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Become a candidate for the best shipping job as a quality manager at Uss-Express LLC. Learn how to apply for this position right now!

It’s common for people who are looking for a job to consider different industries. What about at-home packing jobs? Have you ever thought that you can work from home packing and shipping as a quality control manager in a highly respected international shipping company? Didn’t know that you can work in this industry without qualification? We are here to explain this to you!

So Uss-Express LLC is an international logistic, shipping, and delivery company that was started in 2014. Uss Express operates in the US but it provides shipping services worldwide. That’s why it needs more employees in the US. Currently, it’s looking for new quality managers. If this job seems to have good prospects, feel free to apply!

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Why is it good to be a quality manager? 

It’s good to be a quality manager because this packing job at home brings good money. What are some more specific benefits of this vacancy? Here are the ones you should consider:

  • Work from home job
  • Flexible schedule
  • Competitive salary
  • Part-time (up to $ 1,700 per month) and Full-time (up to $ 3,200 per month)
  • Bi-weekly payments
  • Uss-Express covers the costs associated with your shipment
  • Access to an easy-to-use web app created by the IT department

Shipping jobs from home are responsible. As a quality manager, you will be accountable for the quality of packages. Your performance might be a determining criterion for many customers of your company. That’s why you should ensure that employer that all the responsibilities will be performed at the highest level.

Responsibilities of the quality manager

  • receiving goods;
  • checking the condition of items;
  • packing inventory in branded boxes;
  • sending parcels to customers.

What is Uss Express' reputation as an employer?

We think that the testimonials of employees are the best indicators to show the reputation of Uss-Express. We found some reviews on different websites.

  1. “This was my first experience of working from home, working in the company for a little over one year. My responsibilities included receiving goods, checking their condition, packing them in branded boxes and sending them to customers. The company has very strict rules for the confidentiality of personal data. They also require you to constantly be in touch. I always received my salary on time, there were no problems with that. In general, the work is good, but not interesting and there is no development prospects. Recommended for those who want to work from home.” – a quality manager on Indeed.
  2. “I just got contacted and hired by USS Express and just began working this week! This company has shown me nothing but support, patience and understanding while I'm getting used to my job working from home – this job is exactly what I've been hoping to get one day it's almost too good to be true! I'm very thankful I was accepted as an employee and am excited to continue working with them!” – Kate on Trustpilot.
  3. “The organization is respectable; I used to work in the company that I was required to work from home to receive and check the goods purchased from online vendors. I appreciate the work in this business, since the money was usually paid on time” – Steven Barnett on AmbitionBox.
  4. “I really love working for Uss-Express as a quality control manager because that's the easiest remote job I have every had in my life! Thank you for this opportunity!” – current employee on Glassdoor.

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A few simple steps and you're up and running!

It’s your choice whether to work from home packing and shipping goods or not. After making our research, we can conclude that this vacancy is worth at least applying for and participating in a trial period. How do you apply?

It’s simple, just enter the website, go to the careers page, and fill in the application form. The HR managers will get familiar with your application and contact you for a job interview. Good luck!

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