25 Trending Topics for Essay Writing in 2024

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What are the current trending topics for Essay Writing in 2022? Here we added a List of the Most Controversial essay writing topics, Hope give you some idea for brainstorming.

Essay writing is quite an efficient way of studying. It develops writing skills and is the best reflection of obtained knowledge. To write a thorough essay you should undertake large research and read a great amount of information.

Essay writing also makes people think and look at things from a different angle. Because if you want to get some message, it is important to provide strong points and proofs and at the same time form your own opinion on the issue.

Furthermore, essay writing is a good way of relaxing. You can just sit at the soft chair on the terrace and take a pencil and a notebook in your hands and start improvising. You may write about your emotions, your feelings, or even about global problems. It is up to you.

Trending Topics

But very often people can not choose a topic to think on. And professional paper writers are the only people who can help you make the right choice based on your tastes and interests. Always mind that the essay written with passion is the best essay.

Current Controversial Topics for Essay Writing

The best choice of the essay topic is an ongoing relevant issue of 2022. It is much more interesting to read about the latest news and global problems that are the issues at question rather than look through the unimportant text about some points of a general truth or famous people’s quotations.

The main purpose of essay writing is to inform people and prompt their reflection. So, below you can choose the best topic for your stellar essay.

1. Weapon of Mass Destruction: Biological Weapon.

Biological Weapon

Nothing appears chaotically. Everything is the reason for somebody’s plan and desires. So, bacteria, viruses and various diseases can be spread deliberately. And maybe, it is high time you wrote about your thoughts about it.

2. Why Is It Important to Explore Space?

latest inventions

Writing about space you may mention all the latest inventions and how they influence the current life.

3. Using Laptops and Smartphones in the Class: Is It an Efficient Way of Education?

Laptops and Smartphones in the Class

We live in the digital world full of technologies and innovations. But how does it influence students’ academic performance?

4. Gender Equality: Why Is It so Important to Discuss This Issue?

Gender Equality

It remains to be one of the main problems that can not be solved for centuries. How to find a balance between men and women? Should they have equal rights?

5. Bullying at School and at Office

attempts to bring awareness

Some people even do not know what it means. Due to this, it is important to bring awareness to people.

6. People’s Addiction to Social Networks

Social Networks Addiction

We spend more and more free time surfing the Internet and our social networks. Is it worth our time?

7. What Are the Most Efficient Ways to Preserve Endangered Animals?

Preserve Endangered Animals

Nowadays, flora and fauna are suffering from global climate changes. But are there ways of preventing this trend?

8. Nuclear Weapons in the Globalized World: Challenges and Threats.

Nuclear Weapons

The nuclear weapon is one more type of weapon of mass destruction. What do you know about the arms race in the current world? Is it time people worried?

9. Must governments increase control overproduction of junk food?

control overproduction of junk food

There you can write everything about people’s eating habits and how the government can control them?

10. Impact of the Latest technologies on the daily lifestyle

The Impacts Of Technology

What about all the gadgets people use every day? What about a smart home?

11. How to Succeed in Your Life?

advice for students

Give pieces of advice for students who just can’t choose a life path.

12. Racism and Ageism as the Visible Manifestation of Discrimination


How does discrimination influence social life? Is it possible to solve this problem?

13. Health and disease



A discussion of disease and human health. How does it affect the national economy

14. Virtual and Real Communication.

Virtual Communication

What is more beneficial for you and why?

15. Why Is It so Crucial to Isolate Yourself During the Pandemic?

home isolation

Everyone knows about the latest news in the world. But such a world problem isn’t taken seriously by some people. Write why it is so important to be a conscious citizen?

16. The Influence of Fake News and Misinformation on Economy, Policy and Social Life.

Misinformation on Economy

Fakes are everywhere. People face them all the time. But how does it affect the prestige of the country?

17. Crime and law reform


Crime has a bad effect on society, but it has also improved the law

18. One Belt, One Road: New Direction of Chinese Economic Policy.

Chinese Economic Policy

Maybe, it’s time you revealed your talent in economics.

19. Climate Change as a Global Issue to Discuss.

Climate Change

Global problems need global solutions. Can you propose something?

20. Genetically Modified Foods

Genetically Modified Foods

Why Are They so Harmful?

21. Global Trend to Vegetarianism.


Why is it so popular now? Write about the drives of people to eat vegetable food.

22. Corporation Code of Ethics

Corporation Code of Ethics

How Does It Influence Employees’ Work? What about hierarchical structure at the office?

23. Distant Education and E-Learning: Pros and Cons.


Is it beneficial for students and people working to stay at home studying and working remotely?

24. Emotional vs Intellectual Intelligence.

Emotional vs Intellectual Intelligence

It is quite a good topic for reflection.

25. Integration and Disintegration Processes in the Global World.

Integration and Disintegration

How do countries benefit from such economic, political and cultural links?

Final Word

Such a list of trending topics in 2022 will help you to choose a subject for your essay. Certainly you can find more trending topics for writing papers online.

Essay writing is the best way for meditation and relaxation. What is more, it is very efficient for education. So, if you have not any good ideas of things to do, essay writing will be the best choice!

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