Best Unblocked Music Sites to Listen to Music Anywhere

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Are you wondering how to gain access to the top best-unblocked music sites and listen to all kinds of music tracks? These top best-unblocked music sites are the best choices for you.

For several reasons, some colleges and schools often block some music sites due to certain content that may not educate students or are rather violent. However, there are still some music sites that can be accessed.

These sites are called ‘unblocked music sites.’ You can easily search and download for free on unblocked music sites. Here, we will be examining the various best-unblocked music sites that you can easily access.

Unblocked music tracks

Top Best Unblocked Music Sites

Access the Top Best-Unblocked Music Sites to Listen to your Favorite Music Tracks!

1. Radiooooo


This unblocked music site is perfectly renowned among those who often find it hard to listen to one song several times. Radiooooo is best known for its way of sorting music. It allows you to select both country and time period from the map and listen to some interesting tunes.

Although it doesn’t provide all countries and time periods on its map, you can still find an interesting playlist for most. By making use of the buttons on top, Radiooooo allows you to select the kind of songs you wish to listen to. The unblocked music site offers you loads of options, such as ‘weird,’ ‘fast,’ and ‘slow,’ which you can select from. Because Radiooooo is somewhat unknown, several colleges and schools tend to leave it unblocked.

2. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive

This site is known for not offering hit songs or popular songs. However, it provides you with free music from relatively not-too-popular music artists from different categories. Free music is practically nice for figuring out new artists and new music in your favorites genres.

The unblocked music site has committed DJs curating the playlists of less-popular artists so that listeners can discover the new gem in the musical world. The DJs intentionally avoid integrating popular artists or music into the playlists for this sole purpose. Some colleges and schools don’t consider blocking this site maybe because it is relatively small.

3. MusixHub


MusixHub provides you with some interesting music in its music library. You can browse from this library and listen to some nice songs. The music albums in the library are majorly curated based on artist, genre, and title.

MusixHub is known for its provision of millions of songs on its site. However, its only disadvantage is that its site is difficult to navigate because it is a bit clustered. This is so because of the millions of content the websites accumulate.

4. Jango


Jango is among the most easiest-to-navigate unblocked music sites. Its music stations are filled with hit songs and popular music that better serve your desire.

Jango allows you to create your playlist by curating a list of your favorite songs. It also enables you to ban some songs you don’t want to see on your playlist. One interesting thing about this unblocked music site is that it has ‘history section’ where you can easily view the songs you had listened to before.


Radio DOT com is a lovely unblocked music site that allows you to access radio stations in your domain. It sorts these radio stations based on their music.

It also enables you to surf through some podcasts and locate any radio station which is presently casting the news. is perfect for music and sports lovers who want to stay current about the latest events and sports news.

6. NiceCream


With NiceCream, you are guaranteed a variety of cool music. One thing about NiceCream is that it doesn’t have lots of channels compared to other unblocked music sites.

However, the channels it possesses are still very much okay for work. Just like Free Music Archive, NiceCream supports not-too-popular music artists. It helps you discover new gems in the musical world. It is perfect for jazz, funk, and hip-hop music lovers.

One thing about this unblocked music site is that since it has non-intrusive music, you can leave the music to keep playing in the background while you engage in other personal activities.

7. AccuRadio


This unblocked music site is nice for school and work because of its workplace moods selection. It provides you with a lot of options for ready-made music playlists that are categorized by decades or genres. Its workplace mood selection has playlists that are beautifully optimized in order to kill off stress for a hectic day or keep you busy at work.

8. Hulk Share

Hulk Share

If you are a music lover who desires to get to know more artists from different places globally, share your passion with other users, and explore new talent, then Hulk Share is the right choice for you. Hulk Share provides discussions, groups, and playlists that allow several users to get to know upcoming and underground artists.

There is one interesting thing about this unblocked music site: it provides tags for many genres and subgenres. With this, underground music lovers will definitely find it helpful and beneficial. Hulk Share provides you with a lot of categories that you can easily browse through. Some of them are UK Garage, Thug Rap, Italo-Disco, Ska, Horrorcore, etc.

9. Song Area

Song Area

Song Area is an unblocked music site that provides free top 50 tracks, free top albums, and new releases. It is an intuitive/clean platform that displays its video in the right-hand corner of the page through YouTube.

This makes it a nice unblocked music site for users who desire to watch videos and play music simultaneously. Song Area provides albums and tracks and allows you to create an account for free.

10. Playlist Sound

Playlist Sound

With Playlist Sound, you are sure to satisfy your musical desire. Playlist Sound is relatively easy to use and comprehend. One thing about Playlist Sound is that it provides an excellent browsing experience with categories such as Top 50, New Releases, Popular Genres, and Popular Albums. Playlist Sound is entirely free and can easily be accessed.

With this unblocked music site, you can discover new talent and easily listen to your favorite music artists. The only disadvantage of this unblocked music site is that it supports ads pop-up, which can be a little bit tiring and can sometimes put you off.

11. SoundzAbound


One interesting thing about this unblocked music site is that it provides an option for artist submissions. This is to enable upcoming artists to contribute to the online music library.

Unfortunately, SoundzAbound states in its FAQ section that the download options need a G51 paid subscription. Also, it enables students to upload and create individual projects. They can also make use of the free royalty music in the media productions of the site.

Whether for entertainment or work, it is worthwhile checking out SoundzAbound as far as an unblocked music site is concerned.

12. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio

One thing about this unblocked music site is that it does not possess any music library. This is unlike several other unblocked music sites we have examined so far.

Though no personal music library, this unblocked music site enables you to listen to different radio stations that offer online streaming. It is absolutely free to use. However, it still provides the option of registering for a premium account that grants you access to various contents and the option to record live NBA/NFL games, your favorite tunes, and shows, etc.

All these are for the premium account. However, if all you want is just an entertaining unblocked music website, then you can settle for the free account it provides.

13. BlueBeat


You can use BlueBeat to listen to your favorite songs at work. It is one of the most popular unblocked music sites that you can easily access. It is, however, not known among mainstream users.

You can find BlueBeat as a web application among desktops OS. The unblocked music site also possesses a dedicated application for iOS and Android.

However, it has one significant disadvantage: first, you need to create an account and have Adobe Flash Player before listening to any song.

14. GrooveMp3


This unblocked music site was formerly called GrooveShark. A name that was beginning to gain more popularity among users before it suddenly ran into licensing problems and became blocked in several places. GrooveMp3 has an excellent music library that features a selection of genres.

This unblocked music site provides the newest releases and the most well-known genres. One downside about this unblocked music site is it supports majorly mainstream music. This is likely not to be convincing for individuals who have specific tastes

You can access GrooveMp3 as a web app on all desktop platforms. In terms of mobile devices, GrooveMp3 can only be accessed on Android mobile devices. To discover its complete features and music collections, you will need to register.

15. SoundCloud


This unblocked music site is among the best and widely used unblocked music sites. SoundCloud can be accessed on all desktop platforms.

However, in terms of mobile devices, it can only be accessed on iOS and Android devices. Its custom playlist is user-friendly. It provides several filter options that enable you to search for any music of your choice.

SoundCloud allows you to share the music you’re currently listening to and find out the music your colleagues are also listening to. One thing about this unblocked music site is that you will have to sign up for an account before you can access your favorite music.


As earlier stated in this article, some colleges and schools often block some music sites due to certain contents that are labeled violent. However, we have listed some unblocked music sites where you can still listen to your favorite song, discover new and upcoming artists, as well as perform some other activities.

Each of the unblocked music sites we have examined in this article has one special thing that makes them different from one another. For example, unblocked music sites such as SoundCloud and GrooveMp3 are excellent because of their vast music library. Alternatively, unblocked music sites such as NiceCream centers more on a clear collection of genres.

Sites such as TuneIn and possess lots of varieties regarding the kind of content you can listen to.

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