Everything You Need to Know About Vacation Rental Automation

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Emails are pinging with booking queries and tasks need to be assigned to your cleaning team. You not only need to update your own website for vacation rental, but you also need to review your rates and write a review about recent guests. Phew!

As a vacation rental manager, there's always a long list of things to do. The good news is that there is a way to improve property management workflow and ease the load – by utilizing vacation rental automation.

The Impact of Vacation Rental Automation

Have you been giving some thought as to how to start a vacation rental management business? Or perhaps you already have a few rental properties to manage. Either way, vacation rental automation can simplify the hosting process.

Automation has had a forceful effect on the service industry. The introduction of new vacation rental technology can boost productivity, save time, reduce costs, and enhance the guest experience. It’s little wonder that complete vacation rental home automation is now common-place.

Automated Check-In & Check-out 

As a busy Airbnb host, your time is precious, and waiting for guests to arrive can be frustrating. You can simplify the check-in process and improve the guest experience by providing Airbnb automation in the shape of self-check-in, and self check-out.

Hosts can fit a key lockbox or install a smart lock, such as the locks produced by August and Lockitron Bolt. Alternatively, you could opt for a key exchange service (such as Key Café). The process is simple enough, property keys are left at a designated place e.g., a local restaurant, for collection by the guest.

Vacation Rental Management Software

Vacation Rental Management Software

Vacation rental technology can be used to automate your rental property. Savvy hosts are turning to short term rental management software, such as iGMS, to help with the smooth running of their business. This type of vacation rental software for automation has several features to simplify hosting:

  • Manage multiple accounts on top listing platforms, including  Airbnb, Vrbo, Booking.com from a single dashboard via a vacation rental channel manager
  • Manage direct bookings using a direct booking widget
  • Automate guest communication and guest review send-outs
  • Organize cleaning and maintenance schedules
  • Receive payouts and create invoices
  • Collate financial reports

Vacation Rental Pricing Tools

There are handy vacation rental automation tools, such as Pricelabs, and Beyond Pricing, available to help you keep control of your Airbnb pricing strategy. You can use these tools to increase your revenue by:

  • Dynamically adjusting your pricing based on changes in demand and supply
  • Automating discount rules
  • Adjusting minimum / maximum night stays
  • Accounting for seasonal changes
  • Facilitating last minute bookings.

Vacation Rental Accounting Software  

It can be quite tricky to keep on top of the bookkeeping for vacation rentals. Fortunately, there are plenty of vacation rental accounting tools, such as Quickbooks, Mint, and Waveapps, that property managers can use. There are usually many features on offer:

  • Generating invoices to send to guests
  • Calculating and monitoring revenue earned from your vacation rental,
  • Keeping track of expenses
  • Accessing business accounts.

Vacation Rental Automation Tools for a Better Guest Experience

Guests like to feel welcome, and what better way to introduce people to your property than to provide a comprehensive digital guestbook, such as Touch Stay.

Paper welcome books need to be laboriously updated, can be lost, and suffer from wear and tear over time. In comparison, a digital guestbook can be made available before the guest's arrival so they can find out more about your rental and the local area.

Digital books can be easily added to and kept up to date and they give the guest the impression that you run a professional, progressive business.

Vacation Rental Home Automation Tools 

Nowadays, there’s a wide range of smart remote monitoring tools on offer designed to help you keep a close eye on your rental. Using them correctly, you can reduce utility bills, reduce the risk of upsetting neighbors and provide the guest with a better experience. A few ideas on home automation for vacation rental property:

  • Smart thermostat to control the temperature (Nest and ecobee) 4
  • Virtual assistants (Alexa, Google Assistant)
  • Noise monitoring sensors (NoiseAware)
  • Home surveillance systems (Smart HVAC Control)
  • Smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarms (Kidde, X-sense)

Vacation Rental Automation to Boost Your Business 

Boost Your Business 

Vacation property managers can set their business on autopilot by automating repetitive, routine tasks. Here’s a quick recap on the automation tools busy hosts can utilize:

  • Install a smart lock or opt to use a key exchange system
  • Invest in vacation rental software
  • Employ pricing tools
  • Use accounting tools
  • Set up a digital guestbook and keep it up to date
  • Regulate temperature, noise, etc.
  • Install home surveillance and safeguarding measures.

It can be hard to ‘give up control’ but automation is the way forward if you want to free up time to focus on what really matters.

Successful vacation property managers are keen to maximize efficiency, reduce costs and run their business smoothly. They understand that vacation rental automation allows them to concentrate on finding ways of developing and growing their business.

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