USTV Alternantives: 20 Sites to Stream and Watch Live TV

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Are you wondering about the best USTV GO alternatives to stream any TV channels of your choice? These top best USTV GO alternatives are the best choices for you.

What is USTV GO?

It is one of the most popular IPTV sites that you can use to watch free live channels. To gain access to USTV, you only need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and a constant network connection. The reason you need a VPN is to secure your data and information from online hackers.


In this article, we will discuss the various alternatives to USTV GO in case the website stops functioning and you still want to stream live channels to watch your favorite TV show.

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20 Best USTV Alternantives to Stream and Watch Live TV

1. SideReel

SideReel streaming

This is the first on our list of USTV GO alternatives. With SideReel, you can stream complete episodes of your favorite TV series online. The platform enables you to search for any TV show of your choice. SideReel is regarded as one of the best platforms for streaming online TV shows. With this streaming platform, you can stream any TV show you want.

2. WatchSeries

WatchSeries streaming

This streaming platform is unique for its provision of free access to watch any movie of your choice. It is not location-restricted as it allows you to watch movies from any part of the world for free. What is amazing about WatchSeries is that you can also use it to download. The platform provides you with fast internet speed for download and streaming.

3. FandangoNOW

FandangoNOW streaming

This USTV GO alternative specifies on selling movie tickets. It does this through its website as well as its mobile app. This enables you to easily purchase tickets to watch any of your favorite movies online. You can also share them with your friends.

4. Squid TV

Squid TV streaming

This is another amazing alternative to USTV GO. It is used to stream TV shows online. With Squid TV, you can watch any latest/Classic TV show. The platform has over one thousand TV channels that you can stream from various parts of the world.

5. TVMuse

TVMuse streaming

This streaming website has five various categories like Search Engine, Social Networking Service, Site Guide, Movie Listings, and TV Show Guides. Each of these services possesses distinctive features and objectives. You will be able to watch a well-known TV series and read concise descriptions of them with TV Muse.

6. YuppTV

YuppTV streaming

It is regarded as one of the biggest streaming websites for streaming TV shows, limitless movies, catch-up TV, etc. YuppTV offers content providers and broadcasters to allow users to watch any content they want.

7. Yahoo TV

Yahoo TV streaming

Yahoo TV is another USTV GO alternative that provides you with a fantastic TV series for your viewing pleasure. You can keep streaming on this website without any hassle because of its unique user-friendly interface.


HBO GO streaming

This streaming platform is pioneered by HBO: an American Premium Cable Network. HBO GO enables you to watch HBO video content such as specials, films, sports games, and past series via the HBO app or website.

9. Tubi TV

Tubi TV streaming

This streaming platform offers over twelve-thousand titles such as TV shows, Movies, etc. The platform is 100 percent legit. One unique thing about Tubi TV is that it doesn’t require any credit card and subscription. You will definitely enjoy watching any TV show on this platform.

10. Couch Tuner

Couch Tuner streaming

Couch Tuner is fantastic for streaming TV shows and TV series online. It offers its movies in HD quality. It is totally free to use the platform. One unique thing about Couch Tuner is that it enables you to stream TV news, TV series, and TV shows in full-length Higher Definition (HD). With Couch Tuner, you will have that similar experience of watching movies on a Cinema screen.

11. Yidio

Yidio streaming

Yidio is another amazing alternative to USTV alternative. You can use this platform to stream, search, and track movies and TV shows. What Yidio mainly does it to acquire various contents from different video providers that offer paid subscription services. After collecting the contents, it offers them to its users to watch from one layout. Yidio collects content from lots of streaming websites such as Showtime, Hulu, Netflix, etc.

12. LiveStation

LiveStation streaming

If you want a nice platform that transmits radio and TV broadcast to data network, you should go for LiveStation. It provides you with amazing video content. This USTV GO alternative is popular for partnering with renowned news channels all around the world.

13. LiveNewsMag

LiveNewsMag streaming

This USTV alternative contains popular TV channels from Middle-East, Europe, and the United States. It is entirely free to use its services. LiveNewsMag is a well-known TV streaming platform among popular streamers of CNN and MSNBC. One of the most significant growth of this platform is that it has attracted more than five hundred thousand users monthly for the past 3 years.

14. wwiTV

wwiTV streaming

wwiTV is an amazing USTV GO alternative that offers online streaming media. The platform shares similarities with FlixTor. It offers lots of streaming content. The good thing about this platform is that all its contents are free to use. This means that it enables you to watch well-known TV channels at no cost.

15. TVPlayer

TVPlayer streaming

If you want an online TV streaming platform that enables you to stream TV channels on any device, whether laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, you should go for TVPlayer. It offers you over eighty TV channels. What is unique about the platform? It allows you to stream over 70 percent of its available content without spending a penny! With the free content, you can gain access to various channels like Capital TV, Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, and many others.

16. OKLiveTV

OKLiveTV streaming

If you want fantastic content for your viewing pleasure, you should go for OKLiveTV. The platform is one of the best streaming websites people access daily to stream movies, TV shows, and TV series. What is unique about the platform? It is absolutely free! It doesn’t require you to spend a dime to watch any TV channel of your choice.

17. FreeInterTV

FreeInterTV streaming

This USTV alternative isn’t that popular among several users. However, it offers amazing streaming services. With FreeInterTV, you can watch more than one thousand nine hundred TV channels for free.

18. OLWeb TV

OLWeb TV streaming

What you will enjoy about this streaming platform is that it does not require you to subscribe or spend a penny before watching any TV channel. Another unique thing about OLWebTV is that it doesn’t bug you with ads and popups. All its contents are free to use.

19. FomnyTV

FomnyTV streaming

This platform provides you with both premium and free content. FomnyTV functions as an aggregator website where you can stream content from any part of the world. What this means is that if you’re from the United States and you desire to search for what is going on in Russia, you can simply sign in to the Fomny platform and search RTV to get updated news about what is going on in that particular region.

20. StreamLive

FomnyTV streaming streaming

The last USTV GO alternative on our list is StreamLive. This streaming platform is unique for offering free membership. It has both premium and free membership plan for its subscribers. One unique thing about StreamLive is that it enables every individual to access the free membership plan and stream any TV show of their choice at no cost.


In this article, we have examined the top best USTV alternatives that you can use to stream live TV anytime and anywhere you are. All the alternatives discussed are unique and useful.

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