How to Track a Cell Phone Without Alerting the Target

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Check on how to track a cell phone without alerting the target. Spyic only needs you to use it once on the Android or iOS phone. It will hide using stealth mode. Get the results in your online account. Log in using any internet-enabled device.

If you need to track a friend’s phone, the usual thing to do is inform them about it. We, however, know that may not be a good idea since not everyone is willing to be tracked. That is why you need a way to follow up on their phone without their permission.

There are numerous tracking methods already available on the internet. The problem is that you don’t have the time to go through each of them. The process is long, complicated, and dangerous too. The danger part comes from the fact that there are scammers in the midst.

It requires the recommendation of tried and tested products to achieve what you need. Here is how one of the solutions works without informing your friend.

Part 1: Track Cell Phone with Spyic Solution

Now that you don’t want to inform your friend about the tracking idea, you need a silent solution. One of them is the Spyic app that millions of people have been using globally. Apart from the numerous downloads, it has also been featured in major news outlets.

Some of them include Forbes and Android Authority. Having an app that has the world’s recognition means a lot. For Spyic, it will never tell about its presence. Why? Because it has the stealth mode specification for hiding purposes.



So, using it on your friend’s phone will not cause any unnecessary alarms. You can use it to track both Android and iOS phones. There will never be a need to root or jailbreak your friend’s phone. Those are some of the things that will make him or her notice.

Spyic has cutting-edge technologies to track the phone without altering the OS. So, it’s a matter of signing up, setting up the application, and viewing the tracking results. How you acquire it depends on the phone your friend is using.

If they have an Android, then Spyic requires you to install it once on the phone. In the process, that is when you activate the stealth mode. For iOS, there are no download or installation requirements.

Spyic will track the iPhone online using the iCloud ID. You only need to get an account and then input your friend’s iCloud login details. Once the setup is complete, whether, in Android or iOS, the results will always be found online.

You can track cell phones without permission since all the phone’s data will be online. Here is what you will view remotely and secretly:

Part 2: Spyic Tracking Ability


  • Location

You will get the exact position of the phone. Spyic also has the power to detect all the other past locations. It will also display the coordinates and time stamps. So, you will always know where the friend is and at what time.

It uses the GPS or the connected Wi-Fi to detect the location.


  • Geofencing

If you need to impose movement restrictions, then this is the feature for you. Spyic allows you to set up perimeters around the areas you need to collect information from. After that, leave an email for the alerts.

Depending on the settings, this solution will inform you when they enter or leave the specified zones.


  • SIM Card Location

Spyic will also track the location using the SIM Card option. Here, you get to know everything about the SIM in use. Spyic will also show you the location via a map below the details. In case there is a SIM swap, this app will notify you.

To get the alerts, you have to leave an email in the respective input box. You will, however, find this feature in Android and not iOS.

Other things you can track here include the calls, contacts, SMSs, social media, calendar notes, etc. There are more than 30 features on the package. So, Spyic will be more useful than you know.

The control panel showing you the results is fully compatible with all browsers. That permits you to check on your friend using any internet-enabled device. Since you will be tracking somebody without their permission, you need to make sure your ways are safe.

With Spyic, you may not have to worry much about that, though. It does not store what it fetches from your friend’s phone. Instead, everything gets synced the moment you log in.

Part 3: How to Track Your Friend’s Cell Phone Using Spyic


  • Requirements
  1. For Android, Spyic is compatible with OS 4.0 and above. Get your friend’s phone to install Spyic once
  2. In iOS, it works with version 7.0 or later. Use the iCloud ID
  3. Internet connection
  4. Email address


  • Tracking Procedure

  • Step 1: Register an account on the main website using your email address and a password. Proceed to choose your friend’s phone OS and then purchase one of the plans.



  • Step 2: You’ll later get an email confirming the payment. It will also have all the other instructions you need to setup Spyic.
  • Step 3: For iOS, login to your account after the email and verify your friend’s iCloud credentials. After that, select the phone you want to track and wait for the syncing to complete.


  • Step 4: In Android, use the link sent via email to install Spyic once. Activate the stealth mode feature and then finish up the installation process.



  • Step 5: When you get back to your online account, the control panel will be there with everything you require.To track the phone, use the location feature to see the positions.



For restrictions, use the Geofencing option.


With Spyic by your side, your friend will never even have a clue about what is going on. It will never demand any alteration techniques. It will also hide after the setup. Fetching the location details and any other information does not affect your friend’s phone battery.

So, there will be nothing to make your friend suspicious. So apart from not asking about it, they will never know. You can also uninstall Spyic remotely via the control panel. That means you don’t need their phone to get rid of it.

If you have any questions about tracking phones or Spyic, feel free to leave a comment below.

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