10 Best Traffic Bots for Instant Traffic in 2024

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Do you want to have a boost in your website visitors count for marketing purposes? This article provides you with the best traffic bots to help you generate massive traffic to your website.

Do you know that not every traffic on the Internet comes from people? The proportion of automated, or “bot,” Internet traffic will continue to grow.

Advertisers have experimented with various methods to make it seem as though their traffic data comes from actual humans.

In certain cases, this behavior is justified. Most people who employ non-human traffic, nevertheless, are malicious.

Whether or not your motivation for artificially inflating your website’s visitor numbers is purely malicious or altruistic, you should be familiar with traffic bots and their methods.

This piece is structured as a comprehensive overview of the traffic bot. Everything you should understand regarding traffic bots will be covered in this article.

Best Traffic Bots

1. Epic Traffic Bot

Epic Traffic Bot for Traffic Bot

  • Price: Begins from 29.99 USD
  • Platform supported: Windows

If you’re looking for a sophisticated traffic bot, go no further than Epic Traffic Bot. It allows you to automate other web-based processes and generate endless traffic for your website.

As a search engine optimization (SEO) tool, it can be used to boost your listing’s click-through rate (CTR). This program is Windows-only.

It must be deployed on a Windows virtual private server before it can be used with any other OS.

There are free proxies included with this program; however, using your own will get better results.

When it comes to cost, Epic Traffic Bot is both affordable and adaptable.

Why I choose Epic Traffic Bot:

  • It offers limitless traffic to your website.

2. Somiibo Traffic Module

Somiibo Traffic Module Bot for Traffic Bot

  • Price: Begins from 14.45 USD monthly
  • Platforms supported: Mac and Windows

You can automate almost anything on the web with the help of Somiibo.

If you want to make it seem like you have more visitors than you really do, you can use the traffic module. It has several applications for attracting visitors.

Since activities can be pre-scheduled in the Somiibo Traffic Module, it eliminates the need for constant monitoring.

The session time, user agent, and referrer of this traffic bot can be modified.

Somiibo requires the usage of proxies in order to function.

Why I choose Somiino:

  • It is one of the simplest traffic bots I have come across. Even if you aren’t savvy in that aspect, you can traffic-bot yourself with Somiino.

3. Simple Traffic Bot Pro

Simple Traffic Bot Pro for Traffic Bot

  • Price: Begins from 9 EURO monthly
  • Platforms supported: Windows

When it comes to traffic bots, the Simple Traffic Bot Pro is a top contender.

To artificially inflate your site’s “visitor count,” you can use this Windows-based program to send bots to your webpage.

In this case, you get the option of selecting anything from the user or browser agent to the size of the screen and the referral types to the OS and devices.

In addition, you can use keywords to attract visitors from a wide variety of search engines.

Simple Traffic Bot Pro allows for human-induced tasks like scrolling, making the visits seem more natural. This is a resource that requires payment to access.

Why I choose Simple Traffic Bot Pro:

  • Its human-induced feature makes it a near-human traffic provision tool.

Proxies for Generating Traffic Bots

4. Stormproxies

Stormproxies for Traffic Bot

  • Price: Begins from 50 USD (for 50 ports) per month
  • Permitted currency: allows a single device for one port
  • Size of IP pool: 40k

All of Stormproxies’ private proxies are designed to be compatible with automated web crawlers. Unfortunately, geographic targeting is not very well-supported by Stormproxies.

That’s because they only work with U.S. and European Union proxies, making them ideal solely for targeting audiences in those regions.

In 5 minutes, Stormproxies swap out the internet protocol address for each of your paid ports.

That’s why they’re great for increasing your session length average when you need to keep a user engaged for an extended period of time.

Stormproxies aren’t the ideal choice when you require highly rotating proxies.

Why I choose Stormproxies:

  • Stormproxies is my go-to whenever I desire to have inflation for my average session duration.

5. Shifter

Shifter for Traffic Bot

  • Price: Begins from 125 USD (for 10 ports) per month
  • Permitted currency: unlimited
  • Size of IP pool: more than 31 million

In comparison to its predecessor, the widely used proxy service Microleaves, Shifter represents a major upgrade.

While the aforementioned services charge by the amount of data sent, Shifter charges by the number of ports your application uses.

With more than 31 million IP addresses, Shifter is one of the biggest proxy networks available.

Shifter’s home backconnect proxies are ideal for usage with traffic automation tools.

Their prices are about par for the course for similar packages offered by other companies.

Why I choose Shifter:

  • I like that it identifies as one of the biggest proxy platforms in the industry, ensuring you’re well-protected when using its service.

6. Bright Data

Bright Data for Traffic Bot

  • Price: Begins from 500 USD (for 40 Gigabytes) per month
  • Permitted currency: unlimited
  • Size of IP pool: more than 72 million

When it comes to residential proxies, Bright Data provides some of the finest available.

For the simple reason that it meets all the criteria. You can generate as many separate visits as you’d like using Bright Data’s extensive collection of residential IP addresses.

Each time you make a request, the internet protocol address of Bright Data’s proxies will vary.

You can also utilize their time-sensitive IP rotating proxies if you require your session to be sustained for a long in order to simulate a respectable average session length.

Proxy servers from Bright Data are available in every country and all significant cities worldwide.

Why I choose Bright Data:

  • It enables you to create your own unique traffic to your website.

7. Smartproxy

Smartproxy for Traffic Bot

  • Price: Begins from 75 USD (for 5 Gigabytes) per month
  • Permitted currency: unlimited
  • Size of IP pool: more than 10 million

If you want to increase your page CTR on Google, try Smartproxy.

Smartproxy is an upscale service like Bright Data, with proxies charged according to the amount of bandwidth used.

In contrast to Bright Data, nevertheless, the entry fee is surprisingly low and inexpensive.

Smartproxy’s proxies are located in over 195 different countries, making it ideal for attracting visitors from all around the world.

Why I choose Smartproxy:

  • I like that it is practically cheap and budget friendly.
  • Price:
  • Platforms supported:
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Websites for Generating Traffic

8. Traffic Creator

Traffic Creator for Traffic Bot

  • Price: Begins from 5.97 USD (for 20k visits) monthly
  • Support SEO: YES

A firm from Germany created Traffic Creator. Using this website, you can get 2,000 free monthly visitors.

You’ll have to pay for extras if you want them. Using Traffic Creator, attracting bots to your website is a fully automated procedure.

The bot traffic, nevertheless, is of a higher quality and can be tracked with ease using services like Google Analytics and Alexa.

The indiscreet nature of the traffic is crucial. Geotargeting is supported, and more than 200 different countries can be selected.

It doesn’t generate advertising that will raise eyebrows; thus, it’s safe for AdSense.

Why I choose Traffic Creator:

  • No traffic bot offers free visits on a monthly basis the way Traffic Creator does. This is one it remains my number ones for free traffic bot service.

9. SparkTraffic

SparkTraffic for Traffic Bot

  • Price:9 USD (for 60k pageviews) monthly
  • Support SEO: YES

With simply a valid email address and a link to your site, you can get twenty thousand targeted visitors sent your way.

SparkTraffic is certainly not a free service; this is only a demo version; the company sells and delivers millions of visitors to websites.

SparkTraffic allows you to target users in one of 75 different countries thanks to its geographic targeting capabilities.

The majority of their site visitors are automated software, but if you pay more, they can also send real people to your site.

You can expect great results with SparkTraffic for very little money.

Why I choose SparkTraffic:

  • I like that they provide both human and bot traffic. So, the decision on which to get lies on you.


UPSEO for Traffic Bot

  • Price: Begins from 19 USD (for 20k visits) monthly
  • Support SEO: YES

When it comes to increasing visitors to your website, UPSEO is hard to beat. It is an SEO-focused solution that generates traffic for your website.

UPSEO is able to boost your website’s position in search engine results like Bing and Google.

It has a lot of useful features that you may find appealing. These include Google Analytics compatibility, geo-targeting, a dedicated internet protocol address for each viewer, repeat customers, and keyword flexibility.

You can get a lot for very little investment in time and effort using this tool.

Why I choose UPSEO:

  • I like that it offers a unique internet protocol address as well as geographical targeting.

Benefits of Traffic Bots

1. Assessing a hosting server performance

If you want to assess how well your website handles heavy traffic, delivering it yourself is a wonderful way to do it.

You can begin with a low volume of visitors, monitor your outcomes, and then scale up.

As a website owner, you need to know exactly when your site’s performance slipped below an acceptable threshold.

By running this experiment, you can see how your hosting server performs under normal and peak loads.

You can use this information to determine when you need to increase production.

2. Fabricated visitor statistics

An internet site’s worth is determined not simply by the information it contains but also by the quantity and quality of its visitors.

This is due to the ease with which content can be duplicated, in contrast to the difficulty associated with attracting new visitors.

For marketing purposes, such as when trying to sell the website or ad space on the website, some website owners would artificially inflate their visitor numbers using traffic bots.

Websites are more valuable the more people who frequent them. Even more extreme cases of ad fraud include the use of traffic bots. In no way do we endorse this.

3. Boost search engine ranking

Most individuals employ traffic bots to boost their search engine rankings, which benefits their whole business. This is true for Google listings, Fiverr gigs, and Amazon and eBay product pages.

They don’t really view the product; instead, they use bots to submit inquiries to Google in an effort to boost a certain listing’s search engine optimization (SEO).

This improves their Click Through Rate (CTR), which is used to determine how highly a website is ranked in search results.


Q. Why do I need proxies for traffic bots?

With proxies, you can generate as many distinct visitors as you need. In addition, proxies’ geo-targeting features will aid you in producing traffic from places of your choosing, making the traffic seem more genuine.

Q. Is it ideal to make use of traffic bots?

They’re pricey compared to other bots that monitor traffic. Nevertheless, they handle a lot of details to guarantee that genuine bots visit your site. However, since they rely on traffic bots, you should stay away from any web-based traffic generator that guarantees you actual human visitors. The ones that are authentic fetch exorbitant prices because of their scarcity.

Q. Can I get real-time traffic from traffic bots?

The traffic generated by bots is artificial and has no place in the real world. There is no way to convert this traffic into cash, despite the fact that analytical instruments record it; doing so would require engaging in fraudulent activity, which I strongly do not recommend.


Internet marketers can employ traffic bots to their advantage by influencing their search engine rankings and keeping tabs on how well their sites are doing. Some people will use it to artificially increase their site’s traffic statistics and give the impression that their site is more popular than it really is. If you want bot traffic, you can utilize one of the ones I have already talked about and see how it works for you.

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