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TubeMate is one of the leading apps used to download videos and audios from the internet. Read on to discover the top 10 best TubeMate alternatives.

If you are an avid music lover especially videos, then you may have already come across the TubeMate application. The platform was developed by Devian Studios for those who not only want to watch videos but to also download the same to a computer or a hand holding the mobile device.

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Whether you are downloading videos from YouTube, Facebook or even Instagram, TubeMate offers a simple solution for that. All you need to do is to copy the link of any video and paste it on the TubeMate platform.

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What features make TubeMate stand out?

Among other decent features, TubeMate offers its users the ability to download your favourite videos fast and more importantly, do so in the background so that you can be working on something else. Your completed downloads can be watched later when you are offline.

Another exceptional feature is the TubeMate’s prowess in availing different formats for your video downloads. Options available depend on your device and the original quality of the video you intend to download. TubeMate can support quite a variety of formats including but not limited to Full High Definition videos.

In a summary, the features that have made this application quite popular include:

  • It is absolutely free.
  • It features a browser where the user can watch videos directly on the web
  • You can comfortably pause a download and resume later
  • You can download your favourite videos in various formats and resolution
  • It allows you to convert videos to audio files
  • It supports background downloading of videos allowing you to multi-task
  • It supports video downloads from multiple sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Daily motion, among others similar to youtube.

On the other hand, TubeMate has its fair share of cons which include:

  • Sometimes it can be difficult to operate due to sudden app crashes.
  • You need to have installed a media converter to perform high-quality video downloads

While its features are quite appealing, the above downsides are a put off to quite a number of users who seek the application’s alternatives.

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Top 10 free video downloader apps like Tubemate Youtube video downloader

Besides Tubemate, there are other apps with additional features and functionalities that will leave you spoilt for choice.

1. NewPipe


NewPipe is a lightweight video downloader for Android as it is only 4MB. It does not need YouTube API or native Google play services. NewPipe just resolves the url address on YouTube. The app is free to use and users do not have to deal with constant ad pop-ups.

As it infringes on Google’s Terms of Service, you will not find this app on the Google Play Store. You could, however, get it from its GitHub page and sideloading it.

2. SnapTube


SnapTube is fast easy, free and available on Android. With Snaptube you can download Mp3 audio file directly or download MP4 videos in multiple resolutions. For instance, you could choose the small size which is 360 pixels or a high-definition video which is 1080 pixels. Once you search videos on YouTube, all you need to do is click on the ‘share’ button to connect it to SnapTube for the download process.

Snaptube also allows you to pause, cancel or even resume a video download and manage your video library in one place. You easily delete the videos you no longer need.

The app does not require any extra plugins or encoders. It features a clean design with no annoying ads.


This web platform will download videos from over forty websites including, Facebook, Vimeo, Break, YouTube, DailyMotion, and so on. You can either download the video by pasting its url on the official website or by installing the Savefromnet helper on your Opera, Google Chrome, and Firefox browser. users have to deal with annoying ad pop-ups.


This is another popular platform for easy video downloads that has been around for quite some time. Available on web and Android platforms, will also rip sound cloud tracks. It is fast, and offers unique features such as noise cancellation, volume normalization and sub track support that allows you to record just what you just need.

Although the platform offers paid subscriptions, users can enjoy paid features such as unlimited usage and download of huge videos by simply registering through their email addresses.

5. YTD (Youtube Downloader)

YTD (Youtube Downloader)

Youtube downloader is probably in a class of its own when it comes to video downloading apps. It allows you to search for videos within the app and also supports multi-threaded downloads while maximizing available bandwidth.

It incorporates an excellent file management module allowing the user to list downloads via formats, quality, among other video or song attribute.

It offers a wide variety of preferences to customize and get the very best of the app, while allowing you to download a wide variety of video or audio formats.

6. Video Saver Pro

video saver pro

This app incorporates a video downloader and a robust video download manager application. Video saver pro also offers support for Google Drive and Dropbox or you can just import directly from a camera roll. The app which is currently available for iOS 8.0 and higher versions can be downloaded in English, German, and Spanish languages.

Video saver Pro was developed for iOS by Nguyen T Nam Giang. It is especially popular in the UK, Bulgaria, and Indonesia.

7. 4K video Downloader

4K video Downloader

4K video downloader is a video download platform that will allow you to also download audio, subtitles, channels and even playlists in an exceptionally high-quality format. The Application’s interface is friendly and it really simplifies your ‘workaround’

The procedure is quite simple. Just copy the video, audio or even the image link from your native browser and paste the link into the application and it will be ready for download.

The application is available on Mac, Windows and Linux. However, you have to get a license.

8. KeepVid


Keepvid is developed for the Android operating system. It’s a handy tool, with a built-in web browser that allows to search for videos on YouTube. Alternatively, you can download your favourite video from Facebook and choose the resolution that best suits your offline viewing. It also has an efficient audio converter that will give you quite a variety of audio formats

It also incorporates a friendly user interface that gets allows you to get what you need fast.

9. Vidmate


It works in a manner that’s more or less similar to TubeMate’s, only that it is superior and quite improvised. On close comparison, there is a huge difference in the overall graphical user interface between the two platforms, with Vidmate’s being the friendlier.

Vidmate can be installed as an extension on multiple browsing sites. This enables you to visit any web page and download videos, clips, movie trailers or even soundtracks of your choice. The platform allows you to download content from a wide range of video platforms such as Daily motion, Tumblr, Metacafe, Vine, among others

With Vidmate, you can choose the quality of video or audio that you prefer. With its efficient download manager, Vidmate allows you to download media files that do not take so much of your local disk space. With Vidmate, you have complete control of your media library.

10. Addoncrop


The Addoncrop app is really a simple and powerful tool that will fulfill downloading requirements for video and audio enthusiasts worldwide. The concept is very simple. After installation, the app adds a download button as you play your videos, upon clicking the button the user is prompted for the required format and video quality that he/she wants to download. Addoncrop is that that simple and does not redirect you to any third party websites.


The above listed TubeMate alternatives fulfil the same functions but on varying interfaces. For this reason, you might notice some difference in the supported formats and how each function.

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